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Treating fear itself in the clinical setting

It’s been a tough evening at the after-hours care center. It’s the middle of the cough and cold season, patients are showing up in droves, and I’m the only clinician available to see them. 83 more words

Humane Medicine

When a discharge instruction is overlooked

Suddenly, I think back to the other boy with the ocular injury I saw earlier this evening. I recall that I neglected to mention something very important in my final discharge instructions. 60 more words

Humane Medicine

Listeners and healers

At the end of a recent afternoon session at the office an informal discussion on the relative merits of the physical examination arose among the members of the clinical staff. 828 more words

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When powders and potions won't do

Practicing good medicine does not always mean prescribing medication. When powders and potions won’t do, sometimes education, a little reassurance — and advocating for the caretaker — go a long way.   47 more words

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Rhetorical persuasion in the clinical setting

It is Friday evening in the after-hours care center. All the scheduled patients have been processed. Each one has departed with a prescription in hand, their precious ticket to procuring a portion of the magic potion they imagine will make them better. 46 more words

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Author to speak at 2015 Yale White Coat ceremony

Author Brian T. Maurer will deliver the keynote to students, faculty, family and friends at the White Coat ceremony of the Yale Physician Associate Program on October 2, 2015. 85 more words

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Communal grief

“Use’ ta be the fambly was fust. It ain’t so now. It’s anybody.” —Ma Joad in “The Grapes of Wrath”

I pull up to where the town cop stands in the wide expanse of macadam, roll down my window and look up into his face.

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