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  • The physical sciences have given us the knowledge that has produced hydrogen bombs, which are vastly more powerful than even atomic bombs.  If these are used, Albert Einstein told us, they can make our planet so radio-active that no life as we know it can survive. 
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Human Species

Human Survival ?

With all the recent books and movies on the zombie apocalypse, I started thinking. (And I’m binge watching Falling Skies.) Regardless of the type of apocalypse, (zombie, nuclear winter, etc..) the human race would have a hard time with survival.  418 more words


Stephen Hawking: humanity needs to live in space or die out, physicist warns via hologram

Humans should go and live in space within the next 1,000 years, or it will die out, Stephen Hawking has warned.

“We must continue to go into space for the future of humanity,” Mr Hawking said. 248 more words


Now Needed: An Army of Arjunas

Sometimes it seems the magic is gone forever from my life. All that remains is chores, living like an unwelcome fugitive, dodging the condescending cruelties of householders who bring in more money. 1,400 more words


Children’s Role in Human History: Implications for Schooling

On February 26, I (Clive) read Ivan Semeniuk’s interview in the Toronto Globe & Mail with anthropologist Niobe Thompson, producer of the CBC TV series… 363 more words


Everett's Awakening

I leave Earth and all I know behind. I take with me only the future of mankind to the stars. Everett Sloane, interstellar astronaut (8 Mar 2023 – 39,711) 3,440 more words


Survival of our human species

Yesterday (January 9th) I posted an essay titled “On the survival of Our Human Species” in the Tikkun Blog (you can check it).  In it I point out that the survival of our human species is gravely threatened by our own actions — such over 100 million violent deaths and genocides during the past century.   181 more words

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