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We Will Always Have To Work For Each Other

I’m starting to see how our hearts can connect with so many people,

how our souls have the ability to touch others so freely,

how there isn’t one person for everyone. 38 more words

as you are. 


As you are

As you were born

Into this world.

We will not let

The dark stains of our past selves

tint the gleaming light… 95 more words

On Writing Poems.

What's Your Story?

I am not a storyteller.

I have no ability to weave words together into this beautiful, heart-warming spoken speech, captivating the human mind. When I speak, I often falter, I stumble, and I have this awful habit of leaving sentences unfinished. 930 more words

Day 51

A Circle of Friends

I have friends and I am grateful for them, but I cannot deny the fact that I am very disappointed with my social life. 450 more words

Why we write...

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that the only articles the public read were in the New York Times, Washington Post, or at the very least the Reader’s Digest.   494 more words

Live the Life of Your Dreams - What's Holding You Back

Okay, so none of you know this, because this blog is brand new and all, but I’ve had this dream forever to go on a cross country road trip. 331 more words