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Overcompensation - A byproduct of Human Society

My mother is a wonderful woman. Strong, bold and courageous.

Yet there is a fine line between being strong, bold, and courageous, and being weak, frail, and timid. 487 more words

Human Behavior

"How frustration can make us more creative"

Mild stress and frustration can help us think outside the box and perform better. The human mind is an amazing tool of adaptation and even in what seems like a negative situation something positive can result.

by Tim Harford


Dualistic states of being: "The High and the Low"

by Colin Wilson 

“A peak experience is a moment accompanied by a euphoric mental state often achieved by self-actualizing individuals.The concept was originally developed by… 98 more words


Emotional health: 'How to practice emotional hygiene'

Take care of your mind like you care for your body.  :)

by Guy Winch


Damn this Presidential Race!

Every time I take a coffee break I turn on the election. Every time I eat a meal I turn on the election. Every time I take a coffee and chocolate break I turn on the election. 25 more words

Human Behavior