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The Prince // Machiavelli

When a prince uses force, he acts like a beast. He must learn to act like two types of beasts: lions and foxes.

A fox is defenseless against wolves; a lion is defenseless against traps. 92 more words


A delicate butterfly
So short, so sweet
So cold, so bitter

Comprised of pretty little lies
Selfish desire
Cruel and kind
Life… 29 more words


Places we love, Places we hate

So far I’ve only posted blogs about fabulous places that inspire our writing, but what about places we loathe, places that we know only too well, locations full of awful people intent on making their fellow human beings’ lives difficult or unpleasant? 3,134 more words


The Heaviness of Gratitude and the Lightness of Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving Day and this year, as every year, there’s plenty going on in the world to make a girl feel grateful for the basics of food and shelter and the peace of living somewhere that’s unlikely to be bombed. 1,282 more words


Today is our nation’s day of giving thanks.

Holiday season used to open tomorrow.

Another commercial tradition ate the meaning of the day.

Neither of us can tell the world what thanks is given to whom. 396 more words

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