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Einstein's Pipeline: Flying the Light Sublime by Wayne Saalman

AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, physicists tell us, time freezes.

This implies that if one actually attained the speed of light and arrived at a state in which time had stopped moving, or ceased to exist altogether, then one might well have burst through into what we commonly call “eternity”. 988 more words


Central African Republic Showcases a Justice Model in Africa 

Elise Keppler

Governments across Africa should take note of developments in the Central African Republic to deliver justice to victims of grave crimes committed in the country.

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After All

We steal to lose every color
From the sky
Then crawl as a child
While the shadows burn our eyes

We know there’s no longer shine… 705 more words

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Patterned Path

When I happened upon this scene yesterday, I had to stop for practical and aesthetic reasons. Crews were working on the Limberlost Trail in Shenandoah National Park. 123 more words


ERIA Follow Car Leads 727 To Fuel

Ground crews and passengers at ERIA shared a bit of levity yesterday when a follow car, the car that directs airplanes to their gate, stopped for gas. 82 more words

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Half The World Hispanic.

In a prior article I’d discovered that “I am Hispanic” at least according to the laws of the USA. There were some other folks surprised to find out they, too, would qualify. 1,933 more words

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Khurchan, Khoya,Ghee.. and how to make it.

As a kid we’d often get home from school to a strong earthy aroma. It not only enveloped the house, but you could also smell it outside in the lane, the gate, the lawn. 441 more words

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