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Where is grandma?

On a regular Monday, when everyone goes to work, I am at home, with my elder kid, as we both caught a cold. But that’s fine, we’ll survive. 766 more words

Human Behavior

Marital Moments (no, not that kind!)

It was 1990. We had just celebrated Daniel’s first birthday, and Leah was fast approaching three years old. I was working full time for the Legislative Commission on Expenditure Review (LCER). 1,684 more words

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Waiting One’s Turn in Life  

The song of Diana Ross entitled “It’s My Turn” reminds us that we just have to wait for our turn to achieve what we want in life. 705 more words

Human Behavior

Walking Through Life with the Confidence of a Honey Badger

Several years ago, I watched ‘The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” video.  As entertaining as that video was, it was also the first time I had really seen a Honey Badger in action.  924 more words


When you look for the term hypergamy in any search engine the common definition for the word is: “the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class.” but there’s so much more behind that simple answer in a psychological perspective. 1,106 more words

Human Behavior

Red pill awarenes

I came across the red pill around 7 months ago(September 2017). by then i was already managing a soft harem of three plates but little did i know that my success came from applying the red pill principles subconsciously. 474 more words

Human Behavior

Personal or not personal with people from social media?

It depends on what’s your perception about getting personal, right?

You see, for me, getting personal means to create bonds. REAL bonds. Why? Because people are beautiful. 434 more words

Human Behavior