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Changes in plant species composition of coastal dune over 20-years

Coastal sandy ecosystems are increasingly being threatened by human pressure, causing loss of biodiversity, habitat degradation and landscape modifications.  Source: aobblog.com

GR:  Coastal development might have slowed during the 20-year period studied.  41 more words

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Dear Future Generation: Sorry! A Message That Will Travel Through Time (VIDEO)

Dear Future Generation: Sorry! A Message That Will Travel Through Time (VIDEO) that is trying to raise awareness throughout the entire world!  Source: gipsy.ninja

GR:  The nature-conservation message in this video is clear.  8 more words

Nature Conservation

The Real Cost of Your iPhone

It is easy in today’s media saturated climate to turn a blind eye to the impacts of the technologies we use. With everything constantly updating, and the need to be up-to-date with the latest digital trends, our focus often drifts from understanding the real stories behind the production of our shiny new gadgets. 752 more words


Why invasive plants are second biggest threat to biodiversity after habitat loss

As experts gather in London for a major conference addressing the often overlooked threat of invasive species to biodiversity, Carrie Madren gets a briefing from those on the frontline in the battle against ‘pest plants’…Source: … 55 more words

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Cause and Effect Journaling

Lately I have been working on giving students options while journaling, as sort of a psychological trick to let them feel more ownership over what they are writing and also to accommodate different learning styles and modes of information-taking (like sketching). 473 more words

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Forestry and U. S. Forest Service

“Perhaps Ken Burns had the right idea when he named his public-television series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. Even though I worked for the Forest Service for 34 years, I’m inclined to agree with him about the importance of our nation’s parks. 126 more words

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Evils of the Livestock Industry

The following is by Rosemary Lowe: Thinking Beyond the Animal Factories to Save This Planet    Those out there who are concerned about this planet, the wildlife, the wild places, really need to understand how very destructive the Livestock Industry… Source: … 74 more words

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