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Brain Exercise is a Group Activity

I teach college students about the last step before launching into a career in communication/marketing/advertising. Job titles, how to negotiate, what to expect.

They have learned models. 468 more words


I Was Too Blinded By Your Goodness To See You Were Still Human

When we’re young, we don’t know how to see the truth in people. Honestly, I was naïve back then. For you, I peered through rose tinted glasses and hardly considered the truth about you besides the truth I wanted to see. 456 more words

Collective World

Censorship of the lambs: "Incredibles 2"

Where would children’s fiction be without cannibalism? Think of Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Robber Bridegroom, and even Snow White. Charles Perraut, called the founder of fairy tales, seems to have… 200 more words


"dear warrior"

dear warrior,

you have fought

long and hard to keep alive,

to keep your head above water.

you have seen things no one

should have to see. 183 more words


When The Other Animals Help Humans To Stop Satan

A prominent American politician (you know who you are) recently opined that a gang of murderous humans were a bunch of animals. We are all animals, and it should be of no surprise that the other animals never act with the hate and horror of humans. 1,100 more words


Recepcjonistką być...

Moja koleżanka jest studentką ekonomii. Od jakiegoś czasu dorabia sobie jako recepcjonistka w jednym z polskich hoteli o dość ugruntowanej pozycji na rynku. Zgodziła się podzielić z nami swoimi doświadczeniami w pracy na tym stanowisku. 922 more words