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Elementary Arithmetic: Comparing Charlotte Mason, Cognitively-Guided Instruction and the Common Core

This is my third post on teaching elementary arithmetic in our Charlotte Mason homeschool. Reading my first and second posts may be helpful, but my aim for today’s blog is to have a comprehensive review. 899 more words

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Reading Through the Bible - Genesis

This year I’ve made a goal to read through the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible (known as the New Testament). There are a number of interesting Jewish interpretations  of Torah but I’m not going to get into much of those at this time. 557 more words


Pushing Christianity on Teen Prisoners

I’d like to think that in the United States, it would be illegal to proselytize incarcerated teenagers but I don’t know that to be true. Apparently in Russia, it’s just fine. 217 more words


Why God Allows Humans to Suffer

First, I have no intention to pick on Jacob Shire; he just happens to have written on the topic I want to discuss. He is certainly not the only one who espouses the idea that God lets people suffer in part to encourage relationship and faith in him. 490 more words


Homeschooling to Avoid School-Related Racism

I just read this article by the Hechinger Report, “Why more black parents are homeschooling their children,” and I was so happy that they featured this homeschooling minority! 297 more words

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What do you think of death?

What is death?

Have you ever asked yourself the question? I am sure you have. Can we comprehend death? Can we really die for good? 603 more words