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PTSD: The Aftermath of Trauma

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as its name suggests, is a disorder characterised by the stress that occurs post a traumatic situation. Trauma is the body’s emotional response to a drastic situation, such as rape, natural disasters, accidents, murders, bombings, etc. 253 more words

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“I don’t go to that territory anymore yet I see its falling bricks every day.
They hit me like a fresh wound each time, exacting a cruel retribution, 53 more words


The reality of the present humanity 

Few days before, I was asked to write an article about the massacre happening in Burma, I studied the situation and statements being given by different leaders… 676 more words

The High Dose of Sensitivity

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, NOT weakness

Have you ever been in situations where you couldn’t say ‘NO’ to help someone, even if it meant to put yourself in a difficult position?

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Human Emotions

100% Population On Planet Earth Have This Syndrome

I have seen some films in which the protagonist or antagonist is suffering from what is called multiple personality disorder. But as per my half knowledge and perspective, we all are suffering from this disorder. 196 more words


Real Queens fix each others' crowns!

Girls are infamous for gossiping about each other, tearing down each other, being jealous of each other, insecure about each other, basically for indirectly being each other’s enemies because a girl needs not a weapon to fall down but just a word to drown in her own insecurities. 325 more words

ÛñЀ∃ℜ§↑∀ÑÐ   ¥Ø∪®  Ñ€Ï∂µßÖ∪®,  Μ¥  LØ∧€!!!! ♥♥♥

Understanding people can be very tough. I mean, everyone doesn’t have the capacity to accept different ideas, everyone don’t think the same, everyone’s brain works differently.
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Human Emotions