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Persecuting "Evil Way" Religion: Abuses against Montagnards in Vietnam.

This 33-page report is based on official Vietnamese media reports and Human Rights Watch interviews with Montagnards seeking asylum abroad. It describes religious and political persecution of Montagnards, highlanders who practice De Ga and Ha Mon forms of Christianity that the government calls “evil way” religions. 11 more words

Human Rights Watch

Baku human rights abuses just not as sexy as those in Qatar, study finds

The human rights abuses in Baku, Azerbaijan just aren’t capturing the public imagination in the way those happening in Qatar are, according to a study released by Human Rights Watch today. 331 more words


Stateless at Sea: The Moken of Burma and Thailand.

The 25-page report, “Stateless at Sea: The Moken of Burma and Thailand,” describes in words and photographs serious violations of the rights of the Moken by state authorities – particularly the Burmese navy – including extortion, bribery, arbitrary arrest, and confiscation of property. 55 more words

Human Rights Watch

Colombian army killed hundreds, maybe thousands, of innocent civilians to fake battlefield success: rights group

In a twisted attempt to show battlefield success against FARC rebels, the Colombian military murdered hundreds, possibly thousands, of civilians between 2002 and 2008, falsely depicting them as slain combatants, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch. 804 more words


On Their Watch: Evidence of Senior Army Officers’ Responsibility for False Positive Killings in Colombia.

This 95-page report presents evidence strongly suggesting that numerous generals and colonels knew or should have known about “false positive” killings, and may have ordered or otherwise actively furthered them. 60 more words

Human Rights Watch

Rwanda: HRW supports arrest of intelligence chief in London

The arrest of Emmanuel Karenzi Karake has provoked a storm of criticism from the Rwandan government.

But – as Human Rights Watch points out – “thousands of victims and their relatives are still waiting for justice for crimes committed by members of the Rwandan Patriotic Front since 1994.” 352 more words