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Agilty and Perception

In our occasional series of posts on the practical aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), here’s a short post on one of NLP’s values, summed up by the phrase: 397 more words


INTJ human connections.

Human connections with INTJs, such as myself, always starts with the likeness to the impression that the other gives during the first few interactions with them. 284 more words

Self images aren't really accurate.

Let me, as I so often do for matters such as this, use myself as a good anecdotal example. You know, generally I try to be amusing; some people don’t find me amusing in the least. 913 more words

INTJs reaction to creepy human behavior.

About 50% of the people I interact with partake in some form of creepy human behavior. The message that I receive I react to a perceived creepy human behavior is that I am wrong in my perception because I am reacting to normal human behavior. 181 more words

The relationship between my thinking and feeling function.

I have been able to understand the relationship between my thinking and feeling function through human dynamic formation. I secretly want to have certain human dynamics- parent-child, friendship, others- because I want healthy human connection, but I don’t want to be vulnerable and risk being hurt because, well, humans suck. 288 more words

I'm a bit distraught and my calves hurt...a lot. I have water bladders under and on my feet.

So this is going to be an angry post…I think. Furthermore, it is going to be a very angry post…I think. Bear with me.

I am a good student, and so I went to class today at 9a.m. 841 more words

Trinidad And Tobago

Allowing myself to feel, to be human.

As an INTJ, I spent years purposely trying to suppress my feelings and emotions. I wanted to be cold, non-human, incapable of having such human experiences. 762 more words