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Sprucing Up Your Brain With Potent Psychedelics

This figure shows the effects of three psychedelics and one control (VEH) on cortical neurons.

… A new study, published June 12 in the journal Cell Reports, found psychedelics, specifically DOI, DMT, and LSD, can change brain cells in rats and flies, making neurons more likely to branch out and connect with one another.

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Fortnite ‘designed to be addictive’ for kids -- chemical changes in the brain

Fortnite is the biggest game of the moment, counting NBA players and Drake among its millions of fans.

But a darker side emerged over the weekend as it was revealed that a UK-based girl, 9, had been  1,388 more words

Rapastinel, AGN-241751, AV-101, Esketamine Wonder Cures?

A Better Cure for Depression?

Ketamine analogs are getting a very close look

After nearly four decades of dispensing the same mediocre medications to patients with depression, pharmaceutical companies are jazzed about several new drug candidates inspired by the club drug ketamine.

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2001: An Odyssey to Intelligence


On the fiftieth anniversary of its release, Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001: A Space Odyssey” is being screened in U.S. movie theaters. 1,946 more words


Can Women Really Think?

Clearly, yes, women can really think. But on a statistical basis at the highest levels where progress is made, can elite women perform at the same levels as elite men? 1,074 more words

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Hold your breath and discover a Miracle

Have you ever tried to speak while holding your breath? It simply is not possible and neither is it possible to speak while inhaling air into your lungs. 740 more words

Cyborgs and Longevity: Simplification and Redundancy

Simplification, Functionality, and Redundancy

Altering man’s bodily functions to meet the requirements of
extraterrestrial environments would be more logical than providing an earthly environment for him in space .

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