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Dark Space- Second session!

Following on from the previous Dark Sapce session I wanted to get some actual models to come in this time rather than just photographing objects….. The way I found models was I put up a post on Facebook asking if anyone was willing to come a model for me in just their lower underwear. 468 more words


Dark Space- First session

I booked out the Dark space in the Art Block (it’s a medium sized room that becomes fully dark with the door shut) about a week before in order to photograph the work I have already done and take a look at the shadows cast from the objects and materials I have been experimenting with. 557 more words


Finishing off last semesters work

Last semester I worked on a ceramic project scaling up a piece of work made from slab clay that was based around a silhouette of a mans head. 358 more words



Bobblehead martian. Creature from a distant planet with a big brain and many other human attributes. Found at Annerley Junction. 32 more words



Found in a Helsinki toy shop, but made in Thailand. The shopkeeper  told me this fairy was ethically sourced. Funny face, titian haired. Poseable limbs. Metal leaf stand with magnetic connection. 32 more words

Decorative And Ornamental