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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the process of recruitment, selection of employee, providing proper orientation and induction, providing proper training and the developing skills, assessment of employee (performance of appraisal), providing proper compensation and benefits, motivating, maintaining proper relations with labour and with trade unions, maintaining employees safety, welfare and health by complying with labour laws of concern state or country. 33 more words

Employee Engagement

SIM নাকি HRM ?!

SIM নাকি HRM (মেগা পোস্ট)

বিবিএ শেষ করার পর যারা এম বি এ করতে চায় তারা প্রায় সবাই (৯৯%) একটা দ্বিধা-দ্বন্দে ভুগে এম বি এ প্রোগ্রামের মেজর stream নিয়ে। কারণ, সবাই চায় এমন কিছু যা কেউ করেনি আগে। আই মিন “নতুন কিছু করো রে ভাই,নতুন কিছু করো”। এখন, এই নতুন কিছু কোথায় গেলে করা যাবে সেটাই প্রশ্ন। সিম নাকি এইচ-আর-এম? 129 more words

Onboard Like Family

Yesterday, a buddy told me that onboarding is about joining a new family.

She mentioned this in a side conversation in a class I was facilitating. 312 more words

Leadership And Management

IRS OKs Excluding ID Protection Benefits from Taxable Income

More employers likely to provide data-breach monitoring and related services to employees

Employers can now provide an additional workplace benefit using pretax dollars.

The IRS on Dec. 370 more words


A Discrimination Battle: Employers and Social Media

With advancing technology and the increasing use of social media, the fine line between work and play is continuing to thin. The virtual world has allowed individuals to expand both social and professional networks as well as represent themselves in more creative and vocal manners. 442 more words

Civil Rights Act

Can the Healthcare Industry Learn from Southwest Airlines?

At Southwest Airlines , their strategy for human resource management (HRM) is quite simple and straight forward — employees come first, and customers come second. 487 more words

Your Employer And Your Health

Have you seen SPECTRE, the latest James Bond film? It includes a scene in which South Africa decides to oppose the other nations in the world’s G-9 (i.e. 441 more words

Human Resource Management