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Motion Perception

Motion perception is directly related to animal survival. In fact a large part of their brains are devoted to motion processing. For example frogs do not have the best vision overall but they do have amazing motion perception (in order to catch the fly). 312 more words


Did The Past Really Happen?

By Vsauce via YouTube

Greece is full of wonderful new things and wonderful old things. But when WE become old things, will our ruins also be tourist attractions?

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Human Perception: Meaningless singularity

It seems such a special thing, to be human. To be aware. To be able to look out at a colorful horizon and appreciate it. But what is this strange occurrence, to be aware of self? 235 more words

Human Perception

What Is Music?

It’s a very simple question on some levels, but drastically┬átheoretical on another. A layman’s view on this question may be that, “music is a song, or when someone plays an instrument or sings”. 1,264 more words

Human Perception