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Top 10 Most Messed Up Horror Movies

Written by: Wesley Thomas 

Like truly messed up horror movies? Like completely fucked up to the point where you think the creator should be in a mental asylum? 1,354 more words

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The Human Centipede III: Final Sequence (2015) Preview

Director Tom Six has created another disturbing centipede movie; The Human Centipede III: Final Sequence will wiggle itself underneath your grimy skin, making you feel incredibly uncomfortable. 59 more words

Petrifying Previews

Classic Horror Short 'Call Girl' Returns As A Comic :

The short film Call Girl impressed horror audiences with its strange and dark stance, helped out by a superb performance from Laurence R Harvey which disturbed just as much as his stellar turn in Tom Six’s Human Centipede 2. 104 more words

Control Prison Food Budgets with Out of Box Thinking....Human Centipede 3-Red Band Trailer

For all of you disgusting fuckers out there; Tom Six has brought us another installment of the Human Centipede anthology, Final Sequence.

Does your prison have the most riot outbreaks, highest medical costs and largest staff turnover in the U S of A? 146 more words


Barf. There's a third 'Human Centipede' movie and the trailer is...gross

If the phrase “human centipede” mean nothing to you, consider yourself lucky.

It means you have yet to be subjected to the cinematic horror that is the… 114 more words



If you have reached to the third part of this movie, there is nothing I could say to avoid watching this, buuuut if this is your first time that you hear of this franchise, I warn you it´s kind of a…mmmm….whaaaa…mmmmm….just Gore Alert.


Eat, Digest, Repeat. Human Centipede 3 Trailer Is Here!

Eat. Digest. Repeat. Tom Six is being too good to us this week, first giving out the release date for the third in the Human Centipede series and today he tweeted the official teaser trailer for the threequel and it looks as twisted as the first two, with some ultra bad taste humour thrown in. 54 more words