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INTJ analysis of the future of the human dynamic with dad.

How do I, an INTJ, see the future of the human dynamic with the new dad? I don’t know, exactly. I don’t want to think that the sowing part of the dynamic is over yet. 339 more words

Calling my father on probation dad for the first time.

Okay. So it was via text message. I have to start somewhere. Thinking of calling him dad vocally right of the bat was imagined as something that could be really awkward for me. 153 more words

25 things that the people close to an INTJ should thank us for.

This might be a bit narcissistic, I know. It also can be interpreted as being curiously timed (a week before thanksgiving), but rest assured: this was a post that I wanted to do for a while but I hadn’t carried it out.  244 more words

Apparently it is a crime to be white...

So, like everyone else, I was made aware of Friday’s Paris attacks in real time. I was half pissed and half scared. Half pissed because any human in their right mind would (and should) be. 313 more words

Human Dynamics

So I’m ranting again. Y’all have probably (hopefully) grown accustomed to it by now. If not, fasten your seatbelts. We may experience an air pocket. 334 more words

Human Dynamics

Agilty and Perception

In our occasional series of posts on the practical aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), here’s a short post on one of NLP’s values, summed up by the phrase: 397 more words


INTJ human connections.

Human connections with INTJs, such as myself, always starts with the likeness to the impression that the other gives during the first few interactions with them. 284 more words