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What you see is what you get

I used to have a very existentialist opinion; ‘Until I see it, hold it, touch it, it does not exist’. Something to that effect…what I was thinking back then, I will not belief in things that is not tangible. 801 more words

Something Else

This Is What Happens When A Cat Video Chats With His Human

1. “There is something very strange going on in that box…” View this image › wamwan.com 2. “This looks like my human but it can’t be, right?”

Love Letter #2

November 25

Dear L-,

We met at the same place and at the same time when we first saw each other. This is our third date (Would it be okay if I called our casual meetings dates? 1,104 more words


Messages of Thanks

Messages of Thanks

Prayers for Leadership

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Reasons Why?

Reasons Why?

Pause. Alone.Truth

I woke up like a zombie at this moment, feeling the empty and numb at the same time. My eyes lingered at the white space above my bed. 408 more words

Thanksgiving right  way 

As we grow we realize the importance of each and every being whoever we comes in contact gives us something which is helping us to grow with right knowledge in some or the other way . 61 more words

Communication skills



Most of the trouble in life is easily solved! if you just talk! go to the person involved and talk. 282 more words