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Finding the Corners in the Circle of Life :)

You are destined to meet hundreds of people. You talk,laugh and have jovial moments with so many of them . And then , there are few who grab the attention of your soul. 695 more words

Human Emotions

My Funeral

We, Indians avoid discussing three things at aloud – Death, Sex, and Mensturation. A thousands of questions popped up into my mind as to why can’t we discuss it, we all die and then a thousands of people attend the funeral ceremony from all parts of India and abroad. 302 more words

Discovering Oneself

On Loneliness

Someone recently asked, “what do you do when you’re lonely?”

I would have answered,

“Why not ask me what I do when I’m happy? That way the list is shorter. 342 more words


GREGG BRADEN - Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotions - 2012






Why has this universal truth been hidden from the beings on this planet?

This is the biggest mystery. 306 more words

The Theory of 'Scale of' Everything

Hi folks!

Once more, I am here.This time I am with a theory that might have struck you sometime.

Think about two different scenarios – … 165 more words

It's okay to cry

Yesterday evening my emotions got the better of me. My thoughts started to take control of me and I just sat in bed crying endlessly until I had no more tears to shed. 294 more words


Susie & I

How does one deal with another? Who is older, supposed-to-be-wiser, and who is expected to understand more than you do?

I happen to know Susie, an older woman than me. 528 more words

Human Behavior&Emotions