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5 Things to Do When You're Stressed

Hey!¬†This is my first post and honestly it’s very relevant to how I feel lately.

High school can be a huge burden on one’s shoulders (it’s on mine) and although my life is relatively easy, I still have my moments. 597 more words

High School

Eating out ...

I am still having some trouble deciding where to go with this blog.


Not Apple

Beijing, China –¬†“My English name is Peach. Not Apple.”


Alghero style

Alghero, Sardegna – “I know you want a hat sistah”


The Promise Becomes

Crocus raise their bright yellow heads up with the sun and the
Grape hyacinths push into a cheerful row of happy purple
Not spring but the promise of spring. 104 more words


Welcome all!!

Well, of course I’m writing on a blank wall right now, but isn’t that how graffiti begins?? So let’s call this a blank slate, and see how many of you out there, invisible people unseen by the artist, come to see this medium, add to it, or comment on it. 118 more words


God in Nature

I am not a scientist, philosopher, or a theologian, but I consider nature to be one of the more compelling proofs of God. My faith falters with regularity, but never while standing before an ocean, a mountain, or a sunset’s dynamic beauty. 607 more words

Everyday Life