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HR Tip: Workers' Compensation Medicare Set-Aside (WCMSA) Re-Review process updated

The long-awaited update of the WCMSA Re-Review process by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) was issued in July. Section 12.4.3 provides the changes that have been made to the expanded Re-Review process. 197 more words

Audible Radio vs Silent Pantomime

Radio is based on audible speech, without sight. But in-person communication is based on sight-driven mumbles, pantomime, mimicking, silent-laughter, and lip-reading. And when you put in-person people back-to-back, those who can audibly hear the others in the same room are the winners. 22 more words


HR: On-boarding Process

HR Project: On-boarding

How to Successfully Bring New Employees On-board

Employee turnover is a costly problem: from sitting through resumes to job training, there are costs at every stage of the process.

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Australia: Is liking something on Facebook ‘protected political speech’? It depends – Melissa Castan | Inforrm's Blog

Australians are often surprised to learn that their Constitution contains no right to free speech. Even the right to political speech, which is constitutionally implied, is increasingly complicated… 17 more words


Pymetrics: Finding Your Dream Job Through Playing Games?

Organizations have been training workers with virtual applications for many years now (even with research suggesting surgeons to play video games to improve operations). And now recruiters have just started to use them seriously to secure talented candidates. 790 more words


Mastering the Millennial Workforce at #MACoCon

During the 2017 MACo Summer Conference panel “Dude, What’s My Job?”- Understanding, Attracting, and Retaining Your Millenial Workforce” panelists offered insight into the impact millennials are having in the workplace today. 164 more words

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Cars- Human Resources

In the auto industry Human Resources can be a struggle. They need to be able to recruit and develop some of the best mechanics to build the car that’s right for you. 253 more words