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Classic model,  Pantai sako Kota Padang. 

Tauhid95.Editing, Dibalik tubuh yabg sehat terdapat jiwa yang kuat. #PantaiSako Kota Padang, Sumatera Barat.

Will we still be?

How does the future of humanity look like? Well a cool probability to mess around with is to think about a bifurcation in society. One where a half of the population enjoys being naturally human, and the other half by evolution at any cost. 305 more words

Movement And Future

Let us be simply human

Of skin
Of hair
The colors differentiate
Of birth
Of language
The origin to negotiate
Of creed
Of religion
Which god to advocate?
Of gender… 136 more words


I am only a Man

I am only a Man

CONFUSED, Broken, Timid, and Lost

I travel the midnight forest of life

Trying to find the right solution

I am only a Man… 89 more words

human touch

bed-ridden with apathetic yearnings,
used to dream once of a world without people,
reality hasn’t compensated yet for desires,
although if it did there’d be longing for a human touch… 40 more words

Instant Poem

It's Beautiful To Have Love As Your Name, Isn't It Aroha?

One fortunate school friend who’s in New Zealand, gave birth to a cute girl some days ago. But this is not what excited me to write this blog post but it’s what they named her and what is more exciting for me is the joy she’s going to feel by having such name. 327 more words