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Forgetting the Good Stuff

That’s what’s been happening the last few days. Good, good, great stuff in the morning and then a dip in the afternoon followed by some medium good evenings. 31 more words


Ghosting: Side Effects

Ghosting is a strange phenomenon born out of our technology based culture. For some it is an innocuous act of disappearance, for others it is a degrading sign of disrespect. 186 more words


Jacqueline Phare

In this sad and unfortunate week of some high profile suicides, I thought I’d share this little snippet of my interview with Jacqueline Phare. I had asked her ‘what makes a good life’, and as often happens when asking simple questions, the conversation can lead to the unexpected – and after a few minutes she candidly opened up about suicide, human connection, survival and her passion to help others in need. 6 more words


"Be Best," Don't Bully!"

In clinical practice, I often had to deal with bullying, though mainly the more “mature” variety as seen with teen-agers.  Younger children, however, would occasionally present to a counselor in her office, plaintively asking, “Why don’t they like me?”  The counselor would first offer some reassurance and then begin to offer coaching on basic social deportment, how to behave in a less obnoxious manner, not rudely and intrusively.  371 more words


Walk With a Smile

Oh when you’re smilin’ keep on smilin’, The whole world smiles with you – Louis Armstrong

How do you find your happiness from within? Make others happy!

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Wednesday's Word/Fiction: Roses, Perhaps, in the Morning

(Note: I am inspired this week by roses and their magic. In Portland, we celebrate our annual Rose Festival; it has begun this week. The  Pacific Northwest is entirely hospitable for rose growing and we have the honor of having the International Rose Test Gardens here. 3,969 more words


I woke up today so unattached it startled me. It was how I felt going to sleep last night, too. Almost as if this all had been a dream and “POOF!” it was now over and I was to walk away or leave or some other such bullshit. 845 more words