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Time to repeal European Blasphemy Laws, Now! My speech to European Parliament

 Thank you. Good afternoon everyone.

Can I start by thanking Mairead and Jan Figel, first of all for having us here today. I think you should know that it’s very important to us, and that we value the chance to come here and speak to you about these important issues.

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The Primordial Artifacts

Important symbols and abstract artifacts. These are the crest of my development from one dimensional world to the completed end cycle. The end of my calendar and pushing on to reach a state that allows me the shedding of my skin/body and be reborn renewed. 200 more words


A Meditation on Faith: Fear of Authority

Is it not patently obvious that obedience, in other words, the “freedom” to obey, is no freedom at all? 73 more words


Fibonacci and Numerology in Kabbalah; The Tree of Life

There is a sequence in the world, a constant that can be found in nature that goes on forever and never changes when we analyze the natural world of the living. 417 more words


A Meditation on Faith: Man in Search of a Soul

All the evidence and all my experience scream loud and clear: I don’t have a body, mind, and spirit… 34 more words


A Meditation on Faith: Passion

Curiosity, wonder, awe, aspiration, empathy, compassion, generosity, creativity, courage, devotion, affection, and lust for adventure… 33 more words


The Weakest Link Must Define Society

Writing about Autistics in the Media this morning got me thinking. If we lived in a world built around the weakest of us, everybody would get their needs met all the time. 26 more words