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Subjective, objective blah, blah,blah....

I am interested in human intelligence as it evolved from the animal intelligence. What are our abilities and our constraints? Looking into the past, into the nature of our world, who did what?   634 more words


Notes on Buddha and Awakening

Love, Kindness and Compassion. Cease to do evil and learn to do good. Purify the mind consciously breathe and mindfully breathe. Instead of pursuing desire find emptiness and awareness. 39 more words


A Meditation on Life: Give Me a Reason

Experience teaches me again and again that the reason I fail to achieve a challenging goal or to break an unhealthy habit… 80 more words


You can't run on gratitude alone.

You can’t run on gratitude alone. I knew this already, but I’m learning it again. All the heartfelt thanks in the world are not going to make up for the lost sleep, poor food choices, and exhaustion. 432 more words


A Meditation on Life: Projection

I am ashamed to admit how often I have been rendered blind and deaf to reality by my preconceptions, cynicisms, prides, and resentments… 214 more words


"You've done enough."

I’m thankful to live in a community that, when you have to make a phone call saying “This family has been displaced, and lost everything to the horrific natural disaster” the immediate reply is “What can I do to help?” Once the needs were known, people followed up with concrete action: bringing meals, helping to arrange alternative housing, gift cards, donations of clothing, toys, money, and household items. 508 more words