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Watering a plant is more Important than Plucking it up!!

On one sweaty afternoon, I was walking on a beautiful sea-side place..I found poor people begging for  money,food or everything they need; but nobody was giving them anything! 317 more words

Human Nature

passing nights;

sometimes when you look deep
to find an excuse or a reason
for the things you feel and do –
sometimes there simply isn’t one, 80 more words


What Can I Do?

If we have the desire to ask this question of our self, when we see a problem, but don’t know where to start, then we need only to consider a few things. 605 more words

Consciousness Shift

Tale of the Tape: Antifederalists versus Federalists

Antifederalists and Federalists found common cause in comprehending human nature. That said, each faction responded to this comprehension in widely conflicting ways, establishing an unassailable gulf over the vision of America’s future, the scope and scale of the national government, and conceptions of virtue and vice. 65 more words


FRANKENSTEIN: The World Changes, We Stay The Same... And Vice-Versa

It’s FRANKENSTEIN FEBRUARY! That magical tie of year when I power through a generally shitty month by re-reading the greatest novel of all time! Mary Shelley’s best book is such an accurate reflection of humanity that I learn more about myself each time I revisit the tragic history contained within. 895 more words

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Hi Everyone!

I am writing in the early morning hours just as the sun is coming up and right after I read an article about a hate filled meeting held in a town that is dear to my heart. 644 more words


Human Nature: Genetic or Cultural?

The Social Conquest of Earth

By Edward O Wilson

Liveright (2013)

Book Review

The Social Conquest of Earth is a book dedicated to an examination of human nature. 372 more words

The End Of Capitalism