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Quotes For The Day

The Cruse of the spoken word, is the lack of action after it’s heard

Acting and Writing: More Compatible than Many May Believe 

Every time I mention that I’m in college to someone I ever just met, they inevitably ask the most common follow-up question: “What’s your major?” … 456 more words



We speak not of those unfulfilled dreams
drifting upon the currents of yesterday
Then rejecting the cries of a weary heart
now shackled within the confines of dismay… 125 more words

The Corner of the Eye by Lewis Thomas

Intention: The purpose of The Corner of the Eye by Lewis Thomas is to help readers understand the value of observation. He uses three main examples of observation, such as noticing minor things like the stars, or major like computers and artificial intelligence taking over human beings to make them better observers. 467 more words

Human Behavior

That sunny evening thing.

Oh dear, here it comes again. The sunny evening thing. The mushroom pasta bake I have made is just cooking in the oven and I’m sitting on the sofa as the birds are tweeting and the golden haze of pre sunset light streams in through the windows. 484 more words


Earth's Mouth

Nature features heavily in the works of the Unintentional Art Movement. Earth’s Mouth is another example. It immediately reminds us of the intentional artworks of Dali or Magritte, where nature also becomes anthropomorphic . 269 more words

Unintentional Art

Consider the Source.

For the majority of my life, I’ve taken people, places, and things at face value. Taken what was told to me as truth, until shown otherwise. 1,175 more words