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There's a Difference

There’s a huge difference between being “a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets” and “a bitch in the streets and a human toilet in the bed.” Settle down, fuckers.


I'm a human toilet for dominant women

I crave the humiliation and excitement of being a receptacle for all toilet duties. My biggest fantasy is to be lying down on the floor, my head under a portable toilet chair, arms and legs bound, unable to move… Then obey my Mistress, my mouth wide open, as she graciously and generously offers me her tasty champagne and caviar! 16 more words

Brown Shower

Golden Shower Count Down!

5)  You need the long powerful steam of my hot gold liquid, begging to my personal toilet dying for me to soak you from head to toe and leave you soaked and dripping with my own personal golden liquid. 236 more words

Kinky Kaylan