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Untitled, original poem #52

in the middle ground
in the slip
where time and thought and
 space are mixed
and drip
spilling over
one truth to another
while we sleep 
 in cramping earthly clutter
eyeing stars
 from slatted shutters

JL Harrington

Kiln blog: Variable Reality

Our good brother Jay DiNitto mentioned something in a recent post about Quantum Mechanics and how our conception of time is probably all wrong.

Well, duh.

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First blog post

I’m starting this Blog as a place of exchanging ideas and knowledge on the “LIGHT & LIGHTING ” subjects.

Nature Light

Humane Perception

artificial Lighting… 23 more words

Architecture Lighting Design

Why do so many people believe in psychic powers?

Source: BPS Research Digest

A large proportion of the public – over a quarter according to a Gallup survey in the US – believe that humans have psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance, even though mainstream science says there is no evidence that these powers exist. 252 more words

Brain Works

About Human Perception

If you look at the picture below, what do you see?

Did you perceive the figure correctly? If so, you have superhuman powers of observation, were lucky, or have seen the figure before. 35 more words

Perception of Question

Human perception,

full of deceit

hungry in greed! 79 more words

Falling into blue

It was a doozie.

My wife and don’t often fight. We’ve been married over 30 years and I know few marriages better balanced. But she is no pushover. 1,167 more words