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Philosophy Time: Can Humans Overcome Partisan Hackery?

For years the republican base has been living in fear that Obama was gonna come and grab their guns, well, he is almost gone and you still have your guns. 128 more words

Is Hip Hop is Sexist?

We all know that Tupac is looked at as a musical legend, a working class hero who fought against oppression with beautiful lyrics and unforgettable messages. 181 more words

War Culture

One thing is for sure. America goes to war a lot. Our military industrial complex sure makes a lot of money off of the deaths of civilians. 164 more words

Philosophy Time: Why Are People Obsessed With Being Loved?

Is it being alone? Or feeling alone? No one likes to feel alone or isolated. Most anti-social types are isolated. It is something a lot of humans struggle with. 116 more words

Hillary Will Be the Next President

Looks like people who think women should not be the president might want to think about moving to a country were women cannot run. Trump got trounced in the debate and now Hillary is pulling away from him in the polls. 75 more words

Philosophy Time: Is Choosing Your Own Happiness Over Your Loved One's Happiness Selfish?

Are we too self-centered? When we make some decisions, if affects others as well. What if your actions have negative consequences on their lives? Should we celebrate our happiness so much if our happiness hurts the ones we love? 24 more words

Living in Poverty

I hear the numbers of a smaller number of Americans living in poverty. I wish I would get out. I do have a job, but I don’t get enough hours, nor is the pay enough for me to live on, I don’t have enough for food right now, and since I work, I miss some of the soup kitchens free food, so I am homeless and it really sucks. 143 more words