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Racism in America: Police chokehold is not the issue

The American project was founded on rank hypocrisies. On the one hand, President Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the stirring words in the Declaration of Independence that upheld “these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal”, did not free his own slaves (not even Sally Hemings, who bore him six children). 1,362 more words


“Including the corpses, pal.” Notes from this week in soldier-dissent

A flyer/ad directed at troops concerned they’ll be deployed against protests in the wake of George Floyd. Of the 3 orgs in the caption, two are my former employers (sorta). 364 more words

Human Rights

National: Over 40 Organizations Demand Protection from the State for Migrants in the Pandemic


On July 1st in an online transmission, the report “Proposal of alternative routes to detention for the migrant population and asylum seekers in Mexico during the Covid-19 pandemic” … 303 more words

Human Rights

Let The Lakota People Decide The Fate Of Mt Rushmore

As of late, the emblems of empire are under overdue scrutiny, and many of our society’s graven images are being removed by a populist uprising of wokeness and sensitivity to the implications of relics and idols of our sordid history and oppressive ways. 1,150 more words

Time to Save Ourselves

Behind each “can’t”
is the truth that is “won’t,”
a power that answers
to “don’t.”
Leaders who don’t lead
tell those in need,
they shouldn’t, 28 more words

Christina Anne Hawthorne