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Why Are Recruiters So Horrible?

This article could also be titled “Something Pretty Amazing Happened on the NYC Ad Jobs & Networking Facebook Page: Part 2.” We love this Facebook page because the people on it tend to be creative types whose professional lives are typically more transitory and chaotic than other professions; creative careers and ad agency jobs are especially susceptible to churn. 223 more words

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Got Circle? Sometimes you NEED to go where everybody knows your name

If you grew up watching Cheers like I did, the theme song has been stuck in your head for the last 35 years or so.  “Making your way in the world today takes every-thing you’ve got…” For any who can’t sing it completely word for word, it is embedded in the body of this post, go ahead and have a look or a listen.  1,418 more words


The Bottom Line Negotiations Newslwetter

Welcome to the first issue of The Bottom Line, our Local’s contract negotiations newsletter! This issue provides an introduction to the people, process, and issues that will be touched on as our new contract is negotiated. 827 more words

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Business owners, is this you?

Do you have your Controller, Operations Manager and/or your Admin Assistant handling all of your company’s Human Resource tasks? Or maybe you are doing it yourself and really wish you could spend this time growing your business.

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Can We Fire an Employee for Sharing His/Her Pay Increase with Co-Workers?

Probably not. Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), employers are prohibited from taking adverse action against employees who participate in a “protected concerted activity,” which can be defined as any discussion aimed at improving the terms and conditions of their employment. 257 more words


Stacey Cartwright Exits Harvey Nichols Following Management Changes

LONDON — Stacey Cartwright has resigned as deputy chairman of Harvey Nichols and plans to leave the company on April 30.

Her exit follows a previously announced transition to a new management structure… 316 more words

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How to Make a Job Offer and Negotiate Salary For a New Hire

After a lengthy hiring process, you really, really, want the candidate to accept your job offer. And why wouldn’t you? The cruel irony of staffing is that the recruiting process only happens when you are already overworked and understaffed. 1,434 more words