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My name is Job Description, aka JD, and I invite you to learn from the interview I had with a candidate:

Candidate: Tell me all about you… 308 more words

Human Resource Management

Why some companies don’t grow beyond the Start-up stage...

Tina Garg founder and CEO of a digital services company points out a well-known fact as to why Start-ups in their initial stages focus on generating revenue and gradually grow their team. 814 more words


Human Resource Management

In 500- 550 words incorporate the following in the report on the following article

“Evaluating the quality and readability of Internet information sources regarding the treatment of swallowing disorders.”  32 more words

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Catching the wave: 21st century careers

Anthony Haynes writes: What’s your image of a university press? Perhaps an organisation that produces esoteric, ivory-tower, publications that sit, largely unread, in academic libraries. 279 more words

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Descriptive Statistics, Part II: The Normal Distribution and Regression Analysis

A regression analysis is a statistical assessment of the association between two variables, one of which is dependent and the other, independent. 195 more words

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Human Resource Management

You are assessing the work design present in your selected company when you realize that you have not adequately reviewed the job descriptions, recruitment and selection methods the company currently uses. 343 more words

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Top 20 Emerging Jobs....

“To Stand Still is to be left Behind”

Times are changing. Often what we think would last forever, changes in a moment–without warning, and without notice.

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