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This Reality

“People are so involved in their own shit that they don’t know how to show you,” she said.

But isn’t that a crying shame.

People being so involved in themselves, 84 more words

Gembala Beraroma Domba: Sebuah Refleksi Singkat

Kerendahan hati tidak hanya dibutuhkan untuk melayani. Kerendahan hati ternyata juga dibutuhkan saat belajar sesuatu yang baru, saat kemampuan kita untuk mengakui betapa masih banyak yang belum kuketahui dan masih banyak yang perlu dibenahi. 670 more words


What is to Forget?

Image is titled “Remind.her to remember” by sophiaazhou from DeviantArt.com

I responded to a writing prompt. It asked me to write two lists. The first list is about things that I want to forget. 712 more words


Thoughts on Vulnerability

I want to share and discuss a video that has inspired me. I saw this video a few months ago and this video blew me away. 960 more words


Why are we all here?

Dating today is hard. We’re all “crazy busy” and finding someone to build a long-lasting relationship with organically is nearly impossible. We blame it on not having the time; we’re just too busy to go out and meet people. 770 more words


Freedom within our emotions...being OK with not being OK

Would you believe me if I told you there is a ridiculous amount of freedom to be revealed in the acceptance of our emotions?  And a scary amount of suffering in the resistance of them! 3,001 more words

Suicide: Let's Start with #howru

An earlier abridged version of this post has been replaced by this complete one since 24/8/2016 3PM.

Dedicated to Tiffany and all those close to our hearts who’ve left us… 1,650 more words

Food For Thought