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When will we ever learn?

This morning I worked, finishing off writing a funeral that I am conducting tomorrow.  This afternoon I planned to take the boys out for some fresh air but the rain has been pounding down and so I decided to catch up with a lecture I have been meaning to watch for some time. 444 more words

Their name liveth for evermore

One of life’s greatest pleasures must surely be watching one’s first grandchild grow up.  Day by day, he shows beguiling signs of physical and mental development.  349 more words


Sam Harris: The Global Conversation

Sam Harris is a polarizing figure.

Standing at the forefront of what has been called the “New Atheist” movement, wielding a degree in English, a Masters in Philosophy, a decade of Buddhist meditation, and a PhD in Neuroscience, Harris has made a career out of attacking taboo and promoting a rational, empirical view of the world. 1,988 more words


Ted Cruz Thinks Captain Kirk Would Be A Republican - He's Wrong and Here's Why

According to a recent New York Times interview, Ted Cruz thinks Captain James T. Kirk would have been a Republican. He’s wrong – and here’s why. 1,057 more words


Unitarian "Sermon": One Humanist Perspective

The “sermon” I gave today at the Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church in Houston:

Update: Video is now online here and the church has uploaded audio of my talk… 3,475 more words



I believe in life, many of our adult struggles and pain come from the metaphor of the playground. This is a poem that captures that primal need to belong and the ache that ensues when we get left behind. 247 more words


Religion a matter of; Sun, Earth and Moon. A grand metaphor to religion and it's necessary co-existence.

The Grand Metaphor for Religion:

The focus is on our plane of existence, which happen to be our solar system called “Sol”. The Stars representations of other solar systems out there that may exist or have failed to establish life. 713 more words