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The Low Bar of Hasbara Lowers

Leanne Mohamad is a 15 year old Palestinian who lives in the UK. A student at Wanstead High School, she took top place in the Redbridge regional final for Jack Petchley’s Speak Out challenge. 98 more words


From Adonis Diaries on Palestine

What happens to a dream deferred?

Drawing two words from Langston Hughes, it explodes.

excerpt from Adonis Diaries:

Senior Fellow Mouin Rabbani: “Ignore Palestine At Your Peril” … The main impression I got – in a variety of rural areas and also in Ramallah and Jerusalem – was how severely abandoned the average Palestinian and Palestinians collectively feel by their own leadership, their own political movements, by the Arab states and increasingly by […] 122 more words


The Ethical Flaw in Euthanasia

Those who may not know, euthanasia means mercy killing – to ask to be put to death either because of deteriorating health, abuse, misery or simply despair. 348 more words


Reader's QA: What Truly Maketh A Man?

I was recently asked by a reader what it is that makes me a man. And once again, I was placed in an indescribable position where I felt like I had to validate my identity.  856 more words

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People get confused about transgender issues. There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings - and hostility and discrimination, based on a lack of understanding. So, I am sharing this latest blog from a Jamaican transgender man, which I think would be helpful. You can also check out TransWave's blog, which has an extremely useful section (if you scroll down) on "Transgender Terms." Go to: https://transwavejamaica.wordpress.com

Denouncing the Recent Gang Rapes in Brazil

Two gang rapes of teenage girls with one of them involving 30 men was videoed and posted online has brought outrage in Brazil.

The Public Safety Forum said in a study that Brazilian police recorded a sexual assault every 11 minutes in the country in 2014. 465 more words


Why does Pride still matter in 2016?

 “The need for positive role models in the maritime industry is clear”

The UK has come a long way in a relatively short period of time in terms of equal rights for the LGBT+ community. 718 more words

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