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All I Saw Was "5..."

To The Woman in the SUV:

My heart is breaking for you; I’m still processing what I’ve seen. I can’t even begin to imagine what you were feeling this morning. 426 more words

Someone Else's Shoes

Recently, I read an article about whether or lesbians likes being referenced to as such or asking if they would rather be referred to as gay, or neither. 498 more words


Sunday Sundries ... COLD !!!

Courtesy: Flickr James Clear

The weather is beginning to turn. We are now the fourth week of November and we are heading into negative territory. Currently it is a flat ZERO outside. 692 more words


Inclusive/Exclusive: Helping More Good Happen

I am not a natural joiner of groups, but life has often provided me with reasons to do so. It is as if my comfort zone needs frequent testing and expanding, like I am being asked to develop greater fluidity of mind and spirit. 1,998 more words

Winter is coming:

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck

Winter and I have never had a very good relationship. 623 more words

Human Connection

"Why Do We Fall? So We Can Learn How to Pick Ourselves Up."

Not too long ago, I was in downtown with some friends when a homeless person named John came up to us and started talking. Some of my friends wanted to give him money, but their deal was that John had to spend the money on food instead of alcohol. 345 more words