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The sly heart

Our life gets sustained by a synthesis of voluntary as well as involuntary actions. Our heart performs, perhaps the most important involuntary function, that is, to beat or pump blood, as one may call it. 333 more words

Human Emotions

Behaviour gap

In our last two posts, we discussed about why understanding psychology is important for investor success. Links to both the posts are given below for a quick reference. 75 more words

Nuggets From The Book

My Existence is...

For a very long time, I’ve been looking for a concrete answer to my existence. Who am I? Why am I living? What was the purpose of my birth? 260 more words

Discovering Oneself


What is a journey to me? Apart from what a dictionary says – it has different meanings to all of us.

This is one word, I’ve been thinking about for the past two days. 120 more words

Body & Mind


Love is no reason to tolerate disrespect. ✌

Chirping fresh faces, hot served coffee, demanding duties, or any such thing, didn’t matter to him. The elements coming to him were not the ones he was looking for.

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Human Emotions

Whisper me

When my husband abandoned me unannounced, I wasn’t prepared to feel what it is like to have a man in your life, again. My mind, body and my soul were shattered in its own way, inch by inch. 227 more words

Discovering Oneself

Heal Yourself

We all strive for a healthy and sound mind to lead a happy life. Does it comes straightforward to us? We all know the answer, obtaining soundness and peace in life is all that we struggle and aim for, either through a vacation or meditation. 333 more words

Discovering Oneself