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The Silver Goddess

A beautiful crowned Lady,
Of what could She be afraid?
Who would dare to harm Her?
Yes, the Hour draws late.

She had silver blonde hair, 37 more words

Mermay Sculpt

In honour of the month of mer-May!!


The Summer of Love 50 Years Later

This summer will mark the 50th anniversary of what has become known as “The Summer of Love.” In 1967, my generation – or at least part of it – espoused that hippie philosophy of peace and love. 441 more words


Save me

Mommy I’m scared of the thunder boom booms! Please save me….


Confidence & Such Things

After 4.5 years in France (say whaaaaat?!) I’ve built myself a pretty large and stable network of friends, and life is feeling great right now.  Even though I’ve always been a happy person, since having my little boy I’ve been on cloud 9. 858 more words

Expat Life: Kiwi Style


Welcome! I am new at this blogging thing but figured I would give it a shot. I made this to express my feelings, share the things I like, and of course, post pictures of my dogs. 50 more words


Start Celebrating Yourself Right Now!

There is nothing I love more than when my friends hit me with a, “Hey, I thought of something you could maybe write about.”

So, this one came from one of my best friends and it’s a super great/important topic. 827 more words

Personal Growth