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Your Powerful Imagination (Part 1 of 2)

It is a common belief that the human brain is somehow empty at birth, and as the child begins to grow and receive stimulus, the neurons start making connections. 279 more words

Life Journey

How the brain rewires itself...

The human brain is an interesting thing. It’s made of a lot of water, and some fat. How we are able to think with it is truly remarkable, and possibly we may never really understand how it works (and maybe we don’t need to). 387 more words


How brain waves affect our state of mind, emotions, and our future (a must read)

Almost all of us we focus on our emotions and try to control them in order to achieve that state of mind where we feel comfortable or motivated or relaxed, what we do miss is the understanding of our brain and how it contribute in our decisions and feeling in this exact moment. 1,009 more words


Human Brain, Memory and Neurobics | Arun P. Sikarwar | TEDxDEI on YouTube

Human Brain, Memory and Neurobics | Arun P. Sikarwar | TEDxDEI

TEDx Talks
Human brain is a fascinating and perhaps the most important body organ that not only controls the whole body, but also makes us wise, intelligent, cognitive and the most successful animal in the world. 277 more words

TEDx Talks

Behavior as a determinant of all phenomena

Introduction. A person who is expert in yoga (exercise and postures) remains free from disease, disorder, and imbalances. Harvard health also put forward the same notion. 669 more words



I don’t have a lot of material wealth. I live at home in my late 20’s. I have little income. My savings have depleted over the last few years due to ill health and being unable to hold down a full time job. 403 more words

Cerebellum Studies Challenge Ancient Notions of How We Think - Christopher Bergland.

After centuries of being overlooked, the cerebellum is getting due recognition.

Until 1998, most neuroscientists adhered to the ancient notion that the cerebellum (Latin for “little brain”) was only responsible for motor functions and had nothing to do with cognition. 429 more words