The Val Quest with Mediasoft

It is valentines! Love oozes in the the air! As the aroma of love filters through our nostrils, thoughts are sent to our minds. Thought like; how am I going to spend this valentines? 114 more words


Old Stress, New Stress, Bad Stress, Eustress: Challenging Employees with Positive Organizational Stress

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We find the negative focus on organizational stress disturbing.  Stress is a normal and oftentimes positive part of life within any organization. 

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A New Method for Judging the Quality of Experiential Learning

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Kolb’s (1984) Experiential Learning Model has been very popular and widely used in various research fields. However, I have never seen any literatures regarding the systematic models on facilitators of experiential learning, which made me very curious about knowing what kinds of individual capabilities that determine the quality of experiential learning, which has been known to have a strong impact on adult development.

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Human Resource Development

Purity of the Heart

Navigating my inner stillness
Through murky waters of deceit
“This too shall pass”
I sincerely hope
That these disturbed young people
Will find their way out of the maze of selfishness… 52 more words

Human Resource Development

Ethno-Religious conflicts in Africa; foreign policy option

Africa is the second largest and most populated continent in the world with 54 sovereign states and over 3000 ethnic groups practicing about ten different religions including Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Traditional Religion, Buddhism, Baha’i, Judaism, Confucianism, and a minority irreligious groups. 2,490 more words


Critical Reflection at Work: Insights from an Insider Organisational Ethnography

I’m very proud to have published a chapter with Dr. Richard J. Cotter titled ‘Critical Reflection at Work: Insights from an Insider Organisational Ethnography’ in a new book on Human Resource Development titled  98 more words

Critical HRD

Digitaalinen älykkyys nostaa tuottavuutta

Älykäs digitalisaatio tulee parantamaan aineettoman henkilöstöpääoman johtamista, mikä tuo merkittävän tuottavuuden nousun. Yritysten kilpailukykyongelma voitaisiin ratkaista kahdessa vuodessa. 

Henkilöstöjohtamisen hallinnolliset toiminnot ovat Suomessa varsin hyvin digitalisoitu. 1,058 more words

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