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Is Voting For Hillary Just as Bad as Voting For Trump?

One of the main issues people are having is whether Hillary Clinton is just as bad or worse than Donald Trump. Trump supporters say that he has never killed anyone. 437 more words

Runnin’ Down a Dream

Where is vitriolic and partisan diatribe this week, Jon Stewart? Really, I’m not trying to be Petty, but even Michael Martin Murphey asked, “ 65 more words


Land of the Free?

This is the fourth of July, let’s celebrate America, let’s celebrate how homosexuals are demonized in churches, by the media, by movies, music and video games. 194 more words

Transgender Numbers

According to a new article from yahoo.com, there are a confirmed 1.4 million people who identify themselves as transgenders (the study came from UCLA). I will link the article below, and I think the number is more myself, but that is only a personal opinion. 84 more words

Sequel and Remake Burnout?

ID4 2 opened this weekend and Finding Dory crushed it. The cute Pixar movie which is ranking in a lot of cash beat out ID42 by almost twice as much (Finding Dory made 73 million and ID4 2 made 41 million. 480 more words

Hillary In Decline

If someone had asked you who was going to be the favorite to win the presidential election this fall; many people would have said Hillary Clinton. 1,943 more words

Spanking is not bad.

One topic that brings out a lot of heated emotions is the topic of spanking. When this topic is brought up, the emotions can quickly turn raw and any sort of logical debate goes out the window. 1,103 more words