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Hold On

The thing about missing pieces of you in people is that

Sometimes you never get your pieces back.

Sometimes people run away – are lost – gone. 47 more words


The long walk..... from anger to happiness

Anger is a futile emotion. It does nothing for you, just burns your heart and makes you cry for revenge. All those endless hours of plotting and saying the right things that should have been said. 291 more words



I love surprises. small ones, big ones. they just make my day.

When I was younger I used create these surprises for myself. I would never ask my mother what she had packed for lunch in school. 364 more words



It was a jolly good feeling
It was some happy mingling
Days were fully expressed
Words were fully dressed
The distance looked inviting
In full gear, like dancing… 105 more words



That strange thought came suddenly
Crying out silently in the wilderness
Where leaves had stopped speaking
And the dew had a unseasonal dryness
And asked if I was ready for that… 218 more words



What it is in life that you so care for
Wasn’t it the day’s reckoning
To make amends with your conscience
Something refined, something sublime… 121 more words


What are expectations?

Expectation‘ in general stands for a belief of happening or awaiting of something inter alia a belief of something that is bound to happen in future. 526 more words

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