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Home is Where the Heart Is

Where is Home?

I have been watching documentaries of the homeless across America. I am paused with confusion at their despair. Why? How? What? What happened to these individuals? 135 more words

Caged Bird | Maya Angelou

From the introduction: “…This poem deserves to be read slowly and carefully. In what it implies about the difference between the caged bird and a free bird, it becomes one of Angelou’s most complex and most important poems.” My comments follow. 413 more words

Spiritual Formation

My miracle and ending modern slavery

By Mina Chiang, Rotary Global Grant Scholar to University of Sussex, 2017-18

I will never forget the miracle that changed my life. I call it a miracle because the sheer chance of it happening is close to zero. 610 more words

Promoting Peace

Bonded labor: The ugly reality of modern India

Trigger warning: This story contains physical assault, harassment, and suicidal thoughts that readers may find disturbing.

“I was barely eight years old when I touched those silk threads for the first time, so it is ironic that I have never owned a silk… 1,682 more words

What Is An RNA Vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccines were developed in record time – but are these game-changers safe?

William Petri, Professor of Medicine, University of VirginiaFri, November 20, 2020, 5:22 AM PST·4 min read… 160 more words


As a supremely private person, I never truly show the public who I am. I have a love of wild things, photography, nature, great minds, and pure hearts. 1,006 more words

Facebook refuses to remove video of sex worker and child as a naked man stands in front of them

On Wednesday morning a Facebook page claiming to be “news” posted a video of a former transit authority board member from Corpus Christi, Texas standing naked while talking to a sex worker and pointing at something or someone. 397 more words