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Arizona Game & Fish Department - Small Game

Get ready! Dove hunting like the good ol’ days!

Other great news for dove hunters

-15 bird daily bag limit
-10 white-winged daily bag limit (early season only) 85 more words

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How Much Will Antarctica and Greenland Ice Raise Seas?

Scientists have figured out the worst that could happen if the mammoth chuck of continental ice at the bottom of the world—the West Antarctic Ice Sheet—continues melting. 118 more words

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U.S. Forest Service approves massive expansion of summer recreational facilities at Breckenridge ski area

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — The U.S. Forest Service is on track to approve a huge expansion of summer activities at Breckenridge Ski Area that will accommodate up to 150,000 additional visitors during the summer season. 141 more words

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Wildlife groups say 41 tigers have died in India in seven months

Conservationists say India is not doing enough to protect tigers.  Six months after India boasted that its tiger population was growing fast, conservationists on Wednesday said 41 big…    Sourced through Scoop.it from: … 69 more words

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Will Yellowstone be safer if this bear is killed?


Agonizing, there is no other word to describe the decisions that must be made at the highest level in Yellowstone National Park. Authorities are doing everything they can to be sure they correctly identify the bear that killed a hiker. 422 more words


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With over half of all animals on Earth gone now, it's time to carefully consider every act that will reduce them further. The time when casual killing of animals for human convenience had no impact on the vast numbers of wild creatures out there is long past.

Hothouse Mass Casualties Strike Egypt, Heatwave Hospitalizes Thousands in Japan

#Global Warming–#Weather Extremes

Back in May, official temperatures soared to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) as humidity levels spiked in Cairo, Egypt. The early high heat and humidity sparked anxiety among residents worrying over the coming summer. 154 more words

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Has the Amazon rainforest been saved, or should I still worry?


Lucy Siegle:  “Peak deforestation angst didn’t actually coincide with peak deforestation. While the wearing of “Save the Rainforest” T-shirts was de rigueur in the late 80s, the worst destruction came in 2004, a year when we (as in humankind) chopped down 27,000km2 of Amazon rainforest. 275 more words

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