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Can Nollywood Music and Films Teach us About Geography of Nigeria? (Not Related to Italy)

Music and Films are somethings that we use as entrainment now days vey often,some times those music and films talk about the feature that a place have. 999 more words

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Afropop Worldwide: Samba, the Heart and Soul of Brazil

What is the first thing when you think when you hear the word Brazil? Soccer? Neymar Jr.? or the carnival? Samba is a Brazilian music genre and dance style that is a huge part of Brazil today. 1,226 more words


Global Problems - Solutions to the Italy Illegal Immigration problem

Some problems are effective to the whole world, which are sometimes very harmful to the society, economy, or security. For example, air pollution, aging population, deforestation, human rights, racism, and illegal immigration. 2,099 more words

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Indonesia’s Oil Palm Industries Leading to Deforestation and Climate Change

Land masses equivalent to the size of Panama are deforested every year. Deforestation is clearing out forests in a large scale (National Geographic). Now only 30% of the world’s land area is covered with forests ( 1,388 more words

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DRC Music: Ramba

The music of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the soul of the country. The DRC has gone through hard times throughout its history. Music is the source of inspiration for the Congolese during hard times in war, diseases, and economic crisis that happened after 1974. 911 more words

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Dancing in the Dark: Reflections on the Emotional Geographies Conference 2015

By Cheryl McGeachan

My time spent at the Emotional Geographies Conference in Edinburgh this month has been an incredibly illuminating one. For instance, never did I think I would see early morning dancing at a geography conference (thanks Heather McLean, Leslie Kearn and your dirty, sweaty little others!) but I have also been left with haunting memories of painful feelings and experiences that I cannot shake off. 586 more words

Sri Lanka Tourism: is it just a case of re-branding

Tourism hot spot? Maybe not

A quick search though google shows up that, right now Sri Lanka was not in the hottest destinations lists anywhere for 2014. 1,529 more words

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