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How are you?

Often we ask people we meet how they are. We are also asked how we are. Sometimes we say we hope they are well and we say the same. 413 more words



Connections. Everywhere. Each day you get the chance to speak to someone and brighten them. We are made from those moments. We evolve soul-to-soul.

I was in the line at Starbucks. 208 more words



a person can be a meadow you slowly walk through
wild-flower spangled in the early morning light,
another a stony courtyard
horse hoofs sparking as they clop clop clop. 112 more words


“We become just the same, belonging to one same family when we face our  vulnerabilities. And this should be enough to give us a straight path to keep going, together.”  Andre d’Aquino


 The Dark Well

I fought it all day,

Sopping it up,

Casting it away,

Pushing it down with fingers

That trembled

With the ferocity of this rejection.

But now, as sleep saturates… 89 more words


Light in the darkness

I have been troubled of late.  Recently, there have been terrorist attacks in my home city of Manchester (on May 22nd 2017), and then when I was in London recently there was another one on June 3rd – in an area where I had been walking only the day before, and through which I had travelled by train just earlier that day.  784 more words


Kimi ni Todoke: A Connection Between Two

The following post may contain minor spoilers for the events of Kimi ni Todoke. If you haven’t seen it and want to have zero knowledge of it, come back and read this afterwards.  1,334 more words

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