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Special rights for some…

leads to rights for none….

I’ve said it before. The most poignant comment I have ever heard about “racism” was made by Morgan Freeman to Mike Wallace on CBS’ “ 2,142 more words

POLITICS: Talking Out Of Your Face And Your Ass At The Same Time

First Encounter with Human Life Today

Are there individuals who you admittedly really don’t know, but somehow after speaking to one . . . . almost makes your skin want to crawl? 755 more words

Altruism is Selfish

In thinking about human behavior the other day, and came to a perplexing realization: that all human actions, even those we perceive as altruistic, are fundamentally selfish. 256 more words

Clock of the Week

WESTBOROUGH, MA September 15, 2017  Much has been published about the utility of the clock drawing in making preliminary assumptions about the cognitive health of an individual who may be referred for neuropsychological assessment.   93 more words
Cognitive Neuropsychology

The Alpha Hominid Phenomenon

…..and eunuchs….

One of the first things the metaphorical first hominid did was to look around and decide that anybody not huddled under the same tree as him was a threat to his survival. 424 more words

Human Behavior

10 Lessons My Twenties Have Taught Me

1. We start listening very late in our life. Most of it, we are just waiting for our turn to speak.

2. Most of the things we buy, will become soon clutter that will be shoved into all the cracks of our house… 537 more words

Human Behavior

~A State of Panic?~

So here we are, watching Irma make her path straight through Florida as I predicted along with many others.

I’m creole born on the bayous and marsh lands of Louisiana. 277 more words

Bipolar Disorder