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First CRISPR trial in humans will attempt to battle lung cancer | ESIST

The first human trial of cells that have been tweaked by the genome-editing technique CRISPR will begin in China in August, Nature reports. The group will take white blood cells, which are part of the immune system, from people with a type of lung cancer and edit them using the CRISPR technology so they hunt cancer. 130 more words


Human Trials Beginning

(This was a book that I started many times in various ways, as I thought the idea was pretty cool. This was a version I began writing in 2014. 501 more words

Human Trials Will Begin Soon for the First Potential Zika Vaccine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave a green light Monday to the first human trial of a potential Zika vaccine.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals and GeneOne Life Science are at the helm of the study and have already conducted promising animal trials. 186 more words

Zika Vaccine Moves Toward Human Trials

Developers of a new Zika vaccine have been given the go-ahead to test the safety of the medicine in humans.

The vaccine’s creators, Inovio Pharmaceuticals and GeneOne Life Science, … 149 more words

Human Trials Of Zika Vaccine Possible Within Months

  • National Institutes of Health officials said this week that researchers may be closer to developing a Zika vaccine than previously thought and that tests on human subjects could begin in as soon as a few months.
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