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The Beauty of Understanding

These past few months have been eye openers for me. I have learnt (through many a mental bruise) that people are never just one thing. I know it seems quite odd that the obvious is profound to me, but how often do we allow ourselves to treat people as the multi-dimensional beings that they really are? 683 more words


What Your CEO and Social Media Can Tell You

May 19, 2015

By Dr. Tyra OldhamLANDsds Sustainable Voice News

The focus on CEO’s is key to driving and unleashing the potential of organizations. 313 more words


Life follows Light

I recently had the opportunity to go on a homestay in Bungoma, a village in the rural part of western Kenya.

I spent the day following around my guide to learn more about the lifestyle of your average farmer. 230 more words

Product Design

Innovation and Creativity

Last week Bloomsbury commissioned a groundbreaking book on innovation and creativity from me. Bloomsbury are the home of Harry Potter and have a major cadre of thought leaders and business authors alongside their popular offerings. 437 more words

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Motivation At Work

I just re-watched 3 TED talks that explores motivation at work. The speakers were talking about how to manage workers to increase their productivity through various tools. 605 more words


Reasons to be cheerful … about entrepreneurship

2015 looks like it may well be the year where the “two E’s” collide in a positive manner – where Entrepreneurship meets Economics, so that novel ideas and their owners meet with the capital and other resources to ensure that their enterprise becomes more than a “one hit wonder”. 695 more words

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Riding the waves of change

I am a massive fan of Professor Charles Handy’s work, having met him a few times over the years. His work on portfolio careers and change in “The Empty Raincoat” resonated strongly with me when I started my business 20 years ago, in terms of the need to recognise that every business has it’s “Sigmoid Curve”. 1,147 more words

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