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Man Swallowed By Giant Python [PICS]

A 25-year-old man was reportedly swallowed by a giant python. Get the story…

CBSNews.com says that according to news reports, “The body of a man who went missing over the weekend was discovered inside the belly of a giant python.” 70 more words



Glad, that I am closelucky to be some part

The way you look at the lens and smile

That serene on you is an art… 52 more words


Train of Thought: a poem

Staff Writer

I have a big mouth and I talk a lot.
I just run off with an idea, and I can’t seem to stop. 739 more words

Sword And Shield


You looked for joy in material,

And in things which,

Faded into mere oblivion.

Little did you know,

Happiness lies here, right now.

Darling, it resides in your soul. 11 more words


this human vessel –

better together, we live

to lift each other


Inexplicable Fear

Really thankful to have met a wonderful person last week and I’m glad that one week later (today), we are still in contact and still chatting happily. 247 more words

EVE Online's New Pirate Ship Can Hold 100,000 Human Corpses

(Source: kotaku.com)

EVE Online is about to get its biggest, most expensive warship ever: the Molok. A version of the game’s giant Titan spaceship that’s aligned with the Blood Raider pirate faction, it’s going to cost three to five times the price of an Avatar-class Titan. 459 more words