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Dear Noble Assholes,

Assholes don’t bother me.  Assholes who pride themselves on being assholes (and advertise their “asshole-ishness” publicly) don’t bother me, either.  However, there is a certain type of asshole that exists that does tend to irk me just a bit.   632 more words


Perfectionists: Beware!

She was preparing the tables in the restaurant I was in.  She has a tape measure, and was measuring the distance between one table and the other on all corners of each table. 317 more words

Performance Styles

"The last thing you may want..."

“The last thing a person who has been suffering with the effects of a concussion wants is to be told they should go and see a neuropsychologist who will take them all the way back to the beginning – where no one seems willing to go.”  Michael Sefton

Concussion Management

Help Online...Meetings, eMail, Chat, Texting!

How can we help you? 

Many people find it difficult to find child care, take time off from work, feel comfortable in an office and the list can go on to not seek the guidance, assistance, support, and advice they want. 106 more words

Human Behavior