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A Story of Connection with Another Human Being

Some of this was taken from neighborhood children in Miami, Fl

Mark, my firstborn.

Mark had whipped Wilm’s tumor. Dr. Anne Grumley, pediatrician, had said it was rare to survive Wilm’s tumor. 941 more words

Human Connection

Separation and Emotional Scars

Severe separations in early life leave emotional scars on the brain because they assault the essential human connection, which is the mother-child bond that teaches us that we are lovable. 1,520 more words

Human Connection


The demise of trends suiting subjects ranging from sports, technology, to fashion or any sustaining interest of any kind, has been inevitable for as long as I can remember, which considerably, isn’t very long. 596 more words


bright side parenting 

Christopher and I were driving the other day, with our boys chattering in the back of the van.

I said to Chris, ” I love being a mom of toddlers! 1,209 more words

36 questions to transform your relationships

After a month of romantic movies on TV and shelves full of red and pink candy at the grocery stores, there’s a little less love in the air this week.  330 more words

News And Trends

What I talk about when I talk about giving

Do you know how it feels when people keep telling you that you are doing charity?

How does it feel like when people ask if you give away a part of your life to help people? 541 more words


Bittersweet Honor

I feel honored a good amount lately, and it’s such a heartwarming experience–like my heart literally warms up in my chest, and I feel my face change into a happy/sad expression. 241 more words