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On Our Human Inchoate Brain

Have you considered the possibility that our brains are quite inchoate?

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines inchoate as “being only partly in existence or operation”. … 1,099 more words


A Cultural Neuroscience approach to the Biosocial nature of the Human Brain

Cultural neuroscience (CN) is an interdisciplinary field that investigates the relationship between culture (e.g., value and belief systems and practices shared by groups) and human brain functions. 90 more words

Human Brains

Reading the Mind - Is Telepathy Really Possible?

Even though the vast majority of the population doesn’t believe in mind reading, there are many people that believe it is possible. There are also some who have mastered the art and will be able to tell you what you are thinking most of the time. 428 more words

David Vissers