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This week, I have been miserable. This week was preceded by last week, during which I was also miserable. One must always stay vigilant and take care of one’s well-being. 544 more words


How Zero Tolerance Exposes Problems With Immigration Policy

There’s been a big deal lately in the U.S. about the Trump administration’s new policy of zero tolerance on illegal immigration (information here and here… 480 more words

Political Crap


When was the last time you saw someone you don’t know asleep?

This happens to me every day.

It is a standard of hospital practice; take a person, young or old, lay them in bed, add the complexities of an acute medical illness and there you go. 606 more words



I struck upon this last night after reading the section in Hilary Cottam’s book, ‘Radical Help’ (See below).

It is interesting, how people acquire certain statuses – handicapped, disabled, impaired; the same applies to… 598 more words



It was a few years ago.

I cannot remember her name.

I do recall, she was old. Perhaps 90.

Long, often messy hair, sometimes in pony tails, still dark. 221 more words


Hitler on the M1

I don’t think I have written much in the past about Hitler.

It is not a topic I am that comfortable describing. (Sorry for the awkward grammar – isn’t that appropriate?). 336 more words


Changing narrative

When I was a kid, travelling unstrapped in the back of yellow Kadett, windows up, tarry Benson and Hedges mist choking the air on a dreich Glasgow morning; that was the world of the time. 453 more words