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The misty secret of Whisby

The Whisby Nature Park, where the “Impact on the Environment” project takes place, is a very special nature reserve. The day we visited the reserve, it appeared before us shrouded in mist, as if hiding a secret from us. 313 more words

Wildlife Photography

Where is this world headed in 5 years? The interview

Where is this world headed? That is a question that can not easily be answered. An answer that is heavily dependent on the decisions we make today, where we as a humanity envision a future based on sustainable self-sufficiency and survival of human and animal species. 547 more words

Human Population Answers

Earth’s Human Population Problem

I learned about human population as mathematical relationships between migration, birth rates, and death rates. As I started my academic career, I continued to use the numbers, the formulas and projections to discuss population. 507 more words

Nature Conservation

Grieving over Growth. Gary Gripp: To a Future Generation

BY GARY GRIPP, to a future generation:

“Everything central to our way of life is in the growth mode: the banks, the corporations, all our extractive and service industries, and, not least of all, our population. 146 more words

Nature Conservation

Appreciating Our Earth

This past weekend, I went to one of my favourite places on the planet: Algonquin Park. It was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and as my family and I hiked alongside beautiful lakes and trees I certainly felt like I had a lot to be thankful for. 548 more words


Ahodah Rung Tlang a chim? Who Broke Mount Rung?

Kan hnu ah khan Norway ummi Chin Relief Committee nih Oslo ah seminar kan tuah i a kong tlawmpal zong post pakhat ah ka ttial bal. 713 more words


2015 World Press Photo Exhibition :: Wellington, NZ.

Took a trip today to the 2015 World Press Photo Exhibition in Wellington, New Zealand [2015 World Press Photo]. $10 to get in, but definitely worth it – some incredible shots detailing some pretty harrowing events. 480 more words