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I Used to be a Nice Guy.

As a kid, I think I was probably a handful.  But in general, a good kid.  It’s interesting because you might expect that a good kid would grow into a nice guy, and a nice guy would end up with a good girl and everything would work out. 2,836 more words

శత్రువుకి నచ్చే సిద్దాంతం ఏంటి?

మామూలుగా మనం ఎవరికన్నా నాచాలంటే ఏం చేస్తాం? పొగుడుతాం. ఏదన్నా నచ్చింది కొని పెడతాం. Dinner కి invite చేస్తాం. కానీ వీటన్నిటిని వదిలేసి ఎవరినన్న సహాయం చేయమని అడిగితే వాళ్ళకి తొందరగా నచ్చుతామంట. దీన్నే Benjamin Franklin Effect అంటారు. 24 more words

Human Behavior

Acid spray!

I’ve come across so many malicious behaviors, that I decided to write about this. Not necessarily towards me, as I usually cut it off with a line, but in regards to people I’ve come to care for. 1,222 more words

Human Behavior

Beat me daddy eight to the bar

I don’t know what to think.    Rebecka’s back.

[ If you don’t know what this entry is about see:  A little excitement here, Posted on January 17, 2018 by Old Jules] 165 more words

Human Behavior

CTE and its violent underpining

Google images – CTE
WESTBOROUGH, MA January 20, 2018 More is becoming known about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE.  It is now able to be diagnosed prior to the death of the patient by identifying unique protein markers in the blood of those who have sustained multiple brain injuries.   593 more words
Human Behavior