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~NJM Quotes~

love immeasurable, Deat inevitable, hate consuming ,want never ending~NJM~#Quotes

Bipolar Disorder

~You Broke My Heart~

Living this way

The heaviness


Your rejection

Sliced away defense

Tears flow daily

How long

This pain


My Lost Love, My Ghost

I live in the shadows with you… 22 more words

Human Behavior

Has Anyone Ever...~

Has anyone ever written anything for you

In all your darkest hours

Did you ever hear me sing?

Well listen to me now

You know I’d rather be alone… 45 more words

Bipolar Disorder

~My Son~

My Son life is gift and You are a gift to life~

My Son take care of yourself love yourself respect yourself and others will respect you… 578 more words

Human Behavior

~What's The Joke?~

What did you say? Laughter bursting

This elated feeling euphoric in style

Transforms emotions into a smile

Bubbly resonance erupts from within

Leaving less of a smile but a shit eating grin… 53 more words

Human Behavior

~I See You~

I see you
You’re in my vision
Every place, every face
Reminds me
I see you
In my mind, my dreams
Awaken thoughts
I see you… 96 more words

Bipolar Disorder

~Dream Book~Super Immortals~

There is this book of dreams serendipitous it seems~

As I stumbled across this man holding it in his hand only by request~
This book of dreams was a lifetime collection of this man and his art even more to beseech his most fascinating heart~ 211 more words

Bipolar Disorder