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Allowing myself to feel, to be human.

As an INTJ, I spent years purposely trying to suppress my feelings and emotions. I wanted to be cold, non-human, incapable of having such human experiences. 762 more words

When an INTJ finds himself/herself seeked out by others.

My interactions with the human species can be categorized in two phases. The first occurred in my childhood and adolescence. The second started when I became an adult. 575 more words

What is real and what is fake in me? Or is it just a lack of acceptance and knowledge of my full self?

For years, I thought that there are parts of me that are fake. I tried to not do those thing for which I accused myself of being fake (Yes, people, I am my worst critic), but I end up acting things out that don’t represent me (like being a friend or caring for someones well-being when I don’t). 148 more words

Management Talk

Wesley Gransden is the host of a new series called Management Talk and I was honoured to be his first guest the other week. Click on the image to hear his first show: 166 more words

Academy Of Rock

Some Thoughts On Race

It has been a while since I posted something here on my personal blog. I apologize for that, but my internet situation and daily schedule are the primary culprits. 350 more words

Human Dynamics

How to Fight Video Games, Memory Loss & the Old Generation

Is video game development really somehow a problem, or is it an opportunity that we are still trying to fully understand ourselves? Our culture today can somehow be compared to a “pop tart” because of our instant access to information, and expectation (and impatience) for immediate results, but can you blame us? 1,414 more words

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Being a friend and calling someone a friend

The long description of how INTJ make great friends (sarcastic tone) is on the following link: http://www.16personalities.com/intj-friends. Here I want to point out something that might or might not have been stated in the link. 363 more words