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My marriage didn’t technically end that day but it should have.  Things did get a bit better for a while, until a few months later, he hit my arm when I blocked him from cuffing our oldest son.  123 more words

Keep Conversation Alive

We are at a place in our society that if there is ever a lag or pause in conversation most people immediately jump on their phone and start entertaining themselves. 511 more words

Come now, my love.

Come now my love,

Follow me down this dim-lit staircase,

That will lead us to empty bottles and frail hearts.

Come now my love,

We shall dance with each other, 356 more words

Free Prose

His Hands

I loved, no,
the way his hands felt on mine –
Not just on my hands but on my body,
the way the felt on me. 103 more words


The key to our happiness is connection, not competition

Image Credit: Sean Clarke/Alamy

There are two different sides to human nature. Both are important, but the balance between them has huge implications for our wellbeing, culture and future. 565 more words


Little Boy and Curiosity of Joy.

I went to church yesterday morning.

So. It was the last portion of the church service. Following Kevin’s (pastor) sermon, the band would play three songs, and then church would be over and I could go to das Wegmanns, make lunch, and head to work. 391 more words

Quick Thoughts

Conversation with Brian Doyle

A couple months ago, I signed up for The Listserve, a daily email from a stranger. On March 4th, Brian Doyle was that stranger. I loved… 1,255 more words

Brian Doyle