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Young and Restless

Growing up is weird. Seriously. You begin to become more aware of yourself and you’re just like, “Jeez, I’m a mess.”

I always knew about certain feelings of nervousness or anxieties that existed inside of me. 277 more words

Human Experience

Existence is Experience

The world does not exist independently from those that witness it. The sun does not make light without eyes to see it. There is a mutual interdependence between you, or your conscious experience, and the entire universe. 94 more words


Words and images © Lizzie Ballagher


Thanks to Gill & Nick, who planted these lovely trees!

Exploding fireworks:
wheels & fractal stars of gold, sienna, 22 more words

Human Experience

Time Lapse

So I’ve totally got into time lapse filming, unfortunately I can’t hold the phone steady enough to film for longer periods but I have discovered that most action cameras have time lapse options and settings. 174 more words

Fine Art

Thoughts 💭

It is only when you
risk failure that you
discover things.
When you play it safe,
you are not expressing
the utmost of your human experience. 13 more words


3 Guys and a Cat

Growing up my dad always told me, “You can take a golden nugget from everyone.” A ‘golden nugget’ is a good and admirable quality, characteristic, or habit a person exercises. 504 more words

Human Experience

The Perpetual Event of a Witness

Sometimes we experience things that effect us in a continual way. As if the moment of time it took place was not enough. It left an immediate impression, but continued to unpack itself inside of you. 817 more words

Human Experience