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Visualisation of Airbnb data set in UK

Group project on the course Interactive Data Visualization, University of Helsiki, Spring 2018

The team: Suravi Roy, Xin Li, Annika Heino, Neli Noykova

Contribution of team members… 970 more words


Perspective Drawing- a.k.a. May God have mercy upon those who are assigned to draw it.

Perspective drawing is a must in architecture, mostly because it allows us to see how our designs are experienced by human eye. After all, nothing seems as it truly is in this world, and design is no exception. 80 more words


Saved by Psychic Powers

via NeuroLogica Blog

In just about every disaster or event in which there are many deaths, such as a plane crash, there is likely to be, by random chance alone, individuals who survived due to an unlikely sequence of events. 320 more words


Your Dream World

Don’t go through life unaware you are
projecting the inner world onto the outer.

by William Berry via Psychology Today

This article isn’t about dream interpretation, though the analogy is apt. 585 more words



God spake unto Moses, saying, “Come no closer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground” 164 more words


Debunked: Astrology and Horoscopes


Over 2300 years ago, the Babylonians came up with the idea that the gods lived among the stars and other celestial objects, and were able to impose their will on humanity by controlling the destinies of individuals and nations alike.  728 more words

Human Perception