Creative Problem Solving Training: What Works?

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My colleague, Dr Ian Hocking, and I were interested in the nature of creative problem solving and how, if at all, this could be facilitated or improved by using a structured thinking tool.

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Teaching & Learning

How HR helps you choose Hell or Heaven:)

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An HR manager died and her soul welcomed by an Angel. “Before you get settled in” he said, “We have a little problem…you see, we’ve never had a HR manager make it this far before. 300 more words

17th International Conference on HRD Research and Practice Across Europe

Purpose: To understand the career experiences of underemployed college educated African Americans since the 2007- 2009 recession and the implications for Human Resource Development (HRD) in the United States. 234 more words

Business Transformation: Key “hard factors” that influence success!

I wrote in a previous post about why many change management initiative fail and made some suggestions as to what to do to swing the balance in favor of success. 2,866 more words

Organizational Development

Critical Reflection: Real Life Applications for Mezirow's Theory

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To stop and think is considered good practice in most professional contexts. For example, we expect a nurse to review the patient’s symptoms before administering a medicine.

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The Importance of Human Resource Development - Luis Valentino

(Luis Valentino) In a highly competitive business, even a strong market position cannot be held or improved with mediocre people. It takes the best people, continually giving their best, to attain challenging but achievable goals. 671 more words

Luis Valentino

Human resource development and empowerment

When I read a paper by Peter Drucker, I was inspired by his words that the ultimate human resource development is empowerment.


Thinking about cultivation of employees, we tend to put together what programs we should prepare for them. 136 more words