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The Gendered Protagonist

Recently, I submitted a novella. The writer’s guidelines strongly hinted a preference for a female protagonist, without saying so explicitly. They also said the writer should feel free to submit as he or she saw fit. 549 more words

Insecure about my abilities

via Daily Prompt: Partake

Usually thrown into a fit of unnerve when partaking in something new. A rigid set of questioning, to find answers held by the future is how I find myself. 126 more words


Angela Nagle: What the Right Understood That the Left Didn't

The quality of my writing has decreased the last several days.

I’m aware and I respect your opinion regarding that.

But I’ve been distracted. You see, I’ve been doing research. 224 more words

April 22, 2018?

An Earth Day question of response-ability

‘Twas in that beginning (that was before the beginning
of time’s counting),
formless darkness
covering the hallowed hollowness
of the deep, 278 more words


Castle on the Equator

I never realized. Just how much of my own misfortune, in life is predicated by my own feelings, thoughts and actions. My feelings are never clear in the beginning. 591 more words


Starbucks: Not Discussing the Complexity of Racism

Not long after it happened, a friend of mine posted the viral video of the two black guys getting arrested and taken out of Starbucks.  I had a few initial thoughts. 3,092 more words

Challenge The Status Quo

My Robotic Self

My Robot Self
Part 2

Paid Actor : Closest friend
Shawty: ” I ” Like her…. A lot. 
Stupid = “Not my interpretation” 

Paid Actor: 527 more words