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Well which is it?

Chris Evans. He’s a big star nowadays.

He’s known for a variety of roles. He played Johnny Storm (AKA The Human Torch) in the Fantastic Four films, he plays Captain ‘Merica in a bevy of Marvel films, and he plays Chris Evans off of the radio and tele for the BBC. 262 more words

Marvel 2-In-One #1 Review

Written by: Chip Zdarsky
Art by: Jim Cheung, John Dell, Walden Wong, Frank Martin, Joe Caramagna
Published by: Marvel Comics

What it’s all about… 409 more words


Amazing Spider-Man #21, Untold Tales of Spider-Man 1996

Amazing 21:  Beetle.  Torch.  Doris.  Spidey and Torch kinda fight again, which has been old since forever.  Another fun issue, I kind of like this beetle. 40 more words


Amazing Spider-Man #19, #20

Amazing 19:  Another great one.  Torch and Spidey vs. The Enforcers and Sandman.  Betty is now dating Ned Leeds (who made an appearance last issue, unnamed).  89 more words


Untold Tales of Spider-Man #19,20,21, Amazing Spider-Man #17

Untold 19:  Doc Ock immediately breaks out of prison then ends up in Forest Hills, where Peter lives and is covering the block party.  Spider-Man saves the day.  135 more words


How Come the Human Torch can Light Himself on Fire?

I was just sitting around the other day, doing absolutely nothing, my mind blank when suddenly a thought popped into my head: how come the Human Torch can light himself on fire? 403 more words


Does Captain Marvel pave the way for Fantastic Four?

Captain Marvel is one of the films that seems to be sliding under the radar in current weeks. But there is something about the Captain Marvel movie that is making me think that it perfectly sets up a new Fantastic Four flick. 127 more words

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