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agriculture: women working farms in africa

Agriculture is the deliberate effort to modify a portion of Earth’s surface through cultivating crops/raising livestock either for sustenance or for economic prosperity.

Women in Nigeria are seeking to make their farms more efficient.  177 more words

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population and migration: decrease in chicago's population

There are many ways to measure population. Natural increase rate,  crude birth rate, arithmetic population density, and more are all such examples. According to these methods, the populations of major U.S. 380 more words

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globalization: westernization of the rest of the world

Globalization is the expansion of economic, political, and cultural processes until they reach the global scale. It is largely considered to have begun from the Western world, from colonization and slavery to trade. 204 more words

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urbanization/cities: urban development in china

Urbanization is the movement of people to, and the clustering of people in, towns and cities. It coincides with the process of industrialization–as more countries industrialize, more people migrate from rural to urban areas. 338 more words

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culture: immigration in great britain

Culture is the behaviors and belied characteristics of a particular group. It’s present in our society in every aspect. However, it is also a part of several current issues. 218 more words

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UNIT 4: Europe and the European Union

Unit 4. Human Geography of Europe.

  1. Europe
  2. The European Union
    • Origin and development
    • Institutions
  3. Economy
  4. Migration
  1. The European continent

Europe has a historical and cultural heritage and legacy that have been shared from the… 1,353 more words


Migrations and refugees: Final project


– This task must be individual. You can get up to 1 more point in your final Grade.

It is not mandatory include the answers and the questions in the project. 2,084 more words