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Halloween hoax

I sometime I put post on the under human trafficking Hoax. the old of the book is the Halloween hoax it hard to info at the news due to press mess here one go OTT… 77 more words

London Olympics cost just keep on gone up

when PM and other go OTT and our safe thank to the fool the cost buy food is gone up. and keep on gone up thank to fake charities. 57 more words

The usefulls Idiots

The uprising of women in the Arab world is on facebook is online. me you think I will backing them for women rights but no I will not. 67 more words

is backing a Fake Charities manlier?

so far I can tell the uk press are not have a good time.

but some how they back freedom for the press but  if only one word vs they. 314 more words

You Tax At Work

when the law is a ass. the law is a ass

Convictions by area

  • London: 19
  • South West: 11
  • North East: 7
  • Humberside: 3
  • East Midlands: 2
  • West Midlands: 1
  • North West: 0
  • East of England: 0…
  • 39 more words