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The Glory of Process, Beauty in Progress and its Gardener

Have you ever been so enamored with the vibe of another person that you can’t help but obsessively wonder about the kindred connection you might have if you ever had the chance to sit down and talk?  1,486 more words

What is love?

Does love resemble the hottest girl in the class or the richest guy in the neighborhood? Does love mean going out on fancy dates and buying expensive gifts for the partner? 280 more words


Stressed and Depressed

I have so much to write about but yet my fingers won’t allow me to tap on my keyboard to conjure up words to put on this blog. 413 more words


The Failing Algorithm..

With time and age, you begin to realise that there won’t be people in your life who won’t hurt you. When you allow them a place at your table, you’ll have to accept the complementary pain they bring along for you. 299 more words

Love, Heart Breaks, Unrequited Feelings

Stopping by....

It’s one of those rare afternoons in Kolkata when you’re humming a romantic number irrespective of your relationship status.

” मिले हो तुम हमको
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Personal Favourite

A Veil of Illusions...

The shimmering green waves had subsided revealing the barren yellow, yet again. Now wet, from the erratic approaches of the ocean, the glittering golden had baked itself into a slightly browner shade. 423 more words

Personal Favourite

A Subsiding Tempest

It’s 8 on a Summer evening. A humid day with an air of extreme discomfort and gloom lurking over the horizon, it had been, till the Norwesters, locally known as the “Kalbaisakhi” struck. 407 more words

Nature Lover