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You Were You During Your First Nine Months

Protect those currently passing through this stage of life. After all, you wouldn’t be here if someone didn’t protect you. Abortion kills innocent living human beings.


Do you have the right to tell someone else how to be?

The world would be so beautiful if everyone’s personal freedoms were respected. But some people think they have the right to impose on others.

Here’s how to decide if you or someone else is permitted to say or do anything in response to someone else’s personal choices: 388 more words

Human Rights

Inconvenient Truths: Spinning Obligations to our Planet and Each Other, Dr. Robert Zuber

Memory is a complicated thing, a relative to truth, but not its twin. Barbara Kingsolver

The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.   1,292 more words

Didas GASANA: A rational inquiry into the ”Tutsi Genocide” and its declining currency as an export.

Something of fundamental importance happened last week in the Ethiopian capital Addis Abbeba. At the AU summit of heads of states, the AU peace and security commission’s proposal to send AU peace keepers to Burundi was unwelcome. 6,144 more words


Abortion Is Prenatal Violence

Abortion is, by almost any standards, a violent act.

— Abortion: A Doctor’s Perspective A Woman’s Dilemma by Don Sloan, M.D. with Paula Hart, page 178


Human nature

It has been shown that soldiers do not need commanders to issue orders to torture in order to commit acts of torture. Rather, soldiers need commanders to issue orders that prevent them from committing acts of torture.

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Study: Police-Inflicted Injuries Send More Than 50,000 To Emergency Rooms EVERY YEAR

By Lily Dane | The Daily Sheeple | April 19, 2017

A new study published by JAMA Surgery found that from 2006 to 2012, there were approximately 51,000 emergency department visits per year for patients injured by law enforcement in the United States, with this number stable over this time period.

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