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These days i catch myself,caught up between self-acceptance and becoming better.I don’t know how to create a balance here.

I strongly feel that we need personal growth all the time.How can we just keep living without trying to move forward?But the problem here is the need for validation.We don’t stop at ourselves,we need others to accept us,be in awe of us.Now that’s a danger level because we have long passed the stop sign. 76 more words

Poem 32 - Sad for the Bird

There once lived, a beautiful green coloured bird

That had soared high through the skies one day

Seeking new destinations to see and to be heard…

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The Snake

The snake is an unusual creature

Lurking in the dark

ready to cause you harm


Slither and Plot

Until its taken all you got… 85 more words


I muse today

We all have moments in life when we stand at crossroads and have to make decisions which seem difficult.No,i am not talking about metamorphic,life-altering decisions.Because to be honest,i haven’t made any.Not my fault though.I wish i could give you some story about a harsh childhood,unloving parents or an alien encounter in my backyard.But no,i had a pretty normal childhood,an average teenage and now a below average adulthood. 324 more words


“Those things that nature denied to human sight, she revealed to the eyes of the soul.”

Ovid, Roman poet, born March 20th, 43 BC

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Why Our Productivity Is Like an Ongoing Celebration

Don’t we love a celebration? How about productivity? In life, it goes hand to hand…

You see, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, hey, even a special date that we remember so fondly, the ebullience and excitement are so striking. 309 more words


Life in Texas ...

… or is it just for the moment?

Yesterday, someone asked me where I am from.

I struggled with the question and more with the answer. 328 more words

Life In Texas