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The Effects of Noise Pollution on National Parks and Wildlife

Think your neighborhood in the city is too loud? Do you ever get woken up at night by the sounds of traffic or airplanes or trains?

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Not Enough

We made the prairie bloom
In whole or in part
There are still mines
Made of mud and canvas
Not enough they say

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Commentary: A salmon's incredible journey through Edmonds and how you can help - My Edmonds News

“In downtown Edmonds, many residents have creeks running through their yards. Trickling down from natural springs in the earth, they all lead to the Puget Sound. 149 more words

Human Impact

What killed off the giant beasts, climate change or man?

By Robin McKie for The Guardian,

Earth’s ‘megafauna’ vanished as tribes spread. Now palaeontologists are asking if early humans were the cause

Humans might have played a role in the extinction of the woolly mammoth. 1,112 more words

Feds seek public comment on offshore wind farm zone

GR:  Alternative energy may reduce pollution, but it has its own problems. In the desert near me, solar farms are shading and destroying native vegetation, roads and transmission corridors are spreading habitat destruction and giving access to invasive plants. 192 more words

Nature Conservation

Mine could cause irreparable harm to Smith River

Mining Impact Potential on Smith River

Bob Ream, Independent Record:  “Unfortunately, the Smith River is under serious threat from a proposal to build a massive copper mine at its headwaters. 145 more words

Human Impact

Coal or uranium - pt. 2: human impacts

Last week I wrote about the environmental impacts of electricity production from coal and uranium. Some environmental impacts can cause human impacts too, but it’s hard to measure these indirect effects. 657 more words