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Precolonial Africa Had Food Security

I get the impression that many people didn’t know about Africa prior to colonialism. They knew almost nothing of the people, of the land and of the vegetation and of the mineral resources. 323 more words


Definition of Black

Concerning my second poetry book (“Blackman’s Sorrow and Other Poetry”), which is available on Amazon and other online book stores, someone asked me what I meant by “Blackman.” He was of the view that Africans in the Diaspora consider it offensive to be refered to as “Black.” In America, it’s African American, in Britain it’s Black British. 222 more words


Honouring Asma Jahangir’s legacy

My piece on several memorial meetings held for the late Asma Jahangir in New York and Boston over the past couple of weeks. Published simultaneously in… 1,378 more words

Human Rights

Explaining Latin America's rights battles

Why do many countries across Latin America seem to be so progressive in some areas and yet so repressive in others? This article helpfully explains… 14 more words

The Rohingya crisis: Appoint Anwar as special envoy

In New York last week, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad added his voice, not for the first time, to the growing international chorus of condemnation against the government of Myanmar for its genocidal attacks against the Rohingya. 737 more words


Lack of Evidence Based Research: BanBPSD

An an article published on October 2, 2018, Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia: GPs’ perspective on management highlighted to me on Twitter via Dubhgas Taylor, I want to highlight one of the problems we are facing. 247 more words


Another nail in the BPSD coffin

It may be a long video, but I recommend viewing t it. There are some tragically stark similarities to the way people with dementia have been ‘Psychiatrized’ primarily, due to BPSD. 82 more words

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