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Child Mental Health Day

Remember twirling around on the swing set out back? Tummy on the swing, arms and legs hanging down,  you’d walk in circles to wind the suspended chains around one another, like a rubber band wound up to fly a toy plane, and then lift your feet up, and zoom! 420 more words


Teach your child to cry

When we are born, we are allotted our share of trust. Our little corner of vulnerability. The very fabric of our being is woven with threads of faith and compassion and intelligence. 379 more words

Compassion: Left and Right

Marge lay exhausted at the end of a long day, her eyes puffy from too many tears. It has been an emotional day for her. As she lay on the sofa catching a quick break, an ear out for when her son’s trach needs suctioning, she becomes acutely aware that her back hurts more than usual tonight. 2,115 more words


Weird Things We Hear Ourselves Say When Living With Little Ones

A little collection from the past year or so:

“Don’t eat your tiara, honey.”

“It’s probably not a good idea to put a straw in the cup with the lizard.” 112 more words


In a Blink

She came into this world

and they wrapped her in pink:

A present from God,

with a smile and a wink–

“So you think you’re unloved, 595 more words


We're All Sick of "Don't," So. . .

Don’t tell me another “Don’t,” –please?

We’ve all heard “Don’t” enough. We’re numb.

We’re even numb to the “Don’t” messages that matter.

Don’t–I Feel Numb by U2… 443 more words


"I have to return these because I'm having a girl": Beyond Gender Identity

Image courtesy of [F]oxymoron via Creative Commons.

I was with a friend who was exchanging some clothes at Target, and I overheard the person ahead of us in the returns and exchanges line explaining that she had to exchange a bunch of items because she found out that the baby she was carrying was a girl, not a boy, as she’d first been told. 363 more words

MOGO (Most Good)