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Love & Compassion

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”

-Dalai Lama

Changing The World

Toxic Masculinity: “Masculinity Must Be Killed” by Carol P. Christ

A few days ago I watched the movie An Unfinished Life starring Morgan Freeman, Robert Redford, and Jennifer Lopez. Though it was recommended as a sensitive psychological drama, and though on the surface level it criticizes (male) violence against women and animals, on a deeper level, it confirms the association of masculinity with violence, suggesting that violence… 1,111 more words


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Very thought provoking. I definitely will look for the pamphlet by Abdullah Ocalan.

June 5, 2016 Question of the Day

If humans existed in an artificial environment on a constant and consistent basis, including only having man-made, artificially created food and drink, do you think there would be any detrimental effects to the humans health and overall well-being?

Question Of The Day

Kill free meat: the future is coming?

You find the future in the oddest places. I mean if you are like me and have been reading science fiction for decades, you probably go along feeling like nothing has really changed all that much compared to the future you read about. 413 more words

Human Survival

Via the Curfew Channel: Let's Eat Grandma (Cannibalism 101)

Here’s presenting the first of the many great posts to be published by ‘The Curfew Channel’. This post on Cannibalism has been co-authored by… 2,358 more words

Are Bees Necessary for Human Survival?

Brief and Straightforward Guide: Are Bees Necessary for Human Survival?

Source: Are Bees Necessary for Human Survival?


What we strive for

As a race, humans or anything else for that matter, strive for only one thing. To continue living. To perpetuate their respective bloodlines. Survival. Call it whatever you want – purpose, duty, instinct or whatever. 530 more words

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