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Global warming could spread US ragweed to UK, causing misery for hayfever sufferers

Climate change could help the invasive weed from north America, that triggers severe allergic reactions, become common across the UK by 2050, experts have warned Climate change could help a notorious invasive weed known to trigger severe allergy…  Source: … 71 more words

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Speak for Wolves

On August 7-9 2015, Americans of all-walks-of-life will meet in West Yellowstone, Montana to tell our elected leaders that we need to reform wildlife …  Source: … 82 more words

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Eleven new species found in Madagascar

Madagascar is home to extraordinary biodiversity, but in the past few decades, the island’s forests and associated biodiversity have been under greater attack than ever.  Source: … 59 more words

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Acid ocean

The ocean is getting more acid. Some people know exactly what I am talking about, but ocean acidification is still a poorly known subject. Two aspects about ocean acidification are important, and they come in the form of questions: why the ocean is getting more acid? 559 more words


Groundtruthing the Westside Timber Sale

While the Klamath National Forest finalizes its Environmental Impact Statement, and prepares to auction off our public forestlands to the highest bidder, citizens are beginning to organize and get out on the ground to explore the land that is targeted for what could be the largest timber sale in Klamath National Forest history. 173 more words

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Watch The Sagebrush Sea

This Wednesday, May 20 the PBS show Nature is showing “The Sagebrush Sea”, a documentary shot, edited, and produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology… 58 more words


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The sagebrush vegetation of the Great Basin is the most abused and devastated ecosystem in America. Livestock grazing, introduced invasive plants, and wildfire have replaced it with invasive alien plants.


Honeybees Still Dying

Just last year, it seemed there was something to celebrate despite planet Earth’s ongoing honeybee apocalypse: Bee colony losses were down. Not by enough, but they were down. 318 more words


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Imrs phpIt appears that we are powerless against Monsanto and the USDA. Have we no one in government that can defend nature? I guess that's a foolish question. We can't even convince Walmart to take its employees off the public welfare system.