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Part 2: HER

It’s Friday. Thank God. TGIF. All that jazz.

Been a long week. Work was work but I’m glad it’s the weekend. Well, especially because I get to see Tiffany tonight. 1,317 more words


CRISPR breakthrough could drop miscarriage rates

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Gene-editing technology CRISPR has revealed a clue in how human embryos begin to develop, possibly reducing the risk of miscarriage in those crucial first few weeks of pregnancy. 354 more words


It's A Blind Spot 

Sitting on my couch with the evening sun in my eyes, when I’m trying to read something, and have a migraine brewing… is a problem that not everyone in this world is lucky enough to enjoy.

Middle Way

Dear Dreamer,

When these moments happen. When you find yourself staring at the ceiling and thinking about the what ifs. When your rib cage feels as if it could cave in from the memories that your mind won’t let you escape from. 294 more words


Hey WordPress, We are Humans

In contemplating the death of my blogging friend Susan Irene Fox, I reached out to WordPress in my grief. I had wondered if there was a memorial page or a way to commemorate my dear friend, so bloggers could gather in a single WordPress location to mourn her. 821 more words

Melissa Presser

Drifting Past You.

Through time, have I been disfigured

I can’t remember myself

Lost my empathy.

Such a cold and broken soul, have I become.

Dilemma rules me over, 78 more words


One major human necessity is to be worthy.

What does that mean?

What is worthy?

Worthy is something that cannot be measured because just like the human element, everyone measures it differently. 549 more words