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Why do we fart?

Fart, guff, toot, trump, pass wind or cut the cheese – whatever you call it, everybody does it. Even the Queen… (although she probably saves hers up to do in private)!  248 more words

#IOTW: Idioms on human body

Do you know any idiom related to our body, fellas? Here are 10 idioms from head to toe.

  1. Head start: to start something earlier than others.
  2. 251 more words


Our dogs lay around all day doing it, as do our domestic cats. Little babies, old folk, sick people, and teenagers all get a lot of sleep. 965 more words


Do I Want a Golf Ball Pressed into My Muscles?

Seemingly contradictory: I am in a health care field – I am not 100% perfect with my health. Don’t misunderstand; I definitely look after my health daily, ongoing, and with awareness. 742 more words


Weekly Wrap-Up: Science Overview Books

My daughter’s gymnastics team is hosting a meet this weekend (Stars and Stripes, a big meet with 1800+ competitors over four days), so I’ve been busy at the convention center all weekend. 329 more words


What's that smell?

Smelly things are all around us. Some smell nice, others smell horrible. But what makes a smell? And why are some things smellier than others? 245 more words

Watercolour tattoos!

I love love LOVE watercolour tattoos! I think that they are just gorgeous!! Here’s a few of my faves;


*note* photos not taken by me :)

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