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Fear of Decision Making

A keystone ability to being successful is being decisive with your decision making. In the words of western philosopher Allan Watts, there’s an infinite multiplicity of data you can take into consideration before you make a decision. 502 more words

Human Behavior

Are you Anxious?

Are you one of those who prefer staying at home rather that going out because you don’t want to be with people, scared to meet new people, scared that people might judge you or talk behind your back? 614 more words


The New World Order : Adapt or Be Swallowed

The more I observe the world, the more I see that traditional values are on the express lane out. In my previous article, I talk about the ideals that we hold in our mind. 485 more words

Human Behavior

A few thoughts on the display of emotions (and similar topics)

There is a lot of prejudice around the display (and presence) of emotions, boring behavior, and similar against e.g. the introverted. Below I discuss some issues relating to these topics from my own point of view and with a partial eye at the… 2,048 more words

Marriage is Dead in Western Civilization

Financial Dependency

The culture is what controls the masses. When the culture changes, so do the people. We no longer live in a time where women are restricted, therefore they do not care to live traditional lives. 431 more words

Human Behavior

More from the deputy who knew Brents in jail: "the malice and instability that resided within him was so think it was nearly tangible"

It’s interesting to me that any time I think of Brents, the first thing that comes to mind is how he carried himself. He always hunched over, shoulders always curled in. 352 more words


FAQ: Do you think that an increase in algorithms is leading to a decline in human judgement? (Online Journalism Blog)

Online Journalism Blog: FAQ: Do you think that an increase in algorithms is leading to a decline in human judgement?. “The latest in my series of FAQ posts follows on from the last one, in response to a question from an MA student at City University who posed the question ‘Do you think that an increase in algorithmic input is leading to a decline in human judgement?’. Here’s my response.”

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