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Humanist Association of Ghana Decries Homophobia

Following the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) which makes same-sex marriage legal for all people in that country, a heated debate on homosexuality and gay rights has been re-ignited, especially on social media. 1,347 more words


Life vs. The Immortal Soul

Thoughts from 2015/01/16

If your religion teaches, that you have a soul, it is eternal, and will live eternally after this mortal life on Earth, and the state of that soul will be in pain or comfortable depending on how well you conformed to your religions requirements, and your religion is right, then clearly your priority should be knowing and adhering to the tenants of your religion!  965 more words

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Spectrums; A way to weed out terrible ideas from good ones. Domesticating God for practicality.

Is it wrong to humanize, tame and domesticate the idea of God in a way where it is suitable for consumption and inheritance of what Godliness means? 890 more words


Summer Nature Study

We do school year-round, even when we have visitors. Today is no exception! It’s time for nature study. Don’t forget to keep it simple! In our case, that means a little sketchbook for each child, a collection of markers, pastels, colored pencils, water colors and crayons, and instructions to “draw any living thing that you like and write its name.” It may be imperfect but it is still fruitful! 9 more words

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Admittedly, this past week focused mostly on researching the paper and digesting our last tutorial discussion.  Anything, that causes one to evaluate one’s work and dissect it, make it better, is worthwhile.  384 more words


Essentials to Mentality in Life Built Around the Idea of Spectrums.

It’s not the mentality of the glass is (optimism) half full that makes it any more superior than the glass is (pessimism) half empty. It also doesn’t matter that you care that it is half full and half empty because you’re thirsty, you’d prefer there was water in it. 756 more words


Follow-up: World Humanist Day & the Wolves

BE. Orlando celebrated World Humanist Day by hosting a service project:  volunteers brought art and wolves to at-risk children in our community.

The Artist Heroes project of BE. 172 more words

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