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Why Do People Give Gifts?

I spend my days creating and growing a gift shop to delight, surprise and make my guests (shoppers and shippers) smile as they leave regardless of their arrival countenance. 256 more words

Drowning in Love

I am so afraid of having children. I think my heart is too fragile to see someone that close to me be hurt. I have lost a parent when I was young and the scare it left is deep and honest. 300 more words

The 'deleted' feeling

 And once again he pressed ‘delete’. The chat was gone. But the memory of the conversation remained in his mind. That inscription from his soul, could never get ‘deleted’, because no inventor ever made a button or any other option for that very purpose.

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Human Emotions


No, this wouldn’t do. She realized that day that she loved him far too much for her own good. Or for his, for that matter. Her love for him was a constant, acute sense of pain; when she was with him, it dulled to a throbbing sensation, but never quite went away. 222 more words


Jim's book on Emotive-Cognitive Counselling

Blog Post No. 142

By Dr Jim Byrne

Written on 15th February 2016 – Posted here on 6th May

Dr Jim’s Counselling Blog: Understanding depression; how to accurately rate your problems… 2,466 more words


Eye of the hurricane

I just finished my second course of the 3.3-year Masters program I am in.  This one was tumultuous … and I was often dragged, kicking and screaming in emotional rebellion, into discussions I would have just as soon not engaged in: discussions that blew apart a lot of my firmly-held beliefs about who people are, what acceptance looks like, and even what counsellors are supposed to do!!  453 more words