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If You Are Doing Any of These 5 Things You Might Be Human Spam

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How long does it take you to delete a spam email?

Seconds? Milliseconds?

This morning, my inbox pinged with a new message. 894 more words

Money Matters

You are not the problem. Inequality is.

Your mind goes undiscovered places, so much deeper into what you already know. Your emotions are strong, your emotions are valid. Your thoughts hold great value, you intelligent being. 90 more words


The Veteran Healer In God's Own Country

In 2001, I was on a short sabbatical and traveling to New Delhi from Mumbai; in train. Our Indian trains are really one of the wonders of the world. 598 more words


The Problem With Human Morality

6 In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

-Judges 17:6

In the years in between each Judge, the Israelites basically ran amok.

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Cerita Bapak

Bapak bercerita:

Ada 2 orang yang sedang beradu pendapat.

A: Ahu do na umloak sian ho.

B: Dang do. Ahu do na loak.

A: Lumobi do loak hu nikku. 20 more words


First Step into the Darkness

(Top Image is Bastard (Hwang Youngchan))

Most things people seem to fear is always something inhuman. Monsters, beast, the abominations known as spiders and that etc. 336 more words


The Four Laws of Robotics

A tribute to Isaac Asimov. #robots #robot #robotics #science #asimov #tcdesigns