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May Control Human Sex (1914)

Carnegie Institute Tests on Animals Point the Way

Atlantic City – That the artificial control of sex has passed the experimental stage was the statement made tonight by… 88 more words


Why humans evolved to be in monogamous relationships is still a bit of a mystery, but new research suggests it came about as a way to prevent infanticide. 18 more words

Evolution Of Sex

The discriminating vagina

All kinds of things go into a woman’s vagina. Some are friendly (like sperm and vaginal microbes), and some are very bad (STDs). The immune system in the vagina has to be able to tell the difference and react appropriately. 1,505 more words

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La La La Human Steps

1980 metais Kanadoje Edouard Lock įkūrė šokio kompaniją “La la la Human Steps”. Per daugiau nei 30 metų kompanija išgarsėjo savo netradiciniu stiliumi, sujungiančiu atletišką akrobatiką ir baletą. 53 more words

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Semen helps sperm stick to the bitch's uterus

Hello there, blog reader! You may be interested to know (or not) that this is my first blog post as Dr. Brooke. Unfortunately, this has not given me any apparent superpowers, but I can now get people to call me doctor, so that’s a plus. 1,466 more words

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The evolution perspective: Do antidepressants do more harm than good?

A review of the pros and cons of antidepressant medication for treatment of major depression appeared this past week in the journal Frontiers in Evolutionary Psychology. 344 more words

Scientific Literature

Human Sex - It Belongs To God

My wife Teresa and I get the opportunity to go out and talk to different folks about Marriage and particularly about NFP and Contraception.

Over the years, we have figured out something.   1,188 more words

Defending The Faith