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Children’s Role in Human History: Implications for Schooling

On February 26, I (Clive) read Ivan Semeniuk’s interview in the Toronto Globe & Mail with anthropologist Niobe Thompson, producer of the CBC TV series… 363 more words


Everett's Awakening

I leave Earth and all I know behind. I take with me only the future of mankind to the stars. Everett Sloane, interstellar astronaut (8 Mar 2023 – 39,711) 3,440 more words


Survival of our human species

Yesterday (January 9th) I posted an essay titled “On the survival of Our Human Species” in the Tikkun Blog (you can check it).  In it I point out that the survival of our human species is gravely threatened by our own actions — such over 100 million violent deaths and genocides during the past century.   181 more words

Social Space

Photo Essay: Amazing Pictures From The Coldest Inhabited Town On Earth

Over a million people have looked at these pictures on Business Insider. The pictures in this post are just a sample. Warning: Looking at them will make you feel cold. 96 more words

Movie Comparison

I was asked to blog on two mainstream movies (one reflecting solitude and the other reflecting technology) and compare them. The movies I chose to blog are 1. 804 more words

THE ART OF SURVIVAL by Nigel Summerley, photograph by Rowena J Ronson

THE ART OF SURVIVAL by Nigel Summerley, photograph by Rowena J Ronson

Fire Under Water by Rowena J Ronson

In the morning we walked across the dry, scrubby wilderness of the Rodopos peninsula in western Crete. 1,420 more words


If the World was a Spacecraft

If the world was a spaceship, a lonely speck of a dot in the incomprehensibly infinite universe, would we still waste resources and exploit like we do on earth? 89 more words