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”Success is getting what you want,¬†Happiness is wanting what you get

You see lots of quotes and positive messages floating round the net. 267 more words

Project portrait

I’m a great fan of portraiture. I love how artists and illustrators put a different spin on a portrait or self portrait to reflect personality – it’s like reading their biography. 75 more words


A Prayer For the Human

Dear god,

Please allow me to be the best human I can be today, and please grant me the knowledge to understand and accept the limitations of my small and unimpressive existence, so that I might use these tiny moments in the best way possible before my share of time is over.

-With Love,




Been addicted to vimeo lately. I like watching the short films, especially the staff picks. Quite often, I come across simple and profound films that keep me thinking for days. 165 more words

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Oldest Murder Victim Discovered?

Violence seems to be nothing new to humanity but evidence of a 430,000 years old murder is quite unusual. A paper published earlier this month (May 2015) has announced the discovery of a… 614 more words


A' Close Call' For this Man ....Lucky he escaped from the clutches of bear..."

Close call … This man climbed into a bear enclosure and punched the animal in the face. Picture: CEN/AustralscopeSource: australscope

A MAN who climbed into a bear enclosure was lucky to escape with his life. 280 more words

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Tunisia Elections 2014 : Turnout

Following my previous article about the new political spectrum established with the recent elections in Tunisia, I would like to talk now about electoral results on a more technical point of view. 336 more words

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