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What Are Main differences between Catholic and Protestant Liturgy and Worship - And The Effects Of A Dividing Christendom

It’s called “Anthropocentricism”

It is the theology behind the religion that was originally proposed in the 1500s ” protestantism ” along with its social teaching element of egalitarianism in Christian democracy of human centeredness, which becomes dependent on the people of fallen creation, or otherwise “human centered” as opposed to Christocentric” 1,991 more words

An Unfortunate Graph

A recent Gallup poll highlights Americans’ current opinions on the moral acceptability of various practices. I’ll let the graph speak for itself after adding only two points… 56 more words

Current Events

Msgr. Vincent Foy - A Legacy of Love

Canadian Catholics are mourning the loss of one of the local Church’s most ardent defenders of life. Monsignor Vincent Foy, who died March 13 from natural causes at age 101, is remembered especially for his decades-long battle to promote the Church’s authentic teaching on procreation. 191 more words


Day 65 - March 6

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 25-26
Mark 10:1-31
Psalm 65


“The Pharisees approached and asked, “Is it lawful for a husband to divorce his wife?” They were testing him.” 430 more words

Daily Readings

Hey, Everybody! Let's Give Up Sex For Lent!!!

No, really, I’m serious.  Whenever I read the lives of the saints, I am always so blown away by their heroic virtue.  (I’m convinced there’s just no other word for it— 949 more words

Choice, Freedom and Truth

This letter to the editor appeared in the January 23, 2016 issue of the Inquirer.

This refers to the Inquirer’s Jan. 14 editorial (“Freedom of Informed Choice,” Opinion) which lauds President Duterte’s executive order directing certain government departments to implement the Reproductive Health Act. 497 more words


Humanae vitae Revisited

A new year dawns, bringing renewed social strife and uncertain presidential promises along with it. With the new year upon us, why not revisit an old yet groundbreaking encyclical in a new light? 5,382 more words

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