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US Anti-Chinese Racism: American Beats Out Kwan (1998)

The White (blond) US champion figure-skater – Tara Lipinski (b. 1982) – carries a Jewish, Polish surname, that refers to people originating in places named after ‘lime trees’ in Poland, although, of course, she was born in the US to American parents of Eastern European descent.   454 more words

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Flip the Script - Wine, Guns and Hugs

This is a lesson for advanced students on the theme of psychology.

This is a lesson for advanced students on the theme of psychology. It is both fun and interesting to discuss what you would do and what other people did in a dangerous situation. 538 more words

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Ten More Poems

I’ve tried to write poetry over the past three years. Here is another selection. I hope you ‘enjoy’ at least one or some of them. Thank you for reading. 868 more words

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'Amazing' teen girls repair Troutdale bridge

TROUTDALE, Ore. (KOIN) — A group of 10 teenage girls are working together to repair a Troutdale bridge damaged in the high water late last year — and learning life lessons along the way. 219 more words

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'Benny bills' worth more than $100 to recipients

SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — Brian Stone, his wife and their 2 kids went to the Brew Festival at Riverfront Park in Salem this past Saturday. It was warm, so they left their car window opened just a bit. 536 more words