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Brain Drain ?? Call for case studies for a new book

I am looking for companies that wish to be featured in my eighth book for Routledge, which deals with the issue of what I call the “Brain Based Economy”, where ideas, intelligence and insight are the currencies of sustainable advantage. 314 more words

Academy Of Rock

The animal farm

One month.

It seems like a significant amount of time to observe people and places and transitions.

Or, perhaps not.

For now, time’s unravelled a little about some of the souls concerned. 362 more words

The Environmentalist's Myth

I’ve been bingeing on everything George Reisman for about three days now and I am loving it. The pragmatism he employs in analyzing all things he discusses is refreshing. 1,413 more words

Brain Vomit

I’ve been coming to terms with myself and my circumstances these past few days. I’ve been learning to love the good and bad parts of me. 370 more words

IRO Provides Living Proof of Evolution

Earlier today, IRO members left the religious community quite disenchanted by providing living proof of biological evolution.

In an interview this morning with journalist Hema Ramkissoon, IRO president, Br. 336 more words

Some Initial Thoughts on Cultural "Appropriation "

These past few weeks, I have been having several conversations with people in the US and in the Caribbean about culture,  acculturation and cultural erosion. It all began when a friend and former colleague of mine asked for my opinion on a blog post she was doing for her university Sociology project on globalization’s effects on culture and identity. 405 more words


Everyone is a stranger… almost everyone. This is a fact of life, but for this INTJ stranger is the tittle of every person that hasn’t earned my trust. 344 more words