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let go - let go - let go ...

I listened attentively to a challenging sermon this morning.  The preacher started out with  saying “let go” in a low voice.  Then he said the words, … 170 more words


This Paradox of Love - A book

I’m reading The Paradox of Love by Pascal Bruckner (translated by Steven Rendall). I’m not finished, but I want to post a few quotes from the book.

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Human Behavior

Obsession vs. Addiction

Obsession vs. Addiction

Obsessions and addictions are sometimes confused with one another.  There are, however, very distinct differences between the two.


A person that is obsessed is dominated by thoughts of the obsession. 1,790 more words

Human Behavior

An Imperfect Sense

Driving from Brooklyn to Champaign-Urbana, I was always the first in my family to know that a farm was nearby. I picked up the scent of cow manure miles away. 1,167 more words

Growing Up

Texting/Email Etiquette

The lack of texting/email etiquette is increasingly becoming a pet peeve of mine. I’m referring to the absence of friendly greetings and basic civility that would otherwise accompany a live in-person conversation but is routinely side-stepped altogether when it comes to people pecking away at their smartphones or laptops. 434 more words


My Love~

My Love

I can see you~

My Love

I can smell you~

My Love

I can Sense you~

My Love

I can hear you……you call to me~ 215 more words

Human Behavior

NJM~Personal Quotes~Moving Stars~

See you can’t move the stars, you can chose the ones to gaze upon, you can make a wish, say a prayer then take life on an exiting dare~

Bipolar Disorder