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5 Heroes that should be in the Avengers

Not all heroes wear capes, but some heroes aren’t even given the respect they DESERVE. Here are some everyday heroes who I think deserve some extra recognition, I’d also like to officially put their name in the running to be the next Avenger. 491 more words


Horror Movies That Put the 'Sick' in Sicko!

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Like sick, messed-up movies? This is the list for you!

WARNING: some of these films are deeply disturbing.

The Last House on the Left  316 more words

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Skittle's Coming In Hot With An Absolutely Bizarre Mother's Day Commercial

First things first, when I saw the thumb nail I thought that was this dudes cock. Yea It was gonna get realllllyyyyyyyyy weird where I thought this commercial was going*. 361 more words

Forced To Form A Human Centipede (Disturbing, NSFW)

Police! Freeze!

“Everyone in line at the grocery store: may I have your attention please”

“Whoever you’re in line with right now will be joining you in forming a human centipede”


Why Skin is A-peeling: Transgenesis in Cinema

There are three realms of understanding: there are the things we know that we know; there is stuff we know that we don’t know; and then there’s stuff that we don’t even know that we don’t know. 2,482 more words

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