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The Crucial Queering Of Women’s Month

If you’re straight, there’s a great likelihood you’ve only read this far because your eyes took in more than just the title that may have otherwise put you off. 629 more words

"For" and "Against"

I need to get a few things straight, dear readers. Just for the record, and you may take it or leave it – as you wish. 796 more words


The Essence of Discovery

“The essence of discovery is that it is the antithesis of boundary imposition. Power loves boundaries. Power manifests itself within boundaries, is exercised within some form of delimitations of territory…creativity itself is an affront, since it appears dedicated to the constant opening up of territory.” 261 more words


Inclusion should not have to be a radical idea!


The blog A Manifesto For Radical Inclusion written by Dr Al Power on ChangingAging has a taste of Richard Taylor in it. The gloves are no longer hanging on the wall of the gym, they are coming off, all around the world. 360 more words

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The Ultimate PSA - Don't send this to Five People...try 20.

Someone Edited Together The Ultimate PSA And It’s Incredible