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My gym is having a charming little contest around the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s called Planksgiving, and as you might suspect, it involves planks.

The point of said contest is to take a photograph of yourself doing a creative plank, or a creative photo of yourself doing a plank, or some combination of the two. 118 more words


Horror Movies That Will Make you say... WTF did I Just Watch!

Although the world is full of amazing horror movies, you always get that odd one which makes you say WTF did I just watch. I mean the ones with terrible storylines, bad acting, terrible effects, and of course no real plot what so ever. 366 more words


Human Centipede Review

Oh, how I have been wanting to review this movie…hahahahhahaha. This movie is so messed up even thinking about it makes me want to throw up. 421 more words


10 Ultraviolent Films That Shock to the Core

I’ve always preferred psychological scares as opposed to the more in your face, tangible jolts. But this piece isn’t about psychological horror. This piece is about the genre films out there that make you cringe, hands glued to your squeezed-shut eyeballs… frustration slowly creeping in. 2,247 more words

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Paddy is the greatest man alive.

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