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He Came Saving Worlds

Dream #2

I was sitting with a friend as he did incredible things with the jelly, liquid and solid like substance. Rolling it into a ball, then a dragon, then a bear. 246 more words


The Dowsing Experiment

So as you guys know, i’ve had a dowser sitting on my window shelf for a long time and never used it. I felt prompted to use it tonight because my computer kept turning on and making weird clicking noises. 327 more words


The Reasoning Behind the Name STARTOWER.

I believe the world should exist with a balance of creative and scientific touch. That being said, the left side of the brain responsible for art and creativity and right side of the brain for calculation and practical logic should be distinguished but used together. 742 more words


Welfare: good, not evil

A standard trope of “conservatives” is hating on welfare programs, which in America means attacking Medicare and Medicaid as being wasteful.┬áThe root of the problem is the “universalizing” of these programs, which if curtailed, will make everyone (ok, most people?) in America happy. 414 more words


The Twin Swords from Heaven. (Stars and Religion.)

The star of Bethlehem brought to Earth the sword of Christ. With it birthed also the anti-christ Muhammad. Neither are bad but rather gifts from heaven. 579 more words


New Film on the Catholic Church Hiding the Sexual Abuse of Children

This film looks like it could be really well done. It has a great cast and I’ve heard it has positive reviews.


Should Children Have Access to the Bible?

Last week, Focus on the Family encouraged kids to take their Bibles to school. Fine. Perfectly legal, no problems there. The comments made on the… 429 more words