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Lest there be no one to speak for me!!!

I have realized of late I have been a little guarded on what, when and how I speak and / or air my opinion in public. 977 more words


For the Internals Nidhi Ma’am said that only the 2nd & 3rd page is to be studied. The notes are available at the xerox center or by clicking on HRM on this post. 11 more words

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What Challenges Modern World Is Facing In Payroll Processing?

Payroll departments manage the most important aspect that comes in between a company and its employees: error-free payments to the employees. In addition to this, payroll serves as a valuable strategic component that helps in understanding the company’s labor costs and overtime trends. 469 more words

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Give your own Oasis Game workshop through the 7 disciplines of the Oasis game

The Oasis Game is a transformation tool that can be used by the HRM department with company representatives to transform the company culture. When your company culture becomes counter productive for the company mission and vision, then transformational change must be promoted. 747 more words

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Why Human Resource Management Matter?


How human resource management and impacts?

Lessons Leaned from the conference! in 21 century get through technology, the success of company depending on how effective use of human resource management. 709 more words


A Conflict Weapon: Use it Wisely!

Have you experienced conflict yet today? If not, you probably did yesterday. While hundreds of publications laud the benefits of conflict, it doesn’t feel good when you’re in it. 883 more words

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