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The Switch

The human mind is a frightening place, but perhaps, even more so are the emotions that our species face on a day to day basis. It varies from absolute anger lashed out on the rickshaw driver for denying your ride to a state of vulnerability where you are the most naked self. 444 more words

Development Of Brain

The human brain is arguably the most complex of all biological systems. The mature brain is composed of more than 100 billion neurons. It has the most complex connectons and structure. 408 more words

The Knowledge Illusion

Today’s Free Daily Blinkist is The Knowledge Illusion by Steven Slomon and Philip Fernbach. I decided to give Blinkist another try, considering I have both a lot of time and a limited ability to focus right now. 777 more words


The Brain Anatomy

Brain is an intelligent, creative, emotional governor of our actions and  interpreter of our knowledge. It is protected within the thick outer covering of our skull and many more inner layers that protects it from sudden shock waves or hard bumps.  507 more words

human behavior


Our invention, we think some people are bad and some are good, if we take close look at this action we get to see all are same because one person can be good for someone and bad for someone. 429 more words

Artículo: "Whole brain comparative anatomy using connectivity blueprints"

Como tarea del curso INF102 debíamos formar grupos y cada participante escoger un artículo del 2018 relacionado a nuestra área de estudio. Debíamos compratirlo en nuestro Google Group y escoger uno de los cuatro artículos del cual luego debíamos crear un Google Doc y colaborar para contestar las siguientes preguntas. 43 more words

We are Living in an Alzheimer World

We Must Take a More Intelligent Approach to Dementia

Emerging evidence suggests that Alzheimer’s-related brain changes may result from a complex interplay among abnormal tau and beta-amyloid proteins and several other factors…

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Human Brain