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How to Retain Your Valuable Employees?

Hiring the best workers is not enough, It’s just a start. You have to retain them. If you want to analyze the risk factors of employee retention, then BizMerlin provides an easy solution that is… 627 more words


Value of pep talk for startups and small businesses

Inflection point of start-ups and small companies

Few realize the hidden value of pep talk in small companies and start-ups. With their day-to-day struggle to make a mark, pep talks offer many advantages. 1,082 more words


5 keys to efficiently manage remote teams

If you run a company in which all or some of their members work from home, surely you will have experienced -more than once- difficulties in communication and coordination. 872 more words

Jason Hanold

HR Systems | Human Resource Management Software | Payroll software

No more workload to HR Professionals, this HR System ensures easy and perfect management of employees performance and their salary-related issues . Payroll software and HR system integrated together will produce amazing improvements in your… 24 more words

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HR Startups disrupting the HR Profession

IT enabled products and cloud computing are disrupting the HR profession. Career platform for women to address the gender equity, talent assessment and video interviewing platforms are among the few that are helping the HR professionals to assess to cognitive and technical knowledge of the candidates.  222 more words


CASE STUDY: Jet Blue Airways “Starting from the Scratch”.

 “Untuk memperoleh kesuksesan sebuah organisasi, kita tidak hanya berfikir bagaimana cara merekrut dan mempertahankan orang-orang terbaik saja, akan tetapi juga berfikir bagaimana cara kita mengembangkan pegawai tersebut untuk kemudian dapat menghasilkan keunggulan kompetitif tersendiri yang unik dan sulit untuk ditiru bagi perusahaan yang kemudian membantu dalam pencapaian kesuksesan yang langgeng (sustainable strategic success).” 1,277 more words

Case Study

5 things you do that makes you the worst manager

Today everyone talks about increasing the retention level in an organisation. Gone are the days when people use to talk about attrition rate, now companies are more worried about retention rate. 814 more words