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The Four Geography Tracks and Their Requirements

The geography major at CU has four concentrations: physical geography, human geography, environment and society relations, and GIS, or geographic information science. Students can either pick to follow one of these tracks or stick to the general geography major program, although many students struggle with knowing whether or not to declare a specialization track. 824 more words


Human Geography, Synthetic Heritage

I recently met with Prof. Joshua Kirshner who teaches at the University of York and studies human geography. The purpose of my meeting was to see if there was anything I could learn from his experience with city planning and also with natural resource management that could be applied to understand human (and non-human) cultural activity in synthetic worlds. 1,661 more words


Maynooth Geographers @ the RGS/IBG 2017

A number of us are at the Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers this week. The theme is: Decolonising geographical knowledges: opening geography out to the world… 502 more words

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Do You Use Ted Talks In Your Classroom?

Several years ago, I was having lunch with a high school friend who asked if I’d heard of Ted Talks.  At that point I hadn’t, but I spent the rest of our lunch listening to how it sparked a personal passion in him and the project he was pursuing because of it.   576 more words


Structure and Land Use of Cities in MEDCs

Cities in more economically developed countries (MEDCs) have a very different structure to those in less economically developed countries (LEDCs). Although no two cities are identical, there are basic models to which we can refer, in order to see the typical structure of a city. 189 more words

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Case Study: Pollution in LEDCs

Urbanisation is occurring very quickly in LEDCs, and this is leading to high levels of pollution within cities. Huge numbers of people are living in cities in poorer areas, leading to a higher demand for products and services. 360 more words

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Home: Classes

I’m taking five classes this semester. WOO! It’s a big change from looking at buildings and castles in London and shoveling the snow away in New Hampshire. 109 more words