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April 30, 2015

Today was a difficult day, and just made more difficult as I try to write this and find that, since switching my wordpress theme, the little box in which posts are written is different. 189 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Of Saying "It's OK"

What could a simple hug or an ordinary “it’s OK” accomplish or matter?

I’ve found it to be true that when trouble comes around, it’s never as a singular occurrence. 168 more words


he's a tumble weed

he’s a tumble weed

this rootless man


like a migrating bird

changing cities as easily as another
might switch coffee mugs or find a new cafe… 138 more words


Human Belonging and Connection: Addendum

One of my readers sent me two responses to my earlier blog about “Belonging and Human Connection” which I want to share.

The first is a poem which reminds me of a young lad I noticed a couple of years ago when sub-teaching in elementary school. 679 more words

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