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Hillary Will Be the Next President

Looks like people who think women should not be the president might want to think about moving to a country were women cannot run. Trump got trounced in the debate and now Hillary is pulling away from him in the polls. 75 more words

Philosophy Time: Is Choosing Your Own Happiness Over Your Loved One's Happiness Selfish?

Are we too self-centered? When we make some decisions, if affects others as well. What if your actions have negative consequences on their lives? Should we celebrate our happiness so much if our happiness hurts the ones we love? 24 more words

Living in Poverty

I hear the numbers of a smaller number of Americans living in poverty. I wish I would get out. I do have a job, but I don’t get enough hours, nor is the pay enough for me to live on, I don’t have enough for food right now, and since I work, I miss some of the soup kitchens free food, so I am homeless and it really sucks. 143 more words

Israel Imprisons Five Palestine Children

Israel is showing how low they will go with their imprisonment of five Palestinian children over a post onĀ Facebook. This is sickening and no way for any country’s leaders to treat children the way they have. 43 more words

Philosophy Time: Can Love Really Last?

When you see marriages that end after thirty years, it gets you to wonder if love can really last. You start to wonder if humans are programmed to go from one lover to the next and monogamous relationships are not in our nature. 66 more words

Is Sex Ruining Love

We do have an abnormally high divorce rate and that is sad for our society. It breaks up homes and it can also hurt the economy. 171 more words

Philosophy Time: Which is More Important, Learning or Thinking?

It is an age old question, but one that we need to address. I think that both are equally important, but I am going to pick thinking. 92 more words