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How Your Origins Shape Your Process

I’m fixing up one of my novels right now. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever written, stylistically, as a piece of fantasy. The first half is, anyway. 974 more words


Four competing drivers in future of work (by 2030)

The forces shaping the future
The future of work asks us to consider the biggest questions of our age. What influence will the continuing march of technology, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have on where we work and how we work? 869 more words


Exploring the Rationalizations of the PC Wilderness

Does Biology Have Meaning Anymore?

By: Gary Hardee

Published: February 9, 2018

These are the days of equality. Or so we are told ad nauseam – high, low, left and right! 637 more words


Which "Superbowl" Is Playing This Weekend - Could There Be Two?

By: Gary Hardee
Published: February 2, 2018, 2:37 pm

I cringe at the contemplation that rumors of potential violence at this Sunday’s annual NFL Superbowl might be real. 775 more words


Is It Racism or SOMTINGEX?

In their closing segment, Crowder & Co. make some great points about how people rise or fall to “their” level around you by what you tolerate and the example you set. 590 more words


Censorship and Music

The latest piece of music to cause controversy and censorship is not a piece about sexual proclivity, drug abuse or one with parental advisory lyrics … merely one that discusses the issue of Post Truth Politics … Have we reached an all time low in participation and democracy when this happens? 225 more words

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