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Puerto Rican mass protests against governor

This 18 July 2019 CBS TV video says about itself:

Thousands of protesters have filled the streets, demanding the resignation of Puerto Rico‘s governor. David Begnaud is with them, and reports from San Juan.

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Human Rights

This Indian School Accepts Plastic Waste Instead Of Fees And It Transformed The Town

It’s not unusual for children to arrive at school carrying bags. Usually, you might expect them to be full of books. But at one school in India, students are turning up with bags of trash. 332 more words


Racism Is Demonic

Discrimination sure feels like this

The battle against racism is not merely a fight against any individual, government, or system. It’s a fight that confronts Satan and his demonic forces. 6 more words

Israel to Demolish Residential Buildings near Jerusalem

Palestine Chronicle | July 18, 2019

Israeli forces today took measurements of 16 Palestinian residential buildings slated for demolition in Wadi al-Hummus neighborhood, located on the edge of Sur Baher, southeast of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

政治社會運動中的世代差異 ------由同婚議題想起

六十年代的美國是一個社會動盪,百花齊鳴的時日:反戰、女權運動、民權運動、學生運動、嘻皮、迷幻藥LSD、反主流文化的counter culture…等等大行其道。而在這一切天翻地覆的「過渡」時期中,有一句口號卻也特別引人注目:「不要相信30歲以上的人」(Don’t trust anyone over 30)。這一句口號之所以驚悚在於它突顯了,年輕世代對老一代的全盤否定。這句口號雖然突顯了六十年代美國的世代差異,但原意卻也並非完全如此。

在加州大學柏克萊校區所爆發的「言論自由運動」(Free Speech Movement,爭取學生在校園的自治與政治活動。1964-1965)引起了全國的關注,媒體也都進入校園採訪。當時學運的領導人之一汪柏格(Jack Weinberg)因頗煩於一名記者的一再追問:誰是幕後的始作俑者。意味共產黨的介入與學生缺乏自主的能力。他於是向這名記者說:我們的運動成員中有一說法:不要相信30歲以上的人(Don’t trust anyone over 30,  unless it’s Jack Weinberg. Berkeley Daily Planet, 4/6/2000)。原意只是要這名煩他的記者知趣離開,但在被媒體引用後卻一炮而紅的成為六十年代的名言。

六十年代的美國是一個代溝(generation gap)嚴重,而世代差異也頗受到討論的年代。經過美國的經濟大恐慌(Great Depression)及二次大戰的那一個年齡層的人,不了解戰後出生的嬰兒潮(Baby boomers)世代在反抗什麼,為什麼這麼不珍惜他們「打拼」所建立起來的社會。尢其是,美國基本上是一個相當以年輕世代為主的社會,年輕人的叛逆多少被視為當然,而也多少受到鼓勵。但對老一代的人而言,六十年代的年輕叛逆顯然是做過了頭。也因而在那時,代溝是一個熱門議題。 10 more words


The complexities of female genital cutting in Singapore: Part IV

Concluding thoughts on the practice in Singapore

By Saza Faradilla

Country of Residence: Singapore

This blog post is the fourth in a four-part series about female genital cutting (FGC) in Singapore. 1,156 more words