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Musings: Bad Behavior, Theatrical Edition

Over the past couple of months there has been a significant discussion in theater circles about the concept of basic theatrical etiquette. By this I do not mean how performers and/or crew behave backstage, but rather, the increasingly boorish actions of some audience members. 1,518 more words


Why Social Media?

I’m not a fan of social media. I believe Betty White got it right when she referred to Facebook as a huge waste of time. There are better things that we could be doing than sharing with the world that we just went grocery shopping and thought the price of corn was outrageous, or we’re just on our way out to the nail salon and hope that the air conditioner is working in the shop. 403 more words


similo (warning: nsfw)

Miguel de Olaso and Bruno Zacarías, Black Milk

Similo started as a simple yet ambitious idea: to make a realistic science fiction love story. The combination of these two aspects, “science fiction” and “realism”, was quite an exciting challenge for us. 39 more words


Technology sucks. Sucks human interaction out sometimes...

Awwwww. The joys of trying to interact with the techno addicted youth. Tried to watch a movie one night and then another just chat but the cellphones were on and chatting with others made for not hearing questions trying to interact on a more mundane boring level. 307 more words

Eating Disorders Are Not Uncategorized

Nothing means anything

 Today, parents do not ask their children to love thy neighbour because neighbours are strangers today

 The collective consciousness which the human race has built for themselves for centuries has broken up. 563 more words

Human Isolation

Untethered Humanity

The Lykov family self-isolated itself in the wilds of Siberia in 1936 to escape Soviet religious persecution…and remained isolated from the rest of humanity for 40 years.  88 more words

Human Isolation

“For I Am With You”

Today’s post is a cross post from Caryn Riswold, who blogs at Feminismxianity at Patheos.com.  Riswold was a Postdoctoral Lilly Fellow  from 2000 – 2002.   159 more words