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I'll Say It Again, Robots Will Be The Death Of Us

I find articles like this very disturbing, but even more worrisome is the opinion that most people have about the issue of artificial intelligence.  The first response is always, oh that’s science fiction, or that’ll never happen in our lifetime blah blah blah.  1,164 more words

High-tech Japanese hotel to employ human-like robot staff

by Mariella Moon

Going to Japan? Here’s a bit of advice: if you’re absolutely terrified of eerie human-like robots, think very hard before visiting Nagasaki prefecture’s Henn-na Hotel that’s slated to open its doors in July. 100 more words


Robots or No Bots?

Science fiction movies such as iRobot remind me of how advanced in technology we can possibly get over the next few years. This past July, the world was introduced to two… 246 more words

New Technology

Tenemos el segundo bot más humano DEL MUNDO...

…jugando a Unreal Tournament 2004. :D

José L. Jiménez, estudiante de informática de la Universidad de Málaga, dirigido por Antonio Fernández Leiva y por mí ha creado un bot, llamado  300 more words


thank you for being so nice mr. food scale

Machines are all around us from your computer to your car they make our lives so much easier. But, what is the most human-like machine that I have access to? 189 more words



Human-like is “an interactive installation which aims to discuss if the natural self is already like a machine in comparison to technology and how it is trying to enhance us. 93 more words


The Human Robot.

I watched a documentary on youtube about human-like robots, http://youtu.be/imc4xQDp_Fs.  Topics ranged from robots that can walk on two legs, display physical emotion, perform tasks to weird topics such as controlling rats with micro-chips and replacing human body parts with cybernetic components. 315 more words