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Org.Schema: Creating Redundacies

Redundancy is a necessity for creating fail-safe, fool-proof systems. And it has become a necessity even in modern-day organization structures. With the ongoing war for talent, with organizations ready to out-spend the other, leaders have to create people redundancies. 484 more words



Hello! Welcome to my new cosy little corner of the world wide web; a space purely dedicated to all things health, happiness and general wellbeing in the workplace. 615 more words


Equal Pay for Un-equal Work.

The first wave of feminism began in the 1920’s with women getting the right to vote.

Here we are some 40 years since the second wave of Women’s Lib and women are still crying that they are not getting equal pay. 1,265 more words


Vacation Request

Hate everyone’s business but mine
I tell them I’ll work more, it’s fine
What I really need
A vacation, godspeed
Don’t give me another deadline


Place Based Leadership

“The social world is accumulated history” (Bourdieu, 1986)

“The social space we occupy has been historically generated.” (Skaggs, 1997)

One of the best parts of research is when you stumble across one or two pieces of information that enable your current thinking to ‘fall into place’, even if this is only temporary. 564 more words

Human Resources

The Cost of My Job

It’s days like today I feel both blessed and cursed to have the job I do.  An hour ago, the wife of the coworker who passed last week came in to see me.   256 more words

8 Considerations: DOL Overtime Rule Might Still Apply

As we all know, on November 22, 2016 the court issued an injunction blocking the implementation of the new overtime rule.  However, there was an omission of information for the highly-compensated exemption increased salary level.  332 more words