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Hot! Hot! Hot!

I think it’s just fascinating that now that I have committed to learning how to accept and handle discomfort in my life and my body, we are having one of the hottest frickin’ days in the history of the universe!!  374 more words

Poet's Advice

If you use phloem
Somewhere in your poem
You’re committing a crime
By making it rhyme
So try writing free verse
It could not be worse
Or could it?

Human Interest

Life beyond the mat


Press Enterprise Writer

NEW YORK CITY — March is the hardest month for Eric Hess.

It’s the month he should be wrestling for a national championship on the raised mat at Madison Square Garden like he always dreamed instead of on the sidelines taking photos. 878 more words

Embracing times of stillness helps combat a noisy world

By Bruce Stambaugh

I couldn’t help but notice the timing. In less than 24 hours, I received two separate emails about creating a time of stillness. 573 more words


Been A Long Time Crossing Bridge Of Sighs

The sun don’t shine
The moon don’t move the tides,
To wash me clean
Sun don’t shine
The moon don’t move the tides,
To wash me clean… 311 more words

Life Story

Day 75


If I wanted to, today I could draw a cartoon mocking any religion I choose.

While it might be offensive to some, some may roll their eyes, some may laugh, some may grumble…

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