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HR has a new gig

Posted by Lisa Disselkamp and Michael Gretczko on May 26, 2016

The gig economy isn’t just a new way of working for millions of workers, it’s putting HR into a new gig of its own: providing the business with actionable insights around networks of people who work without any formal employment agreement. 936 more words

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What can Millennials tell us about the future of business?

Posted by Amy Fuller on March 24, 2016

The following post, which first appeared on the Deloitte Digital blog, offers a Millennial’s-eye view into topics familiar here at HR Times: the importance of building a culture that engages employees, that culture’s role in talent attraction and retention, and the role executives play in leading and inspiring the workforce. 769 more words

Human Capital Trends

New Research: Changing business structure, dynamic roles, and new models of leadership top the Global Human Capital Trends for 2016

Posted by Josh Bersin on March 02, 2016

The new digital world of work is shaking the foundation of the world’s organizations: one of the biggest challenges companies now have is the need to fundamentally change the way they are structured. 994 more words

Human Capital Trends

Agility through workforce analytics

Putting the possible into practice

Posted by Erica Volini on February 29, 2016

Analytics capability is a top human capital trend. Two of the 10 trends in Deloitte’s… 851 more words

Human Capital Trends

Innovation, high performance, and diversity

Putting the puzzle pieces together

Posted by Juliet Bourke on February 26, 2016.

The discovery of DNA, the breaking of the German Enigma Code, the development of the Black-Scholes Options Pricing and Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. 1,626 more words

Human Capital Trends

Structure eats strategy for lunch: Insight into operating model design

Posted by Tiffany McDowell on February 16, 2016.

Very few in the business world have escaped the old adage “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Anyone who has tried to transform an organization and drive different behaviors from the status quo has probably heard Peter Drucker’s classic statement. 873 more words

Human Capital Trends