A Final Educational Fling – 6. The continuing mess in General Education

but something ere the end,

Some work of noble note, may yet be done

From the directions he gave as he took over the Ministry of Vocational Training and Skills Development, it is clear that Mahinda Samarasinghe understands his mandate and the obligations ministerial office entails. 2,274 more words

A Final Educational Fling

Budget 2017: Crisis and opportunities in education sector

Latest News – The 2017-18 budget is an opportunity for the government to concentrate on improving school education for over 260.5 million children who enrolled in elementary and secondary school in 2015-16–children who will form the core of India’s working-age population, one billion by 2030, the largest in the world. 123 more words

Get vocational education and training at Sum Drishti Education Society

Sum Drishti Education Society actively taking part in various vocational & technical training and skill development programs across India.Our aim is to help the people… 48 more words

Who Does Referral-Based Hiring Help Most, and How?

Referral-based hiring is a commonplace practice for modern organizations, which holds considerable benefits for employees hired based upon a referral, including greater chances for upward mobility within the company. 281 more words


Conference: Asia-MENA AHRD Conference 2016

8 November 2016

This weekend I returned from nine days in Morocco for the 2016 AHRD Conference in Asia and MENA. The conference itself was November 2-4 in Ifrane, Morocco, which is known as the Switzerland of Morocco. 395 more words

The George Washington University

Beyond Developmental: The Decision-Making Applications of Personality Tests

The use of personality assessments in organizations has often been limited to developmental applications. However, growing support for data-driven decision-making in recent years has made it apparent that personality assessments could also become a resource for talent management decisions. 313 more words