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Real doctors have put in their time and their efforts into becoming a Doctor to serve you and your family. They are doing this not to have a fancy title behind their name. 1,156 more words

Self Improvement

Taste and Smell

Today’s science involved looking at the sears of taste and smell. We also enjoyed, and had quite a few giggles, several experiments showing how smell and taste are connected as well as how saliva is needed to taste our food.


Our JOINTS. A Puzzle.

We have both movable and immovable joints each serving a specific function. Like any movable object, a product with moving parts is the hardest to make, to recreate or even replicate. 1,089 more words


Artificial WAVES and our Health.

There are many forms of waves which we are exposed to each and everyday. Some we can see and some we cannot. And many more which we cannot even feel or experience. 1,155 more words


Our THUMB and Our BIG TOE. Why we need them?

We have learned to take our hands and our feet for granted. Imagine having no toes or fingers. Our hands and legs would be just stumps. 1,001 more words

Self Improvement

1. Our thumb is the same length of our nose (I tried it too :p)

2. When we blush, our stomach also turns red.

3. An adult human small intestine is about 18 to 23 feet long, which is about four times of our height. 130 more words


Adventures in Science: Human Body

Little brother was asked to review this interactive book by the publisher. He anxiously waited for it! The box was a little damaged but nothing was broken. 135 more words

Book Review