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Reconsidering soft plastics

Am I becoming obsessed? Yes. Is it still an important issue that more of us need to put a little thought into? Yes.

Based on… 312 more words


Day 17: comparing apples

It occurred to me today, as I was weighing out my garbage like the weird loser that I am, that I’m not really being entirely fair by considering only the weight of my rubbish. 157 more words



BY Jim Harding Ph. D.

We didn’t hear a lot about Earth Day in Saskatchewan this year. There is a reason why.

I had the honour of speaking at a Multi-Faith/Multicultural event at the Natural History Museum which awarded art created by Saskatchewan students on the theme “caring for the planet”. 1,126 more words

R-Town News

Day 16: baseload

I have a migraine coming on, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

It was a low-waste day today, overall, but I created about the same amount of landfill. 98 more words


Day 15: half way there

I need to stop ordering things from the Internet. Boxed items arrive in slightly larger boxes. Bagged items arrive in slightly larger bags. And void-fill (the fancy name for packing foam etc.) has to be in the… 325 more words


Week two results

Another week gone, another set of graphs to geek over.

There was more consistency this week, but unfortunately more rubbish too. However I have improved my recycle to landfill ratio. 174 more words


Day 14: create waste to reduce waste?

Another big DIY day, another big garbage day.

But, outside of this 30-day sample, today was actually a win, waste-speaking. I re-purposed  a bunch of things that I have previously salvaged from the rubbish heap. 125 more words