Biophilia Is an Opportunity to Breakthrough Many of the Current Mind Blocks Human Resources Have in Regard to People Management

 Recent research from neuroscience and endocrinology show the crucial role that experiencing nature has for our physiological well-being. Implementing biophilic design into our workplaces, healthcare system, educational environments and communities is not just a nice amenity. 319 more words

Nature Based Personal Change

Amazing Course in Ireland - Summer 2015

One of the great things about being at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) at The George Washington University is opportunities like this summer course: HOL 6747 – International and Multicultural Issues in Organizations. 211 more words

The George Washington University

Why HR Should Lead Change Initiatives

Change management is about people, performance and leadership, ergo, one would think HR should be leading the charge (or at least playing a major role). Unfortunately, in many cases, HR is not involved because it does not bring the skill sets that would be useful to organizational change or is simply not even invited to the party. 843 more words


Michael Pratt on Best Practices for Hiring Colleagues

RateMyProfessor.com is an invaluable tool used by many college students when registering for classes. In just a few clicks, one can receive information on the helpfulness, clarity, easiness and even “hotness” of a professor. 360 more words


Marie Carasco-Saul on Leadership and Employee Engagement

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There has not been much research examining the relationship between employee engagement and leadership. The term employee engagement has received increasing attention since Kahn (1990) introduced the concept as personal engagement in association with positive psychology and positive influences on organizational effectiveness.

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Throwback Thursday: How HR Impacts Organizational Performance

Managers rely upon HR departments for services such as recruitment, payroll, and employee relations, but experts have found that HR plays a much more significant role in organizations.

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Organizational Studies

How do you tell if an organization is ethical? Do you care?

Organizations are everywhere and unavoidable. The United States of America, your local place of worship, Starbucks, The George Washington University, Walmart, International Rescue Committee, the Daily Show with John Stewart – these are all organizations, right? 401 more words