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Genius Unlocked By a Blow to the Head

In 1979 10-year-old Orlando Serrell was hit in the head with a baseball. Unharmed, except from a temporary headache, the accident unlocked amazing mental capacities, making Serrell an “acquired savant” (one who develops genius capabilities at some point after birth). 36 more words


Intelligent Design the complexity of the cell and how God designed it

More and more, credible scientists, those who are looking for truth and not pursuing an agenda, are coming to terms with the understanding that so much of what they observe from the cell to the universe is fitted together so precisely that it could only be done by a all powerful Creator and Designer, what we Christians would call God. 6,234 more words


Blast From The Past - Stories Told By Water

I love water… Rivers, lakes, creeks and especially the ocean. I wrote this post last year and I would love to share it with you. Do you like water too? 490 more words



This is my first drawing on a black paper. It made me fall in love with low key lighting.

Conté Crayon on Black Charcoal Paper 9 more words