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Rethinking the stroke rule 'time is brain'

In 1993, neurologist Camilo R. Gomez, MD, coined a phrase that for a quarter century has been a fundamental rule of stroke care: “Time is brain!” 560 more words


What is general purpose artificial intelligence?

This post was published on “The times of India” on 22 March 2019 https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/techonthecloud/what-is-general-purpose-artificial-intelligence/

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest industry today. Billions of dollars are being spent worldwide to research and develop new technologies in the field of AI. 680 more words

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Cambridge researchers create ‘mini-brain on the move’

Scientists have introduced a teensy brain with attached muscles and spinal cord. This was rolled out to understand the conditions of illnesses like motor neurone disease. 197 more words


Interview with Adam Green of HUMAN BRAIN

Human Brain is a project by composer and guitarist Adam Green who has been teasing his upcoming debut album with the release of “Spaces” single. In an interview for Progarchy, Adam talks about the project, and he sheds light on the album. 424 more words

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Pineal +‎ Gland, from its pine-cone shape.


(UK) IPA (key):

/ˈpaɪ.niːəl ˌɡlænd/, /ˈpɪ.niːəl ˌɡlænd/


Pineal Gland (plural Pineal Glands) 6,527 more words


|| Excuse me ||

According to Timothy A Pychyl, the Director of the Centre for Initiatives in Education and faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), “We’re sad excuse makers. 486 more words


What makes us human?

Evolutionary biology and scientific evidence tell us that all humans originated from and evolved from ape-like ancestors over 6 million years ago in Africa. From knowledge gained from the discovery of early human fossils and archaeological remains, it appears that there were probably 15-20 different species of early humans that existed, some beginning as early as several million years ago. 784 more words