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HRS: 'It just seems sad that women giving birth would feel ashamed of their pubic hair'

This response to the Hairy Survey highlights some trends amongst women giving birth. This amazing women states talks about her online group for pregnant mums, ‘At such a huge, exciting, painful, vulnerable, human moment it just seems sad that women giving birth would feel ashamed of their pubic hair.’ Read below for more. 355 more words


Oh, you're such a Stomach! 

One of the biggest put-offs is when men use female genitalia as cuss-words. But to be fair it’s not as if male organs aren’t used in the same way but their female equivalents are considered far more derogatory. 66 more words

Book review: Human Body, by Peter Grundy and Simon Rogers

Grundy, Peter. Human Body. Research by Simon Rogers. (Information Graphics series.) Big Picture Press, Candlewick Press, 2014. $17.99. ISBN 978-0-7636-7123-5. 79 pages. Grade 1-4. P9Q9… 100 more words

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You Can't Lick Your Elbow (Nat Geo)

You Can’t Lick Your Elbow (Nat Geo) – Starts 2nd March

Former NFL player Tony Gonzales hosts a show about the human body and it’s ability to alter its responses in different situations.


2015 Review

The Easiest Way To "Gym Workouts Build Muscle"

Prior to going to the gym, or heading to that exercise class, you should make yourself aware of the parts of the body that will help you get the shape you desire. 495 more words

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Third Year: Life Drawing

Today I took part in another life drawing session and once again really enjoyed it. We started with some quick two minutes poses, which were challenging but enjoyable and I experimented with overlapping the two different coloured pencils with the separate drawings on one of them. 35 more words


The Hearing Sense

Our ears are in charge of alerting us about events in the environment and allowing us to participate in speech, a type of human communication.  Our hearing system allows us to do all that by sensing sound waves, which are changes in air pressure, and translating those changes into electrical signals for the brain to analyze and interpret.  357 more words