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Let's talk about Race

Absence is silent and for as long as we do not actively search for it, we will remain dangerously unaware. The last in a series of three on issues I strongly believe deserve a heightened awareness, this one is… 1,163 more words

Food For Thought

#25 – Positivity

Black Eyed Peas said it best, back in the day: Where is the love?

With all that’s going on in the world, I feel like there is a need for positivity. 275 more words


Why So Little "Free" Time?

I am a very 4-legged because my 2-legged always takes time to play and snuggle with me. Because of the choices he’s made in his life, he has plenty of “free” time. 331 more words

Human Rights

A Pouncing Tradition

On one of my first days at Villa del Faro, the subject of card games came up during a dinner meal and my ears perked up. 416 more words


The Captivity of Water: Musing on Parts of the Whole

I tilt my head back, feel the torrent of my hair against my shoulders.  It clings.  Behind closed eyes, I count the weight of these strands the color of honey and gossamer fine, heavy as brocade on the back of my neck.  575 more words

Life As It Stands

An Epiphany on Race

Yesterday afternoon I accidentally cut off another shopper with my cart on the way out of the store. I took my own advice about better connecting with people, looked directly at her, smiled apologetically and said, “I’m sorry!” 1,515 more words