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Her Big Break

“London holds a secret, Lia.”

Lia frowned.  She wasn’t in the mood for one of his riddles.  She just got home from singing, dancing, and avoiding the roaming hands of dirty old men at some brat’s bar mitzvah.  272 more words


K-9 Ava saved toddler in blackberry bushes

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Ava the search dog had a steak dinner Sunday night one day after very likely saving the life of a 2-year-old boy found facedown in brush behind a Northeast Portland market. 539 more words

Multnomah County

30 miles due west of Oroville, in the flat

Yet more “Flooding Drought”.

This is very near my old home town. It is the Seasonal Flood as in my childhood. This area is “protected” by Shasta Dam on the Sacramento River, so this flood is from water in that catchment, plus local rains. 173 more words

Human Interest

Father wants justice for his daughter's death

“My daughter, Ruby-Anne Laufa, died in a very violent and suspicious circumstance. I, my families and Ruby-Anne’s friends demand justice for her. It is the duty of the police to assist in our demand for justice.” 422 more words

Empowering talents in Africa key to unlocking African potentials

By Alpha Bedoh Kamara & Jarreau Russel

With an estimated number of 1.216 billion people in Africa in 2016, the continent is a mammoth of human potential that when fully empowered through the provision of better education with the right technical tools, and security would create an economic renaissance that will positively impact the world. 683 more words

Human Interest

Get by with a little help from my friends.

In the kitchen, it can sometimes be a cutthroat, lightening pace that can light the fuse on many a short temper. Night shift didn’t prep, day shift didn’t clean, the animosity is always a looming devil.   336 more words


At the start writing a book seems such a daunting task, like thinking of climbing mount Everest.

I sit at my table with my laptop and a piece of paper, and think this piece of paper will be the starting point of my latest novel.  54 more words