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Ocean View

I love living by the sea. I can’t imagine not doing so. It is a place of wonder and beauty for me.

As part of my ongoing research, I am now looking into the creation of a body of work at my local beach. 136 more words

Project Development

5.25 trillion plastic particles currently floating in world's oceans

Plastic threat increasing in world’s oceans

Researchers estimate at least 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighing 268,940 tons are currently floating in world’s oceans (December 2014). 222 more words

News Alert

Frogs Can Breathe Through Their Skin

Have you ever wondered why when something might be contaminating the waterways one of the first things environmentalists ask is “how are the frogs?” It seems weird when you think about it, why do frogs matter in the long run? 477 more words


Globalization- Impacts on Indian Culture- An Essay

Guest Blog Post By Student Ambassador

Emily Briceno (8th Grade):

Imagine a world where the playing field was level— poverty was reduced, resources were distributed with efficiency, and economies flourished.   896 more words

Day 64: The Carbon Cycle - how do humans affect it? (Part 2)

Like I mentioned in Part 1, the scary part about analyzing the carbon cycle is realizing how much humans are affecting it. If we look at the diagram of the carbon cycle, one of the ways carbon transits from sphere to sphere is from the subsurface (fossil fuels) to the surface by extraction, then to the atmosphere by burning the fossil fuels. 449 more words

Saving The World In 365 Days Challenge

E-lek-trical death to migrants

Leks have been described as singles bars for birds, though with all the singing and dancing that can go on there, a Karaoke bar might be the closest human analog. 661 more words


Hedgehogs now a rare garden sight as British populations continue to decline

GR: Worth noting that even in developed countries with slowing population growth, wildlife decline continues. In Britain, many people do small things to make their gardens more wildlife friendly. 368 more words

Animal Rights/Welfare