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You and your - fucking MacBook (#1)

I will admit bias on this one. I don’t own a Mac and unless there is a huge paradigm shift and the Apple get the kind of market share with OSX that Microsoft have with Windows I will not, ever, entertain the idea of getting one. 1,007 more words

Human Error

You and your - repeated failure to follow instructions (#1)

This one is a classic – let me take you on a journey:-

Part 1 – Someone’s “X” is not working – we do not know that at all, in fact it’s a claim made without any evidence to support it whatsoever. 552 more words

Human Error

You and your - Internet's broken (#1)

Oh. My. Fucking. God. THE INTERNET IS BROKEN!!!

That’s right, you were sitting at your computer or laptop, not in any way messing around with settings you should not have been (my bad – I let you do too much) and then suddenly, the entire internet has stopped working. 362 more words

Human Error

You and your - Email Problems (#1)

“My email has gone from my computer”.

Well, it hasn’t really, has it. What’s happened is that you have moved or deleted a desktop shortcut and, because you use a Mac at home, you don’t know what the START menu is for, let alone that all your programs can be found in the…wait for it…ALL PROGRAMS menu. 266 more words

Human Error

Vague Advice from the Internet

“The worst mistake you can make is being afraid to make one.”

–The Internet

Commentary by Austin B. Hahn

Just make sure the price for making that mistake isn’t more than what you can afford to pay for.


Technology vs. Bureaucracy: a T&TEC Connection

One of the less fun things I get to do in dealing with land ownership is assisting people in getting electrical connections from the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) 738 more words


Don’t Box Me In

I have a real bone to pick with society these days. Humans are dynamic and ever-changing. Humans have good days and bad days. Sometimes they’re selfless and sometimes they’re self-involved. 653 more words