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When will the Human Rights Commission shut down Shakespeare Pop-Up Globe? — The Daily Blog

One would have thought the Human Rights Commission had bigger fish to fry, like, oh I don’t know, finding the funding so they can actually hold the Police to account, but apparently not… Pak ‘n Save’s responsible drinking video ‘discriminatory and harmful’, Human Rights Commission says A Pak ‘n Save ad featuring men dressed as…

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Philippines plans to withdraw from from International Criminal Court


Philippines plans to withdraw from International Criminal Court amid crimes against humanity investigation

  • In a lengthy statement released Wednesday, the Filipino strongman leader decried what he believed to be an “outrageous” attack on his character by United Nations (UN) officials.
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Human Rights Commission CFO gropes, keeps job

I think there is still a big and unresolved issue about how small but personally invasive actions can result in major repercussions – for both the victims and the offenders. 948 more words


Manitoba hotel ordered to pay $15,000 to harassed employee

A company that owned the Gillam Motor Inn has been ordered to pay compensation to an employee who filed a harassment complaint.

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission (MHRC) issued a statement Friday saying “Wanda Ross, a woman of African and First Nations descent worked as a waitress… during her employment she was repeatedly subjected to racial slurs and discriminatory comments by two individuals, one of whom was the general manager.” 394 more words


Human Rights Commission the “key driver of political correctness in New Zealand” — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

[…] while golliwogs were once regarded simply as much-loved and slightly mischievous dolls, they are now portrayed by activists as symbols of abuse that they say humiliate and intimidate black people.

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'How' land is used, not for 'who': B.C. lawyers' group wants 'social condition' as a human right

Amid the heated conversation debate around temporary modular housing in residential neighbourhoods, a group of B.C. lawyers is pushing to have “social condition” protected under the province’s human rights code. 544 more words


NZ Human Rights Commission protects our delicate sensibilities — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Knitted dolls can be dangerous I hear particularly if they are black. Cloth dolls also can be extremely harmful if they are… er black. I am not being Raaaacist when I say this because it is none other than the NZ Human Rights Commission who is so determined to protect the delicate sensibilities of people…

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