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The Useless Nature of Beauty

Oscar Wilde once said, “Beauty is useless.” This may seem troubling at first. But disagreement reveals more about cultural values and philosophical understandings than it does Wilde’s philosophy. 497 more words


Apartment hunting

Update: There are now links to videos of the plantation visit on that blog post. Right after the photos.

Today is a holiday of some sort (another Christian holiday we don’t celebrate in the US, which is ironic given the self-proclaimed religions of the respective countries), and it’s been pouring all day. 537 more words

The Rich And Poor The Past And Present

Thou be cast out upon these tainted waters,
vile deeds entangling souls before the altar.
Spitefully you will reap thy dreaded judgment,
your acts of indolence from feudal indulgence. 107 more words


“…the tactile details of a landscape that often pass unnoticed. They are durably imprinted memories, these footnotes, born of the skin of the walker meeting the skin of the land….Walking barefoot, you are freshly sensitive to the nap of the landscape. 885 more words



Those whispering echo’s swept along by cold frantic breezes
the wickedness of hearts when a tormented cry can please us.

The doubts! thy thoughts sink within dark waters of contempt… 110 more words

not nice

i released the words.
but i tried to keep the
ugly ones on leashes
to lessen your fears
of the unheard, unpleasant
things about you… 12 more words


Within You

Everything in the universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself.

source: Jalaluddin Rumi
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos

Red Rose, Spring 2017