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The Drop-off

The next two weeks I set off on travels to Latin America. I decided to spend a week in Mexico by myself with a family that I never met. 300 more words

Human Experience

Order, disorder and spatial psychoanalysis

Not a day goes by for me without hearing or reading something like “clear and organize your place to improve your Feng Shui”. Clients say that they know that their place should be more ordered “according to Feng Shui”, but they haven’t had the time to clean it up before I came. 2,315 more words

Feng Shui

Rescue Memories- The door opens.

Digging deep for this one.  How I found my way into emergency services.  Not sure when the desire hit me.  The first time I saw someone cut in half was when I was five.   1,262 more words

Daily Log

Create your 'What A Time'

Julia Carin Cavazos, professionally called Julia Michaels, released her fourth EP (extended play) album titled, Inner Monologue Pt. I, which is themed around topics of loneliness, anxiety, heartbreak, and reflection. 443 more words


Dear Dunnock

The recent UK national garden bird survey compiled by the RSPB reveals sparrows are slightly more numerous than was suspected; that they are still the most frequently sighted bird in a British garden, even though their numbers are, overall, declining. 201 more words

Human Experience

Rescue Memories- First Run

Rescue memories.  Something that happens sometimes when I handle medical or firefighting equipment.  Had some good ones today, then had the desire to write these memories down before I forget them. 1,194 more words

Daily Log