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Transcendent HR

At e2e People Practices, we believe an organization is made up of its people and it is the people who form the culture. e2e considers people the most important cog in the  wheel of the organization and everything is built around them to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in different functional areas. 458 more words

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HYATT means Hurry Your A%% There Tomorrow!! 

Welcome hoteliers!

Grand Hyatt Shanghai… ah… I remember my first day as clear as it was 3 year’s ago.

I remember when the HR at my current Hyatt told me a joke, and this was as recent as 2 months ago but now it makes so much sense. 773 more words


Negotiating benefits!!

Welcome hoteliers!

When Grand Hyatt gave me my first offer, it was for 7,500rmb/$1,134 a month, flat. No extras!

A lot of people don’t like to negotiate or have a discussion after they get an offer because of the fear that they might lose the job, or scare away the employer; but in my experience and from what I’ve seen, is that if they are giving you an offer, they don’t want to lose you and will certainly be open to discussing your compensation. 656 more words


How UAN is Being Allotted?

The EPFO will allot employers the universal numbers of their employees. The employer would then allot the number to its employees, who need to provide their KYC (know-your-customer) details to the former. 77 more words

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All Over The Place

In the past few weeks, I’ve been all over the place talking compliance, sexual harassment, technology, holiday parties, and what’s coming for 2018.  Here are a few: 386 more words


Artificial Intelligence & the Human Resource Professional

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the two new buzzwords that you would be hearing all around. So what exactly do they signify and what do they bring to us, Human Resource professionals? 368 more words

Human Resources

Build a Reflection Map for 2017

At the beginning of each year, you probably put together a roadmap for how you wanted the year to play out. You made some lofty resolutions to eat better or to get in shape. 315 more words