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Is Trump 'Selling' Our Troops to Saudi Arabia? | The American Conservative

But unfortunately he comes off like a mafia don extorting the hapless shopkeep on the corner.

That is because he is. Trump is not selling troops he is selling protection. 812 more words

Mini AOC Gets Death Threats from AOC Fans, Quits Social Media, Donates to Charity

First published at 05:09 UTC on July 5th, 2019.

Using kids as human shields is something I abhor, but not to make funny videos.

#MiniAOC #AOC #StJudesChildrensHospital #HumanShields #Parody… 44 more words


Liberals & Human Shields (aka - Children)

If I could remember where I read it, I would give the person credit for pointing this out, so thank you to whoever you are! “The liberals are using children as human shields.” You hit THE nail on the head. 353 more words


Let's Talk about The HUMAN SHIELD STATUS Of Security Officers

Safety Of Security Officers 

  • Parting thoughts From The Wife

We’re here to keep the peace, not to facilitate the fight.

We’re here to keep people and property secure. 873 more words

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Russia Expresses Serious Concern over Decline in Number of Refugees Leaving Rukban


Russia Expresses Serious Concern over Decline in Number of Refugees Leaving Rukban

Thursday, 11 July, 2019 – 11:30… 627 more words


نتن ياهو يواصل الخداع والأميركان يتمدّدون في العراق خوفاً من إيران

مارس 7, 2019

محمد صادق الحسيني

في الوقت الذي يواصل فيه رئيس الوزراء «الإسرائيلي»، متكئاً إلى الآلة الإعلامية الاسرائيلية العفنة، التي تأتمر بأوامر أجهزة الاستخبارات الاسرائيلية، والغارقة في فضائح الرشاوى المتهم بها نتن ياهو رسمياً، نقول في هذا الوقت فإنّ نتنياهو يواصل كذبه وخداعه للجمهور «الإسرائيلي» من أجل مصلحته الشخصية فقط، وليس حتى من أجل مصلحة كيانه. 956 more words

War On Syria