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Urbanization refers to the process of an increasing rate of human population residing in urban areas thus resulting in a physical expansion of cities & towns either horizontally or vertically,however this process began to flourish during the period of industrial revolution. 465 more words

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The human epoch...

“Humans have only been part of Earth’s history for the blink of a geological eye, but in that time we have made a profound mark on the planet. 43 more words


The Equal Opportunity Act and labour rights...

Source: Trinidad Express newspapers dated 12th June 2016 on Employment and Human Rights

THE Equal Opportunity Act (EOA) prohibits discrimination in employment on several grounds, including race, gender, disability etc.

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social isolation and affordability, a question(ing) of definition

Preface: Some of the information in the piece has since become outdated. Also, it’s too spattered with quotation and the stylistic choices made for a university setting, making this iteration unfit for journalistic publication. 4,116 more words

thinking critically on non-native species

Final Exam – Question 2

The importation of non-native species has heightened in frequency with increased human mobility. (Robbins, 2005, p. 139). Investigating possible responses to this phenomenon from a political ecology approach, I critically review Hugh Raffles’ (2011, April 2) New York Times op-ed, “Mother Nature’s Melting Pot.” I begin by comparing the piece to an article by Paul Robbins on the subject, and then projecting the implications of Raffles’ work. 1,037 more words

the meaning of wild nature (riffing on william cronon)

Preface: I have been moved to shuffle my dusty school papers out into the virtual public eye. No point all this sitting quietly when, perhaps, something in here might just sparkle with the imaginative utility of a clear perspective. 1,104 more words