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Book Review: Homo Deus

Homo Dues is Yuval Harari’s follow-up to Sapiens, which was excellent.

I. Book Summary 

The Past 

For most of time, humans struggled to overcome three evils: famines, plagues, and wars. 529 more words

Human Survival in a Computer Run World

People are starting to worry.  They see their jobs going, not overseas, rather to computers.  Many are fearing the day when computers have the full-time jobs, and people work project to project, known as gigs. 231 more words


Random Acts of Violence

I saw a news report of a man who approached a perfect stranger and punched him in the face. The stranger fell to the ground, never getting up, while the man walked calmly away. 216 more words

Changing The World

Current generations don't decide on our future anymore, we decide our survival

We live in a very special timeframe within the evolution of our human species of the last 200.000 years. We used be worry about our future but now, in a very short space of time (years rather than decades), we need to decide collectively about the survival of our species. 233 more words


The Art of Storytelling With Jack Savoretti.

Jack Savoretti is an Italian-English singer songwriter that floods my YouTube playlists on a daily basis. While music is essential to my writing process, I thought I’d include a short post on the appeal and obvious benefits music can have on writers in general. 396 more words

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