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~NJM Quotes~

love immeasurable, Deat inevitable, hate consuming ,want never ending~NJM~#Quotes

Bipolar Disorder

The Body Language of Bonobos and the Evolution of Human Language

The Bonobo, also called pygmy chimpanzee, is the oft-forgotten human relative, the step-brother of its more famous kin, the common chimpanzee. This is understandable because bonobos are isolated to one small region of the Congo and number fewer than 40,000 individuals spread across only a handful of populations. 1,362 more words


Truth about Forgiveness & Other People's Shit💩~one of my favorite Pieces~💩💩💩💩💩

The truth about forgiveness and other peoples shit.

I recently had an opportunity to interact in a racial discussion. Not such a big secret.

As with all things labeled “race” tensions can often times run high. 961 more words

Human Behavior

~The Depressive Side of Bipolar~

There are two modes of bipolar 1, as well as bipolar 2. In fact in all bipolar diagnosis you have two modes. Some of the bipolar labels have mixed modes which means being hypo manic and depressed at the same time. 617 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Personal Qoutes~NJM~

~You’re like a bad cold that antibiotics can’t get rid of, funny thing is I think I like it that way~NJM~

Bipolar Disorder

~It's Why~I Love You~

My love surpasses your understanding Oh beauty so raw

I see the bits


Others miss

It’s the bits

Others miss

That makes me love you… 21 more words

Bipolar Disorder