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O fim do mundo como o concebemos - Ciência Social para o Século XXI

An respected thinker points the way ahead. This book is nothing short of a state-of-the-world address, delivered by a scholar uniquely suited to the task. Immanuel Wallerstein, one of the most prominent social scientists of our time, documents the profound transformations our world is undergoing. 546 more words


How to make writing in the humanities less lonely

Oxford Arts Blog

Matt Pickles

8 Mar 2017

A twice-weekly academic writing group which was set up for PhD students and early career researchers at Oxford University has been credited with boosting productivity and reducing stress. 992 more words


The Sociology of Speed

Digital, Organizational, and Social Temporalities

Edited by Judy Wajcman and Nigel Dodd

  • Pulls together and extends the most important theoretical and empirical innovations across the social sciences…
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In Defense of the Lecture

by Miya Tokumitsu

Markus Spiske / Flickr

The new issue of Jacobin, “Journey to the Dark Side,” is out now. Subscribe for the first time at a…

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Lord Martin Rees: We Are Living Through A Political And Scientific Transformation

Rees explores the opportunities and risks that cutting-edge science presents.

02/21/2017 10:24 am ET

SergeyNivens via Getty Images

Lord Martin Rees is an astrophysicist and the former master of Trinity College, Cambridge. 3,402 more words


Centuries of sociology in millions of books

Volume 64, Issue 4
November 2016

Pages 872–893

Yosong Chen, Fei Yan

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Robot rights: at what point should an intelligent machine be considered a ‘person’?

  Kyle Bowyer

Lecturer, Curtin Law School, Curtin University

Science fiction likes to depict robots as autonomous machines, capable of making their own decisions and often expressing their own personalities. 967 more words