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Kenapa iya, kenapa dia.

“Kenapa akhirnya mau menikah?”

“Bukannya dulu lo bilang gak mau nikah ya?”

“Ah yang bener?? sama siapa?”

“Yakin lo? emangnya lo punya pacar?!”

“Finally! i’m glad that you change your mind” 546 more words


Lots More Questions Than Answers!

Is it just me or is life chock full of questions without answers? I’m not talking about stuff that you can Google, like “Is global warming real?”, I’m talking about the head-scratching stuff that is human behavior. 1,293 more words

Ambling & Rambling

Spirit Writer Info

The next post on the Origin of the bible is nearing completion. The response to this topic has been great, and I believe this is the more important subject to discuss. 222 more words

Child Sex Trafficking 2017/ Ugly News But Pedophiles Must Be Stopped ! Part 25: Pedophile News: People Of TRUST? Not Any More!!!!!! Not Ever! —

Sex Toy Dolls looking like beautiful live children:( Does that really help live children? Or make the craving stronger for live children?

A beautiful 12 year old little girl sex doll, come’s packaged even in a coffin!  26 more words

The Now

June 21st, 2017


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Social Commentary

Wimpy Dogs & Egos

It took a few times to work it out, but eventually the realization struck that I was gaining discernment into some people’s psychological and emotional states by how they reacted to various types of dogs. 876 more words

Philosophy: Culture Versus Natural Behavior

Written By: Damien Knight

“Is the Explanation of Human Behavior a Radically Different Enterprise From the Explanation of Natural Occurrences?”
When we think about nature versus culture we get to the crux of this question. 165 more words