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Day 882: Brains

Last night, before my boyfriend Michael and I left for our weekly food-shopping, I overheard him using his brain to say to Harley …

What is it, my precious pea-brain?

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Too many questions

I have my finals starting in couple of weeks and here I am sitting by the window , staring at a rain drop which is taking way to long to just fall down. 333 more words


Was Fire First Made By Humans 350,000 Years Ago In Israel?

Daily Times: Early humans first began to master fire around 350,000 years ago, helping to drive the development of complex culture among our ancestors, new archaeological evidence has revealed. 370 more words


Marvels of the Human Mind: Oliver Sacks’ "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat"

As I unpacked one of the boxes of my books I found Oliver Sack’s collection of clinical stories of human neurological dysfunctions. I remembered how I was fascinated by these amazing stories though I did not finish reading all the stories – probably because I was distracted by other necessary readings. 349 more words


Woman found functioning without a cerebellum in her brain

Doctors have discovered that somehow, a woman living in China has reached the age of 24 while missing a large part of her brain. They say this is evidence of how incredibly adaptable our brains can be. 158 more words

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