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  • Images are powerful
  • Assumptions change
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Human emotions
  • Connections
  • Change
  • Speaks a message
  • Universal language
  • Learn to Understand to world around us
  • Time
  • Care
  • Engage

Inside Out (Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen)

Something I always admired in Pixar‘s films is how clever their ideas are. I’ve always loved the way they take something that somehow relates to everyone’s lives and create this fantastical yet familiar world and explore it so cleverly that it ends up appealing to the largest possible audience without being cheesy or commercial. 839 more words


Thought 01

I think we often underestimate how dangerous our own human emotions can be and I don’t think we put enough importance on our feelings; acknowledging them, understanding them and why we feel them and how to cope with them.


you don't have to love your body

Just some thoughts I’ve had on the whole ‘loving your body’ thing.

Human Emotions

Infinite Love

Caterpillar struggles for days to break out from its cocoon. In its process of struggle, its ugly and unpleasant. Cutting out its cocoon when caterpillar is still struggling risks botching its transformation. 203 more words

Disney Pixar Movie, Inside Out, Will Turn You, Right-Side-In

#TCOHHL Movie Review – Inside Out by Pixar: How do you explain the rather complex concept of human emotions to children? Furthermore, how do you explain the connection of these things to life experiences and how they play an integral role in human development. 42 more words