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Henry Fuseli - Prospero, Miranda, Caliban, and Ariel - c 1800 - 1810

Caliban is shown here in opposition to Prospero. With the exception of the Goblinoid face and ears, Caliban does look human. What really stands out in this painting is the artistic allusion to God and Adam reaching towards each other with Prospero as God and Ariel as one of his angels.


Sir John Gilbert - Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban - c 1870

In this first image of Caliban with Stephano and Trinculo we see the two outsiders with alcohol. Caliban here looks mostly human with the exception of his clawed hands and feet and his sharp teeth. 46 more words


Charles H Buchel - Caliban - 1904

In his painting, Buchel depicts a very primitive version of Caliban. While this Caliban is clothed, he still has very animalistic features. These futures include: long claws, long fangs, point ears, and a large amount of body hair to the point it could be called fur. 28 more words


Fyodor Paramonov as Caliban - 1905

Paramonov’s Caliban looks mostly human, but there are features he has that makes him distinctly not. His left hand is a large paw with sharp claws as well as a bone spike sticking out from just in front of the elbow. 43 more words



Do you want to sleep on Saturday? I do ;___;

It’s Saturday and everyone should sleep like a cat like this cat sleeping like a hooman :3… 10 more words


A robot with human-like grace and precision

From KurzweilAI

Teleoperated system can thread a needle, pick up an egg

A hybrid hydrostatic transmission and human-safe haptic telepresence robot (credit: Disney Research)

A human-safe lifelike telepresence robot with the delicacy and precision needed to pick up an egg without breaking it or thread a sewing needle has been developed by researchers at Disney Research, the Catholic University of America, and Carnegie Mellon University. 572 more words