[April 2018] What types of programs can companies invest in to help improve the skills of entry level employees upon joining the workforce?

By Ben Horgan, Senior Programme Manager at Language Express/Corporate Training Express

According to the latest World Bank annual ratings, Thailand is ranked 26 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business. 775 more words

Industry Focus

[April 2018] AI is Coming to the World of Recruitment: Should We be Worried?

By Ratna Wright, Director, Grant Thornton

As artificial intelligence grows in capability, people in all industries have begun to look on with some measure of concern. 571 more words

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What a Novel Idea! - Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirksen

In her book, Design for How People Learn (2nd ed.)*, Dirksen draws from psychological and adult learning theory as well as her own years of experience to create a guide for designing a great learning experience.  1,186 more words

Adult Education

Adult Education & Human Resource Development - Will we learn to work together?

In his referenced article* reprinted in a peer-review journal, James briefly defines for the readers the similarities and differences between adult education (AE) and human resource development (HRD) as well as explains workforce development and its evolution as a result of societal needs and policy changes in the United States.  190 more words

Adult Education

Tekoälyavusteinen simulaatio mallintamaan kansantalouden tuottavuutta

Teimme tekoälyavusteisen simulaation kansantalouden tuottavuuden analysointiin. Simulaatiossa työelämän laatu on tuotantotekijä, johon vaikutetaan johtamisella. Henkilöstöjohtamisella voidaan parantaa yritysten tulosta 3 Mrd euroa – tosin se on haastavaa, voit itse kokeilla. 604 more words

Argument Complexity and Discussions of Political/Religious Issues

Political and religious issues can be difficult to discuss in a group, and it can be especially difficult to convince others who disagree with your viewpoint.

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Organizational Studies