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A new hypothesis about consciousness

In my view, there are two big problems of consciousness. The first is mechanical: how does it work? (This is called “The Hard Problem of Consciousness”.) What configurations of neurons create “qualia”, the sensation of conscious experience that includes pain, pleasure, self-awareness, and so on? 887 more words

Human Evolution

Book review – Numbers and the Making of Us: Counting and the Course of Human Cultures

What makes us human? Various authors have dished out various reasons in recently published books. From culture to cooking to creativity (see Fuentes’s The Creative Spark… 894 more words

Book Review

SF Art: Robot Evolution

I found this piece of SF art over at the sciencefictiongallery tumblr site. It looks like it’s the cover art to one of John Sladek’s two ‘Roderick’ books, … 127 more words


The Myth of Individualism

In Western countries, there is a widespread belief in what I will call the Cult of the Individual. This cult is manifested in things like the emphasis on individual rights, individual freedom or liberty, and individual tastes and preferences. 2,730 more words

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

10.01.2018 – London Museums and Real Beauty

I went down to London yesterday, as I had some things to do there. After I’d finished with business, I went down to the museums in South Kensington. 842 more words

The true story of the domestication of cats and dogs

I am a scientist.

You heard me people. Scientist 🔬.

I just had my thesis posted in October 2017, so yes, scientist 👨‍🔬 . So bugger right off then if you can’t handle the truth. 295 more words

Critic's Corner

A new study on how humans are evolving

I’ve often said that the most frequent question I’m asked in public lectures about evolution is this: “In what direction are humans evolving?” I’ve addressed it in… 1,410 more words

Human Evolution