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This New Bandage Can Suck Bacteria Out Of A Wound

Bandages are key to protection of a wound from harmful external agents that exist in our surroundings. They keep harmful bacteria from penetrating the human body and from inflicting any further damage.

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Scientists Discover Ancient Origin Of Lassa Virus, A Cousin To Ebola, Info May Help Develop Vaccine

The deadly Lassa virus, a relative of Ebola virus, has just been revealed to have ancient roots and to have changed over time. An International team working in the United States and West Africa has been researching the deadly virus and hopes their findings will contribute to new ways to combat it.

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UW chemists help develop a novel drug to fight malaria | UW Today

An international team of scientists — led by researchers from the University of Washington and two other institutions — has announced that a new compound to fight malaria is ready for human trials.

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Stricter rules for conducting human trials approved at U of M

An action plan to improve the safety of patients involved in University of Minnesota human trials was approved by the Board of Regents.

The U has been under fire after a series of scathing reports about the way its Department of Psychiatry recruited patients into its drug trials, following investigations into the death of Dan Markingson in 2004. 276 more words


SlimMax with Super CitriMax, The Science Behind Our Ingredients

You’ll hear us say many times, Pure Health Trends only manufacturers top quality products made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and when available we insist on patented ingredients. 351 more words


Artificial Skin - with lattice of embedded sensors responsive to heat, humidity and pressure - Could Help Prosthesis Wearers Feel, For Real

Smithsonian Magazine: In the last year, doctors and engineers have seen great success in providing amputees with highly controllable prosthetic limbs. The DEKA “Luke Arm,” for instance, gives the wearer precise enough control to eat with chopsticks—it’s also the first bionic arm approved by the FDA. 303 more words