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When our perception of reality is subjective, what is our life but a shared conscious?

Below is a direct excerpt from the discussions of Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore :

It is not difficult to imagine a mind to which the sequence of things happens not in space but only in time like the sequence of notes in music.

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Need Stronger Candles. (my complex.)

Driven by the incomprehensible.

Desires for unbelievable.

For lack of words, he who seeks what is not achievable.

I am a casualty of the super natural forces beyond me. 311 more words


Words Can Literally Change Your Brain & Perception Of Reality

In 2011, on New Year’s Eve, I started thinking about all the years I spent in church listening to preachers talk dirt about humanity. I recalled the years I had a negative self-image. 877 more words


A Personal Reflection: Gratitude for Julian Bond's Positive Impact


Julian Bond, Civil Rights leader, advocate of LGBT equal rights, and Humanist, passed away this week.  From his college days when his journey of activism began to his final days at age 75, he was a tireless hero bringing light to our world, creating hope, and inspiring us all. 849 more words


Life is a Savored Pie

Life is a savory, it is a pie. It’s ingredients nurtured to perfection from the ground up. As people are born crawling to adulthood. The dough of the pie kneaded and rolled. 184 more words


The hopeless achiever

“Try and try until you succeed”

This age old proverb drives the young blooded to the old blooded and everyone in between. However its not the idealism expressed by the proverb that drives most people, its the success. 439 more words


Absolute Darkness

In one of my previous posts, “My Personal Exodus,” I mentioned an ethics class that I took in high school that ultimately was responsible for my deconversion. 714 more words