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"Oasis" In The Midst Of "7" Words#191

Among “unknowns,” to be “different” is expected.

Deepak Singh

Winter's Purpose

Piled high snow conceals the beginning of what we cannot yet see —   seeds, bulbs, and leaves busily working behind the scenes, preparing to come alive… 91 more words


Collective Responsibility - Only A Problem In Politics?

Collective responsibility.

This is a concept I first came across when studying politics a couple of decades ago. The concept is that when a decision is made at cabinet level, in as much as difference of opinion can be expressed in the meeting, externally everyone gets behind it. 269 more words


I Didn't Mean To Offend

Sandymans Quote:

“When trying not to offend remember! the truth must gain the upper hand, the lie is not their friend for the correction can’t begin, everybody loses in the end.”


Lighting The Way

Sandyman Quote:

“Cast your doubts out upon the winds, your fears you need not defend.
seek your enter light when vanquishing internal strife.”


There Was Once A Lonely Boy

“There was once a lonely boy
He walked the streets of the town he was born
No one cared to look his way
As he searched for a place to call home… 286 more words


The Unity Revolution


Us and them. They and those. Black and white. Gay and straight. Right and Left. Conservative and Liberal.


Christian or Atheist. Rich or poor. 1,418 more words