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children in grown up bodies

Walking on the concrete of the city, the rush passes by.

And behind the fear in you eyes I see you.

Behind a fake smile I see your questions. 199 more words


Being yourself doesn't make you wrong

Last I checked, different makes special

Odd makes unique,

not ordinary makes peculiar

It does matter that you’re not like everyone else because it only makes you extraordinary. 31 more words


Turns Out Madden's Referees Make Human Errors Too

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Even the AI refs in Madden need glasses.

Over the weekend, at the FIFA Interactive World Cup, a questionable offsides started to make me wonder: What if the refs in video games are programmed to, on occasion, get it wrong? 321 more words


Mickey D's Day Two McSuicide Experiment

Can I regret the decision this early?
You know what this has a lot to do with though? Frustration. So much frustration at being told what we can eat and what we can not eat and I’ve been following it all my life. 747 more words

Exorcising the Animal: Why Hate Crimes, Racism, and Tribalism might actually be signs of progress

OK, stay with me, people: hate crimes, racsim, and tribalism are all some of the most disappointing and deplorable aspects of human nature. I think most people would agree with that. 741 more words


The Devastation

The worst enemy of man is man.

It is not the rooster that comes into your home and pecks your baby’s eyes out
It is not the wildcat that steals into your barn and eats your sheep… 171 more words