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3 Short Books for the College-bound Teen

We were always encouraged to read,
and had all the masters that were necessary.
~ Elizabeth Bennet

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March 30, 2016

  • Today’s Dear Amy, in our local paper published in the comic section, if my children were younger, I would have cut out before they had a chance to read it.
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Dear Amy

Humanae Vitae Was Right

All that stuff that most of the world pooh-poohed has come true. This article is about 8 years old, but it’s truer now than it was then. 220 more words

Catholic Interest

The day the Pope said no

It is Monday July 29 1968. I have a business meeting north of Marble Arch. At the station I see the Evening Standard placard: “POPE SAYS NO TO BIRTH CONTROL” I have no time to buy a paper but, throughout my meeting, those five words run around inside my head. 752 more words

Moral Judgment

All creatures great and small

My five-(“and a half! and a half!”) year-old daughter will tell you: the only living thing it’s ok to squash is the mosquito.

(however, now that she is into wildlife documentaries, questions are starting to be asked about whether one can also squish a black widow spider in cold blood, in the interests of self-preservation). 1,160 more words