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Living Planet Report 2016

GR:  The Living Planet Index, which measures abundance levels of 14,152 monitored populations of 3,706 vertebrate species, continues to show a downward trend. On average, monitored species declined by 58% between 1970 and 2012.  263 more words

Nature Conservation

Alien species in my garden!

Today whilst volunteering in London at a wetland centre a member of the public came up to me and said… “I just saw a crab walk by on the path”. 471 more words


The Fate of Our World - Poem

The Fate Of Our World

Humans do not preserve
We do not cherish the world around us
We do not think for the future of our species… 156 more words


Human Impact

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then when we free camp I’m disgusted. To find a beautiful place in the mountains or the bush marred by the thoughtless and senseless actions of others really upsets me. 427 more words


A farmer's contribution to wildlife

It seems a bit farfetched to send in this picture for Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Human Impact, but let me explain why I do it anyway. 183 more words

Dordrecht, My Hometown

Welcome to the "anthropocene"

The worrying impact of humans on the physical environment has reached the point where it has arguably generated a whole new geological era: welcome to the anthropocene:

Geography In The News

The Edge of the Bay - Koli Fishing Communities around Bombay

Hidden amongst the mangrove swamps of ‘Bombay’ there remain many Koli fishing communities. The original dwellers of the islands. As mangrove swamps disappear, so are the communities. 412 more words