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To be a purist in the most essential questions of your faith...

A main function and attraction of religion is how it serves to develop community. It binds people together and makes them feel safe as they are able to trust and work with each other within a common, well-delineated culture. 838 more words

Human Rights

New Year Revolutions

During 2015 I was very lucky to sample some glimpses of what the future holds in healthcare, the environment and music. In this article I’m looking at some snapshots of ingenious innovations in these areas to encourage other entrepreneurs to get busy on their own new year revolutions. 615 more words


How INTJs know they love someone.

We INTJs don’ use love very often. When we do, we mean it. Why? Because we have analyzed the crap out of our feelings and got to the conclusion that we indeed do love someone. 620 more words

Making better decisions that stick

Introducing the wonderful Dawna Jones from Vancouver.  Dawna is CEO of From Insight to Action, a change management consultancy which helps individuals, teams and organisations escape from tramline thinking that can become embedded into business cultures. 1,138 more words

Academy Of Rock

Are INTJs selfish in relationships?

INTJs suck at relationships. No doubt about that.

INTJs try to not suck about relationships. No doubt about that either.

My perspective as an INTJ is that my view of myself as someone that is awesome in relationships goes from accurate to “totally wrong, cause you selfish”. 489 more words

What a girl wants...at least this girl.

I’m fussy about the people I let into my life. Time is non-renewable and, believe it or not, our time here is the longest lasting resource we have. 456 more words

Human Dynamics

INTJ analysis of the future of the human dynamic with dad.

How do I, an INTJ, see the future of the human dynamic with the new dad? I don’t know, exactly. I don’t want to think that the sowing part of the dynamic is over yet. 339 more words