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The Culture Against Women

I was on Facebook a few days ago, and I saw a friend of mine post pictures of herself beaten up sadly. This made me really sad to see her face swollen badly made me cry. 413 more words

Is Science Good or Bad?

If you have peaked onto a debate site in the last year on Facebook, You Tube, or Twitter. Then obviously, you have seen people debate about science. 433 more words

Iraqi Forces Take Over City From ISIL


This is good for the forces in Iraq. But, Iraq is still in turmoil. The political climate is reaching a boiling peak and if the fighting keeps up, then it might get worse. 117 more words

Donald Trump is Leading in Polls Now

According to the newest CNN poll; Trump leads Hillary 45-43%. I wonder, were the Bernie or Bust crowd right? Is Hillary not a strong enough candidate to beat Trump? 70 more words

Is Voting For Hillary Just as Bad as Voting For Trump?

One of the main issues people are having is whether Hillary Clinton is just as bad or worse than Donald Trump. Trump supporters say that he has never killed anyone. 437 more words

Runnin’ Down a Dream

Where is vitriolic and partisan diatribe this week, Jon Stewart? Really, I’m not trying to be Petty, but even Michael Martin Murphey asked, “ 65 more words


Land of the Free?

This is the fourth of July, let’s celebrate America, let’s celebrate how homosexuals are demonized in churches, by the media, by movies, music and video games. 194 more words