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(Desmond M. Tutu)

It seems there is no end to the creative ways we humans can find to hurt each other, and no end to the reasons we feel justified in doing so. 116 more words


Fireflies, fireflies,

Shine like a star,

Fly like a butterfly.

Never come near

So, I can catch.


I don’t know,

Maybe between us there is a hatch. 60 more words


Philosopher Martha Nussbaum

I was falling asleep the other night, mumbling along about how I’d like to learn to be a good person. My squishy heart becomes very open and soft at night, under the covers, with the warm lamp glow illuminating the cool room. 99 more words

Grope Grope Grab Grab

So lately, with all of the sex assault allegations firing off in every direction, taking down politicians left and right (yes, I know it extends far beyond politics), it has me thinking… I’m sure what I’m about to say will piss a few people off, but here goes. 349 more words

Middle Way

ο καυγάς

Türk insanının kavga çıksın ister gibi konuşması“na sıklıkla rastlıyorum son yıllarda ben de. Bu başlığı ekşi sözlük’te gördüğümde aklıma the Economist dergisini okurken karşıma çıkan bir fotoğraf ve bir yazı geldi. 787 more words


Through These Eyes

When I look out upon the world there is much duality: right/wrong, life/death, dark/light. It’s the lens through which we see our lives. On this plane, duality does exist and, in my opinion, it’s ridiculous to ignore it. 288 more words


When I seemed cold 

it was only outside


there was the wildfire 


burning everything inside.

© Harsha Dubey.