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Accident Proneness and Personality

Accident Prone Personality 

Farmers and Chambers (1926) stated that “accident proneness is a personal idiosyncrasy of relative permanence predisposing the individual to a higher rate of accidents.” 355 more words

Health Psychology

Is human erring necessary?

These are the wise words of Wilhelm Reich:

“Is human erring necessary? Is it rational? Is all error rationally explainable and necessary? If we examine the sources of human error, we find that they fall into several groups: 600 more words

Philosophy And Research

Seven errors

Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite writers.

In Outliers there’s a chapter entitled “The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes” in which Gladwell states: “The typical accident involves seven consecutive human errors.” 557 more words

Fran Haley

Menopausal Moments: One Reason Teachers Don’t Need Guns

Students often want to write papers about the same old topics. Abortion. Legalizing weed. The death penalty. Gun control.

Read a few dozen of those papers, and you’ll want to stick a knife right in your own damn head. 272 more words

Cleaning Up A Computer Problem

I didn’t listen to my instincts…. so here is what I wrote down to remind myself in case I forget…. or for anyone who needs help. 142 more words

The Adventures of Human Error

Blaring sirens, flashing lights and confused students, this is what Weber State University got to experience Wednesday, around 9:50 a.m. February 28.  Weber State’s fire alarm in the Shepherd Union building went off that morning herding several worried and confused students outside of the building. 296 more words

Navy mistakenly tells 4,850 sailors that their orders are canceled

A software error caused nearly 5,000 sailors to mistakenly receive notices this week informing them that their orders had been cancelled. The database error was first discovered Monday, according to a Navy Personnel Command release. 265 more words

Human Factors 101