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The Importance of Emotional Health

The Importance of Emotional Health

My family knows what my life is about. They know that I am a big proponent of authentic expression of feelings in pursuit of mental, spiritual and emotional health. 470 more words

Life Coaching

Beginnings: Instincts introduction

What are instincts? Instincts are drives, behaviors and psychological mechanisms that are inbuilt, preprogrammed, hard wired. If we do not need to learn it from scratch, we are looking at an instinct. 316 more words



Creation can be felt in different ways
And happiness is a way to look at it
Driven by the events in the moments
When we feel content with the flow… 216 more words


№ III up is down

The clouds are burdened

in fact, the whole of heaven is blue

some sort of majestic navy, with faint touches of pink-grey.

It started one morning… 61 more words

Malene Raun

“We should write as we dream; we should even try and write, we should all do it for ourselves, it’s very healthy, because it’s the only place where we never lie.

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Films Are Not Textbook! #OKKanmani

Mani Ratnam’s latest adventure, Oh Kadhal Kanmani….truly a cinematic masterpiece.

The portrayal of love and human emotions perfectly executed with care by every single department. I wish I got to watch the film another round but now I will have to wait for the DVD release. 212 more words


I try....

I try to act

like i belong

and at the last bend

something goes wrong.

I try to pretend

as if i’m strong

at the end of the day… 49 more words