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The human face — in repose and in movement, at the moment of death and in Life, in silence and in speech, when alone and with others, when seen or sensed from within, in actuality or as represented in art or recorded by the camera — is a… 610 more words



I am Akshat Gandhi from the capital city, the heart of INDIA, NEW DELHI. 22 years on this earth have been really blissful, to say the least. 578 more words


Live Now List #42: Get Closure on a Past Unhappiness

I write this blog post from a very personal place. Getting closure on a past unhappiness isn’t something that happens in a day, a week, or even a month. 679 more words


Sentient choice

Just a thought –

Regret isn’t good for your perishing body and wise mind.

Whitecity Overground, London

She was looking out of the window. With a misty heavy sigh! 638 more words


Award-Winning Short Animation About A Lost Soul Meeting Death

From: Bored Panda

A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city. In a park, Death finds him and shows him many things.

This beautiful video takes a tender look at one soul’s attempt to bargain with death before finally succumbing. 52 more words


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Death is NOT as we perceive it to be! Many, many spiritual teachers have sought to impress upon us the temporary nature of our human existence releasing us from any obligations from those who seek to control us. It's all just a matter of living like WE want to live without being pressured...lovely idea, no? This is a lovely video from Deus Nexus reinforcing the idea that our human life, while being so very precious to experience, is NOT the totality of our BEing. For me, this video shows that our personal deaths should be faced without fear as existence continues on in better circumstances. Human life is a gift of sensual exploration stimulating emotional states. And isn't that the beauty of the human BEing...the ability to carry emotional states that are perhaps the envy of the Universe? So please view this video, loose your fear of death, and... Injoy!