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GRU Police Chief to Retire June 30th

News Channel 6 has learned that Georgia Regents University Public Safety Chief Bill McBride plans to retire at the end of this month.

McBride was placed on administrative leave earlier this month. 42 more words


Human Mirror

She was now left with one parent. Half orphan, if that’s a plausible term. And what a parent that one was.

Her mother is a bitch. 963 more words


beautiful monsters

Beauty.  Every body’s concern especially women . nice clothes makes us beautiful , make ups  make us beautiful ,  a good hair cut make us look beautiful , plastic surgery  makes us beautiful . 761 more words


Seeing What We Want To See [Part 4]: The Fourth Wall

I wanted to properly wrap up a blog series I started about a month ago called Seeing What We Want To See: a series about how we use people in our lives as human mirrors, tipping and turning them to reflect what we want to see so that we don’t have to face up to ourselves. 1,030 more words

TV/Film Analysis

Seeing What We Want To See [Part 2]: Summer Finn

In order for this to make more sense watch this clip from 500 Days of Summer from the 0:00 mark to 0:45.

And then skip to 3:03 and watch until the end.  839 more words


Seeing What We Want To See [Part 1]: White Rabbit

There was an episode of my favorite TV show, Community where Jeff becomes obsessed with finding out how a carnival working high school drop out named Blade could drive Britta (who he suppresses feelings for after an awkward relationship) crazier than he ever could. 724 more words

TV/Film Analysis