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Review confirms sexual harassment, lack of support at Human Rights Commission

A Ministerial review has confirmed there was sexual harassment at the Human Rights Commission and there were poor response systems and failure to provide proper support. 667 more words


277. Time to elect a new Race Discrimination Commissioner in Australia.  I have a suggestion!

It would appear that our previous Race Discrimination Commissioners  have been very decent people. However, some of their decisions have left a lot of people wondering just how in touch with reality they have been. 797 more words


What does one need to know to be an expert in human rights?

What expertise does someone appointed to the Human Rights Commission need to have? What is an expert in “human rights” and what do such people know that the rest of us might not? 564 more words


Sorry, diversity score is too low, so no offence can be taken — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

When the minister for non-males Ms Julie Anne Genter made her pronouncement that it was time for old white men to move off corporate boards to make way for diversity, a number of Oilers fired off a complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

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Human rights tribunal 'in danger of collapsing' under backlog — New Zealand Herald - Top Stories

The tribunal dedicated to protecting the human rights of New Zealanders is in danger of “collapsing” under a massive backlog over which the previous government had been repeatedly warned.

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Shocking report: Elderly restrained in chairs all day at rest homes — Family First NZ

NewsTalk ZB 26 March 2018Family First Comment: “It follows warnings from the Human Rights Commission about the large number of older Kiwis in facilities where “lived experience is being locked within a building with no exit”.”Add euthanasia (and the culture of coercion) to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster!

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Family First NZ

When will the Human Rights Commission shut down Shakespeare Pop-Up Globe? — The Daily Blog

One would have thought the Human Rights Commission had bigger fish to fry, like, oh I don’t know, finding the funding so they can actually hold the Police to account, but apparently not… Pak ‘n Save’s responsible drinking video ‘discriminatory and harmful’, Human Rights Commission says A Pak ‘n Save ad featuring men dressed as…

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