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Whose that lurking under the bridge?

I had a nasty attack of trolls earlier this year and I wasn’t the only one. Any idiot should know that, however dispicable a politician’s views may be, running a hate campaign against them as their father is dying and even stepping it up after they have died tends to be a bit of an own goal and sweeps you swiftly off of the moral high ground. 444 more words


My Minimalist Green Makeup

I have some sun damage spots atop my cheeks. Around 2 years ago, some people saw me without makeup and immediately asked, what happened? Did I look that concerning not made up? 356 more words


Oh dear! Are they a bit of a boozer?

I keep hearing reports about someone I used to know. Phrases like, “they were sozzled as usual” and “They aren’t looking too clever.” pop up repeatedly. 482 more words


What It Means to be Human

There’s an obvious beauty about nature: how the wind blows the waves to the shore, how the rocks form into a breathtaking canyon, or how the stars wonderfully illuminate the sky at night. 274 more words

Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind

Is he really awakened or is he slowly succumbing to darkness of depression? A lot of people agree so much to the profound and philosophical interviews Jim Carrey has given recently. 460 more words


England's Bad Dreaming

I love punk, I loved the punk aesthetic. I loved the idea of disregarding the rules and starting from scratch in the process of creation and it inspired a whole generation to get off their bottoms and form bands, write magazines, make clothes and even films. 533 more words