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Anthropology in 10 or Less: 110: Sickle Cell Anemia

How in the world can a genetic disorder be an evolutionary advantage for human beings? Check out this episode on Sickle Cell Anemia to find out more.


Video: An Impromptu Skype Call with Lee Berger and John Hawks from inside the Rising Star Caves as They Excavated More Homo naledi Fossils

The team excavating the fossils from the rising star cave system in South Africa is at it again. Lee Berger, John Hawks, and their master excavators and “underground astronauts” are busy excavating more extensively in the Lesedi and Dinaledi chambers that yielded such amazing finds last year. 327 more words


Deep Time and the Far Future

Deep Time and the Far Future

Dr Martin Rees President Emeritus, The Royal Society; Professor of cosmology & astrophysics; master Trinity College, University of Cambridge and author… 854 more words


What I learned about excavating at Gamohana Hill

By Guest Blogger – Mabeth Crafford

Mabeth Crafford is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Cape Town, majoring in archaeology and linguistics.

I joined the North of Kuruman project for their last two weeks of excavation, immediately after finishing the third-year archaeology field school. 363 more words

“Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve” ~ Ssept. 11, 2017

This is another “good” message from our spiritual friends at Eireport. Although Gaia Portal presents these messages, Gaia Portal concentrates on Mother Earth while Eireport focuses on the spiritual evolution of humanity! 68 more words

Sunday Science links, 10/09/17

Does some music send a chill down your spine and give you goosebumps? If so, you may have a special brain architecture. A study has shown that… 346 more words


AI - The Mind Blender

Before the advent of IOT, world seems to be a little safer place to live in but unlike the benefits of the tech revolution there are numerous gaps which are filled with a material which could be a best fit when seen from one perspective while unfit from the other. 231 more words