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Allison Mack Ran Sex Trafficking Cult for the Clinton's

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 Allison Mack Ran Sex Trafficking Cult for the Clinton’s Anonymous (ID: 4xq845vq)  03/29/18(Thu)00:21:31 No.165794128

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Business Packages Body Parts For Army Testing

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Special Report: A business where human bodies were butchered, packaged and sold

>BRC shipped Patrick’s left foot to a Chicago-area orthopedic lab. 88 more words


Federal Agents Discover Whole Fetuses in ‘Body Broker’s’ Warehouse

Editor’s note: The images that were provided for this story have been pixelated due to the highly level of sensitivity of the images, we have decided to NOT include them with our post. 673 more words

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Swedish Firm Cellink Can 3D Print Human Body Parts

At the tender age of 1 year old, Swedish company Cellink is already a world leader in 3D bioprinting, being able to 3D print life-sized human body parts such as noses and ears in a Petri dish. 85 more words


G. K. Related To The Human Body 

G.K. Related to the Human Body

☞. Father of Genetics is called Gregor John Mendel.
☞. Hargovind Khurana got the Nobel Prize for the discovery of Gene DNA. 378 more words

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Who would buy a real human skull, and why?

The sale of any parts of a human skeleton can be an emotive subject, and quite rightly so as, after all, they are human remains, with emphasis being placed on the word human. 574 more words

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