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Topic Growth: Deconstruction, Construction and Integration.

Light, Growth:

Deconstruction is the process of freeing us from disillusionment and breaking down mystifying barriers that cause something to be unmanageable and incapable of assessing. 309 more words


Topic Mass : Matter, Energy and Conscience.

Light Mass:

Matter is the building block of it’s forms; Solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Matter makes form and allows substance to exist. The material things we enjoy in life are thanks to matter and it is in matter that we employ vehicles of technology to progress and save our time on Earth to develop more as humans. 449 more words


Perpetual Notion of Moving Forward Spiraling in Harmony

What is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?

You are not alone.

God, Universe and Truth.

The collective is the answer to God. 341 more words


Vinn Diagram Complete and Expanded; Concept of Heaven on Earth Geometrically Conceptualizing

Topic for today; Vinn Diagrams Complete and Expanded.

The Life, Dream, Self and Light Vinn Diagrams of Heaven and Earth.

Today I will make us some Vinn Diagrams for Squares and Circles acquiring the components of Heaven on Earth necessary for establishment. 412 more words


Progression Entities of the Cycle of Life; We are living the Great Divide

The Beginning.

All life emerges, life is fruitful, yield is good.. life multiplies. Ideas flourish and wonder and curiosity thrive. We are becoming more articulate, wiser, gaining more formidable ground. 406 more words


Islam is actuality of Terrestrial Nature, Allah is of Moon's Radiance. Reader's Acknowledgement

As you know my blog part of the book is just a story telling breadcrumb record to my paradigms.

There is an interesting issue i would like to discuss.. 840 more words


Visiting Dementia Mind's Dreams

I had a dream where I was able to visit people with┬ádementia’s dreams. I could tell that these people weren’t well but had good intention in them still. 233 more words