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Uncovering the gap: Why the old-school numbers for women leaders in tech?

Posted by Dana Swanson Switzer, Jasmin Jacks, and Jessie Reese on January 24, 2018.

Often, point solutions don’t get to the core of the gender divide, even in one of the most innovative and progressive industries. 943 more words

Human Capital Trends

The humbotic imperative

Posted by Mike Bentley, Ben Dollar, Jeba Dharmaraj and Stephanie Levitt on November 30, 2017.

The rise of robots in organizations has resulted in two schools of thought—those who believe robots will… 1,210 more words

Human Capital Trends

Organizing for digital maturity: Why it matters, how to start

Posted by Anthony Abbatiello, Sarah Vassy, and Nathaniel Paynter on November 2, 2017.

Digital disruption has been a true game-changer for organizations, taking many of them from a “survive and thrive” mentality to one of “evolve or die,” with companies like Blockbuster and Borders serving as well-known cautionary tales. 934 more words

Human Capital Trends

Minds + Machines: Revolutionizing work, careers, and learning

Posted by
Michael Griffiths
,  Matt Stevens, and Carly Ackerman on October 27, 2017.

We often hear threats of the imminent doom headed our way in the form of artificially intelligent robots. 1,197 more words

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Communities of expertise transformation

Transitioning from “centers” to “communities” is a fundamental shift

Posted by
Arthur Mazor
Damion Tomlinson
, and
Gary Johnsen
on September 06, 2017.

In our last post on… 902 more words

Human Capital Trends