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How to Prioritize

Managers differ from leaders in that no one wants to be managed and most people want to be led. As a leader I care deeply about enabling my people do their best work. 214 more words

Life Lessons

Verbal Beatings

Have you ever beat someone up because they hurt someone you loved (physically)?

Sarah Bowman, exChristian, atheist Humanist, writer/researcher, dog-owner

Physically or verbally? I don’t physically beat up people but I’m pretty good at the verbal stuff. 109 more words


Loving the Green by Hannah Alexander

Don’t you just love evergreens? I haven’t had a Christmas tree for a lot of years–and when I did, it was often fake. But we have spruce and lodgepole pine trees around our house that protect us from the harshest of the snow in winter. 230 more words

Hannah Alexander

Nugget from Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Happiness comes from four things:

  • Perceived control
  • Perceived progress
  • Human connection- depth and number of relationships
  • Being part of something bigger than yourself

How to Apply It: 47 more words

Notes To Self

Good Enough: To Whom It May Concern

J.M. Barrie’s character Peter Pan said “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it” and lately I’ve been trying to understand how people develop the belief (even if unconsciously) that they aren’t good enough to have a healthy relationship. 1,781 more words


Shifting into Curiosity

We can put our whole heart into whatever we do;
but if we freeze our attitude into for or against,
we’re setting ourselves up for stress. 
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Human Connection

Exhibit on Passing Sound

What connects us to the individuals we do not or are unable to interact with yet are exposed to by the mere physical space we simultaneously occupy?  218 more words

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