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Lisbon 1755 and July’s Full Moon

It is always curious to go back and look at historical events in light of “could we have foretold this?” Our current point in time is the Lisbon 1755 Earthquake and Tsunami which occurred Nov 1, 1755 in which it is estimated over 100,000 people perished. 404 more words

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6-10-2002 More….Nigeria, please stand up….

In the 6-10-2002 Solar Eclipse we find a solar eclipse focal point over the country of Nigeria. Also there we find Saturn, Mars, Node and Ceres. 321 more words

Historical Events Of All Types

Pallas and Uranus: a dangerous combination

On June 10, 2002 Solar Eclipse at 19 Gemini we have Uranus and Pallas conjunct square Mercury

over the eastern African continent. If we investigate historical events that happened we find a Train crash: … 111 more words

Historical Events Of All Types

African Union: A case study in Mercury’s effects

On 6-10-2002 there was a solar eclipse at 79 degrees or 19 Gemini. In that eclipse the TCD point of Mercury was located at the Eastern point of Ethiopia, west of Addis Ababa. 130 more words

Historical Events Of All Types

Should the US be worried about a market crash?

In 1987 the US market suffered a crash that many compared to the 1929 crash of US markets. Many are now looking for a similar crash. 177 more words

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