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Scads of Humans Watching the 'Fly'

According to the Vancouver dailies of the time, there were 10,000 people watching as Harry Gardiner, the “human fly”,  climbed the exterior of the World Tower (later, the Sun Tower) without any special climbing equipment, wearing street clothes and his bifocal spectacles. 55 more words


From the PIX11 archives: ‘Human Fly’ George Willig scales World Trade Center in 1977

NEW YORK (PIX11) — It’s been 38 years since a climber from Queens scaled the South Tower of the World Trade Center in a feat that captivated the country. 264 more words


My art being used for people's music

Someone else using my art for their music. Over 43,000 hits. Nice. Nah, nobody credited me or anything. Like I said about the piece being used for all the videos… 61 more words


The Human Fly (1977) - #4 : Terry Austin, Sal Buscema

“Rocky Mountain Nightmare”: “Two men of wealth and power claim to be the father of one lone girl and when they go to war, not even the Human Fly may be able to stop them.”

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My art in the new edition of Direct Art

My “Human Fly” was selected for the new yearly edition of Direct Art , which you can view online here. And hard copies are available… 239 more words


O'Hanlon conquered by Human Spider...

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This image is probably the best known still from any Hollywood film. It features Harold Lloyd hanging from a clock, after climbing a tall building in Los Angeles. 970 more words

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HUMANFLY // Darker Later (Brew Records)

Heavy music has had few stand outs this year. By far my favourite so far has been the debut Throats album which although lyrically depressing was musically so damn punishingly harsh that I felt as if I had been at the wrong end of a good kicking with each listen. 357 more words

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