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Touch is a good thing.

“I forgot how many times that had been said to me. To touch people less. As I was a child I was told to stop hugging people as much.” –Zoe Mckinney. 677 more words



A couple of weeks ago I got a trim and got my hair toned. My hair stylist is pretty awesome. Steve was recommended by a friend of mine because he’s not only talented at his job, he’s a pretty cool human being. 1,032 more words

Random Life Stuff

Ever heard of Wallyball?

What happens when residents of two different countries decide to ignore the division that their respective countries have set up between them? In the case of the US and Mexico locals use the border as a net to play a volleyball game which they call “Wallyball” and that has established itself as an annual tradition to promote the solidification of positive transnational relations between the two countries. 21 more words

Human Rights

Hot Commodity

I was high on the last few bumps I managed to save, when I told the customer he brought the sun in. He smiled, elated by my greeting, and tipped me. 136 more words


It might not seem like it if we turn on the news and read the morning paper, but Humanity is for us not against us. Good things are happening all the time. 47 more words

Inspiration And Motivation

The Illusion of Separateness (Highly Recommended)

The Illusion of Separateness by Simon Van Booy

Utterly simple. Simply magical. Stories linking far-flung, compassionate, struggling humanity.

One of those books you just have to read or miss out on something splendid.


Busy Bee

Even when I’m busy,

and it feels like work has taken over my life;

even when I’m high off of bathroom bleach and floor cleaner… 119 more words