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Being a friend and calling someone a friend

The long description of how INTJ make great friends (sarcastic tone) is on the following link: http://www.16personalities.com/intj-friends. Here I want to point out something that might or might not have been stated in the link. 363 more words

How human dynamics develop.

I used to think that explaining the process to develop human dynamics was not really talking about one process because I thought that how the human dynamic forms when I’m creating it is somewhat different than when the other person is making the approach. 715 more words

Leadership in Poland

We are delighted to be heading to Warsaw on June 23/24 to lead a masterclass event on business leadership mixed with parallel lessons from music.  We are also delivering the keynote address and co-hosting a rock music after party following an exclusive dinner on June 23 at the prestigious Pure Sky Club – Warsaw’s premier business club. 254 more words

Academy Of Rock

The Music of Business Volume II

I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new edition of “The Music of Business”. Signed copies are available direct – simply mail me at  547 more words

Academy Of Rock

The Beauty of Understanding

These past few months have been eye openers for me. I have learnt (through many a mental bruise) that people are never just one thing. I know it seems quite odd that the obvious is profound to me, but how often do we allow ourselves to treat people as the multi-dimensional beings that they really are? 683 more words


Life follows Light

I recently had the opportunity to go on a homestay in Bungoma, a village in the rural part of western Kenya.

I spent the day following around my guide to learn more about the lifestyle of your average farmer. 230 more words

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