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Joe Gerstner, political refugee from

gathered in the car). He reported theft. The next day a 15-year old boy told police he saw Gerstner shoot a transvestite dead. That went nowhere fast because the boy couldn’t keep his story straight and finally admitted a bribe from somebody “from the FBI”. 180 more words

Brandis On Q&A Shows How The Government Is A Pack Of Bullies & Out Of Touch With Australians

Opinion: Brandis on the ABC’s Q&A shows just how out of touch the Turnbull Government has become and what a pack of bullies they are. 223 more words

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Admiration List: Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is an international humanitarian photographer whose work is breathtakingly beautiful. One of her areas of focus is modern day slavery, which has led her to extremely dangerous places and situations, where she has photographed the slaves themselves. 90 more words

Human Rights

Weapons of Mass Disruption: How Anti-Trump Protests Are Using Social Media to Change Policy

Celine Caira

The U.S. President Donald Trump’s election and subsequent storm of executive orders provoked numerous protests around the globe. Most notably, the Women’s March on Washington… 1,040 more words

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What is the purpose of science if it doesn't serve humanity?

With president Donald Trump reportedly cutting funds to the arts and humanities, I wonder what consequences it will have on the development of a national culture for a country as diverse and racially heterogenous as the United States. 291 more words

Human Rights

Almost lost...

No amount of pondering

Will ever help me find the words

For the malicious unkindness of a few others…

Nor the incredible gratefulness

For the love of so very many… 7 more words

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