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Blinded by our Light

At an early age, my adoptive mother taught me to be compassionate, kind, and to respect every human being. She instructed me to be slow to anger, to laugh at myself, and to look at myself first before finding fault in others. 185 more words

Life Adventures

Human diversity is as breathtaking

mysterious and intriguing

as my first encounter with the world underneath Tulum

The profound debt of human lives

as layered as the debt of the deepest cenote… 21 more words


What Ethnic Group Do You Identify With? Let's Check Your DNA (VIDEO)

No one could be more proud of their heritage than I am.  I’m a proud Jew, I’m a proud American, I’m a proud gay man, Buckeye, social worker, teacher, etc. 123 more words


Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West

Multiculturalism: A Government Policy That Creates Social Problems Where None Before Existed

Diversity, or multiculturalism, is a subset of a larger issue: how to maintain social hierarchy not through government but through inherent acceptance and desiring of the same goals and values. 823 more words