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The Art of Medicine: A poetic tongue in cheek

Twenty minutes before closing time, a purple car rattles into the empty parking lot outside the after-hours care center. From my perch near a side window, I observe the young couple as they gather their toddler from the back seat. 46 more words

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The Art of Medicine: The source of your strength

She appears in the hallway outside the laboratory, spray bottle in hand. Dressed in hospital scrubs, she’s just arrived for the evening shift, while I’m zipping up my coat to go home. 46 more words

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The Art of Medicine: A distant close encounter

I glance at the encounter form and step into the examination room. A young boy sits on the examination table. A man, presumably his father, stands off to the side by the back window, chatting on his smartphone. 45 more words

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The Art of Medicine: Moments without an ICD-10 code

Cellphone conversations during medical encounters turn me off; ofttimes I seethe beneath my carefully orchestrated demeanor. But somehow this time it’s different. more»

Interested readers can now access my latest Art of Medicine column — … 34 more words

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Anticipatory guidance: Not just for patients

“There you had the opportunity to see what sometimes happens when we fail to provide proper anticipatory guidance to parents. Things devolve into disasters, and they’re much harder to fix.” … 46 more words

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Treating fear itself in the clinical setting

It’s been a tough evening at the after-hours care center. It’s the middle of the cough and cold season, patients are showing up in droves, and I’m the only clinician available to see them. 83 more words

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