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The Congressional Busy Season

As you probably already know, the current United States Congress ranks among the most dysfunctional in history. Given its state of inactivity, is it possible that our local legislators might be growing bored and fidgety with all of their free time? 402 more words

Tax Policy

“What’s my future?” Read the Fine Print. More’s on the Way.

The Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act, which became public law on August 7, 2015 after unanimous passage by Congress, is intended to make long-serving and successful temporary seasonal employees of land management agencies, such as U.S. 258 more words

Chapter 7-Rules & Regs


In the job interview scenario, the employer holds the upper hand – they control the discussion, the length, and ultimately the outcome of it. Often recommend and often ignored, is the advice for interviewees to ask questions in return. 598 more words


A Day in The Life of a Human Resource Manager.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever read on a Resume or a Cover letter? Or that you’ve written? People do say the funniest things sometimes. Resumes tell the stories of the writers, offering a glimpse into that inner child, the one who is not quite ready for that prime time job. 289 more words


If the Annual Performance Review Is on Its Way Out, What Can Replace It?

Systems are still needed to fairly award promotions, pay raises, bonuses.

The traditional performance review is losing favor with some companies, but without a systematic review, how can workers’ progress be documented so that managers can objectively hand out promotions, pay raises and bonuses?

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Major trends in human capital

Anthony Haynes writes: Deloitte University Press has regularly been publishing bold, thought-provoking, content concerning human capital. An example is its report, Global Human Capital Trends 2016… 73 more words

Talent Acquisition

Will the Glass Ceiling ever be shattered?

In the 1980’s, Australia took some of the first steps towards encouraging  an equal playing field for women in the business world. In 1984, the Sex Discrimination Act was legislated and in 1985, the Diversity Council of Australia was established. 587 more words