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Research shows how you can tell if someone is lying

Despite decades of work in the field, detecting deception accurately is no easy feat. Even the best techniques and the most trained people only score slightly better than chance at catching liars. 474 more words

The status quo sucks! (George Carlin)

We like to cling to the status quo! Sure, we love to complain about it, but if it’s challenged or threatened, things can get ugly very quickly. 667 more words

Human Behaviour

annoying discounts

You are confronted with discounts everywhere you buy. The sales people forces you to buy by giving you a big discount on a product. Often the value of the product is lower than the discounted price. 9 more words

Human Behavior

If peace was profitable

someone would make a killing….

Depending on how one computes it, the United States has been at war either 214 or 222 of the last 239 years. 659 more words

Human Behavior

What it Means to be Unique

I think this is something that everyone can agree with: that we are all one of a kind. But what does that really mean?

To most, it means that every person or thing on this planet is different in some way. 408 more words


Three ways to make small talk more meaningful

Small talk is everywhere. Like, everywhere. And if often involves our first interaction with a person — either a brand-new person, or our first interaction with a friend/acquaintance when we reconnect with them. 612 more words

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Are we becoming less religious?

First, look at this chart (it’s from here):

In general, then, richer nations — UK, Germany, Japan, Australia — tend to be less  630 more words

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