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Help Prevent The Unjust Deportation of Hadija Mwenshee

It is outrageous and a grave social injustice that the UK should even consider deporting any asylum seeker to a country where he or she is likely to face death or imprisonment, which is the case for Hadija Mwenshee.  378 more words

Human Rights

You Too?

By Sonya Rehman

Apart from two incidents in my childhood, the one that sends chills down my spine was when I was groped in broad daylight at a well-known bookshop in Lahore. 731 more words


Ethiopia's Fascist TPLF Regime uses non-Oromo agents to burn Oromia


Media, Oromo activists say TPLF’s govt uses non-Oromo agents to burn Oromia

Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com |Onkoloolessa/ October 19, 2017

#OromoProtests activists have denounced the violence that the TPLF/Woyane government has unleashed on Oromia through its agent-provocateurs and paid non-Oromo agents. 187 more words


You and #MeToo

This volcanic eruption of words about the patriarchy, rape culture, male entitlement, sexual abuse and harassment has left me enraged and inspired.

Every woman has a story. 318 more words


#MaritzburgCollege: How Behind the Education Curve Are We?

As problematic as Maritzburg College’s initial response to the students with the placards may have been, we must protect College’s right to its rules — before we tear into the rules it upholds through this right. 889 more words


Page 27: Criminalizing homelessness violates basic human rights as well as treaties that our country has signed and ratified. In 2012, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) and the U.S.

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Benue: When Floods Occur

By Laz Mom

Floods occur in Benue routinely. Between the years 2000 and 2017, five cycles of flood have occurred with grievous effects.

When flooding comes, its usually with sorrows, tears and blood. 981 more words

Human Rights