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The Poison Papers – Documenting the history of pesticide hazards in the United States

GR: Many of the documents uncovered by the Poison Papers project have yet to be read. Here’s your chance to become an investigative reporter. Follow the link below to have direct access to the papers. 44 more words

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The Dodo Dilemma

The Evolution and Extinction of the Dodo Bird (Raphus cucullatus)


The relationship between extinction and evolution

Evolution and extinction have worked together since the beginnings of life on Earth, removing those species incapable of handling an ever-changing environment and making way for those species that can. 5,535 more words


Trump Administration One Step Closer to Approving Seismic Airgun Blasting

GR: Seismic prospecting harms marine creatures. The danger is so severe that no reasonable person would permit the practice. However, the corporate assault on nature is taking full advantage of Trump’s presidency. 550 more words

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Killing the Ancient Redwoods

This tree was, at the very least, hundreds of years old when it was felled. It’s very possible that it was over a thousand years old – which would only make it a middle-aged Redwood. 468 more words

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Life on earth has existed for billions of years.  Plant life emerged approximately 1.6 billion years ago, the first animal species 360 million years ago and the human species 1.5 million years ago.   29 more words


Could making the Ganges a 'person' save India's holiest river? (A Featured Article From BBC News)

As taken from http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-39488527

A court in India has declared the Ganges river a legal “person” in a fresh effort to save it from pollution. Research associate Shyam Krishnakumar explains how the ruling could help preserve the waterway upon which so many depend. 840 more words