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Sculptures by Ah Xian

Ah Xian is a Chinese-Australian contemporary artist interested in the human body and how contemporary craft can make it meaningful. Ah Xian uses many different techniques and materials, based on… 683 more words


Science/Art: The Human Body

Earlier this year we talked about the Human Body and the internal organs. We learned about how our food is digested, how our brains send signals to our muscles and nerves, and even about how many bones we have in our bodies! 265 more words


Re-shaping the body: 'Designpanoptikum' and 'Second Body'

The power of our imagination is sometimes so strong that it makes real and industrial objects to something surreal.’

An amazing project-museum of a Russian born photographer and collector, Vlad Korneev: ‘ 140 more words

Human Body On Display

Comment on @Quora by Steven Fowkes on an answer to How serious is hepatitis a?

Question by Raqib Zaman:

So how does the body deal with lipid-enveloped viruses? Can they be targeted by going into mild-ketosis (fasting)??


Answer by Steven Fowkes:

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Why does vitamin B12 make me sleepy?

Answer by Steven Fowkes:

B12 participates in methylation reactions, along with folate, B6, B3, B2 and methyl donors (TMG, choline, etc.). Do you have an unusual response to any of these?

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What If? Rejects #6.1: A Well-Balanced Meal, Part 1

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Q: What is the total nutritional value (calories, fat, vitamins, minerals, etc.) of the average human body? 638 more words

What If? Rejects