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A Meditation on Life: Seek and Ye Shall Find

Having audaciously declared my free agency in an impossible universe, I am not so conceited to think that I can navigate the mystery all alone. 168 more words


A Meditation on Life: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Even a casual survey of human behavior teaches us that beliefs are a uniquely potent force… 77 more words


We Are a Product of Our Work

  1. We are a product of our work.

You are what you make of life. In the end it’s what you’ve done, the kindness you’ve spread and the hearts you touched that makes logical sense in life – but most importantly, who you become is immediately significant. 783 more words


A Meditation on Life: Significance

Everything I do (or not) matters… to me… and to other living things… today, and for all time to come. 162 more words


A Meditation on Life: Innocence Lost

No matter how I ask the question about the meaning of my existence, the mere consideration of possibility gives birth to something as terrible as it is wonderful… 78 more words