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I Don't Want to be a Feminist

Today is October 15, 2016. On this rainy day (here, in Vancouver, BC), most of North America and, perhaps, much of the world is tied up, on some level anyway, with the goings-on with the U.S. 1,705 more words

BE. for Clinton

The election is less than a month away.  We’ve put together some secular voting resources for our members and readers, and posted our statement of support for Clinton: … 13 more words


Caped Volunteers & a Spooky Super Supper

We can’t believe it is the holiday season already, but we are READY.  In October, November, and December we make holiday-themed meals at our second wednesday chef adventure. 196 more words


Speech and Expression on the University Campus: Insights from a Concerned Millenial

Let’s be clear at the outset. The world is populated by the victims of injustice. Aside from an incredibly small coterie of WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic) people, it’s difficult to find many individuals whose family tree is not somewhere populated by people who have been oppressed, marginalized, or brutalized by the privileged and powerful. 2,920 more words


BEing involved: Giving, Volunteering after Matthew


Our community is comprised of giving, civic-minded, compassionate people, and many of you will be looking for ways to help those in need after this tragic storm. 352 more words


Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception or Shaking off the Dualism of Descartes.

        Writing about the cogito Merleau- Ponty says: “Insofar as, when I reflect on the essence of subjectivity, I find it bound up with that of the body and that of the world, this is because my existence as subjectivity (= consciousness) is merely one with my existence as a body and with the existence of the world, and because the subject that I am, when taken concretely, is inseparable from this body and this world.” Phenomenology, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 768 more words

Evolutionary Reality

“I'm Not an Atheist But...”

I’ve been pretty fortunate; after 38 years of living in Texas, I’ve only encountered blatant anti-atheist bigotry in person a handful of times.

And while I could do a whole write-up about what happened in those encounters (maybe another day), here’s what I found most interesting: Most of those encounters were with people who were/are atheists themselves. 713 more words