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Tales of Resignations & Brand Management gone wrong

Of late I have seen quite some activity both in mainstream and social media that has caused me to question the power of freedoms such as speech and our commitment to our brands. 1,068 more words

Human Resource Management

09. Human Resource Management

Plan Human Resource Management: The process of identifying and documenting Project Roles, Responsibilities, and Required Skills, Reporting Relationships, and creating a Staff Management Plan.

#OP – The HR Plan a) project Roles and Responsibilities b) Project Organization Charts c) the Staffing Management Plan – staff acquisition, Resource calendar, Staff Release Plan, Training needs, Recognition and Rewards, Compliance, Safety… 208 more words

Human Resource Management

Retaining Great People

Staff retention is an important issue for all businesses; it’s hard enough to find good people, without losing them sooner than you want to.  Undesirable turnover has many detrimental consequences not least of which is lost productivity and money.  648 more words


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Anthony Haynes writes: Here on FJWilson Talent we're in the process of publishing practical resources on talent acquisition for employers. I was interested therefore to read a similar kind of resource from Karen Gately, a blogger who writes consistently well on HR. here we reblog a post from her blog, www.karengately.co.au. We certainly agree with Ms Gately that successful retention policies begin with the recruitment process.

By the Numbers

I’m going to go out on a limb. I know what talent is lacking in more of your employees than any other. It’s an ability to understand and work with numbers. 227 more words

Human Resource Management

Zombie or Talent? That's up to you.

Let’s start with a little bit of history and quite a lot of unmeasured comparison…

In the Industrial age people used to work in machines, following orders from their superiors in a zombie-like fashion, and all you had to do was what you had to do, and what others had to do had nothing to do with you…or something like that. 508 more words


Dealing with counter-offers: the fourth in the FJWilson 'Talent acquisition' series

Fiona Wilson, MD of FJWilson, writes: This week’s resource suggests a series of steps to help avoid candidates receiving, entertaining, or accepting counter-offers.

  1. The risk of a counter-offer is greatest where the candidate’s current remuneration is close to the original offer – so review applications from candidates in this situation.
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Talent Acquisition

Ask the Employment Specialist: Working with Industry Recruiters

Dear Joanna,

I am an internationally trained accountant, with lots of experience and expertise, who is looking for a better job and career growth. I would like to work with recruiters and placement agencies in my field. 540 more words

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