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It seems there has been several changes to the body that some people claim were never that way.  It seems some of these changes are happening as you are reading this article.  66 more words

Human Body

Analogy of Flute and Human Body

The working of wind instruments is of special interest to me since I could draw an easy analogy between this and human body. This is a humble effort to put my understanding and analogy of the same. 418 more words

Articles On Music And Body-Mind

Seven body parts you didn’t know you had

Your hand has a snuff box, each of your eyes has a third lid, and you have ribs that float. A section of your butt shares its name with a group of towns in Belgium. 1,226 more words


When my daughter took her first breath

I figured I would make my first post about something I have had the chance to talk about a lot in the last few months. 307 more words

Amazement Awaits

Vitamin B, help you to protects from environmental pollution

London, if you are living in the rushy more motor vehicles having urban area, you should take vitamin B tablets along you, because Vitamin B can recover the defects caused to our bodies, by the environmental pollution. 101 more words


The Human Skull - Bones Behind Eyes

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It seems a large part of the population remember the eye socket to be open behind the eye, now all images and ancient skulls show a circular bone behind the eye.

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Expand Those Ribs and Meet Your Intercostals

Really, what could possibly feel good about having the tissue in between the front ribs massaged? Why would any of us want massage work done on areas where it feels either uncomfortable or just straight up odd? 608 more words