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Susan: Deconversion Anonymous

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This is the first of the Deconversion Anonymous episodes. In these episodes, people who have gone through deconversion or faith transitions tell their stories. 112 more words


Today, I held in my hands the photo of an old man as a baby.

The old man,

Smiling, kind,


eroding his present


pointed-out his


and his



Did not at first recognise



his… 79 more words


Can you think of anything stupider to fight about?

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Arguing about the nature of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. If you’ve been touched by his noodly appendage, this is not supposed to happen. 870 more words

Social Folly

Humanism- disciples of people not Christ

Human wisdom called ‘humanism’. People follow other people, they that see have no excuse. The blind have an excuse.

Human wisdom is about following people. 348 more words


Emancipation for children from the classroom

Adults being political why not children. Children should learn about the world hands on not always just in a classroom sitting sitting sitting and sitting. 343 more words


Readers' Choice: Themes Of The Luddites; Luddism Motifs (In 2019: Is Technology Unaware?)

Dear Reader(s): Would you like this journal to incorporate themes of the Luddites? We’ve written of those in different places before, but we prefer to keep it inspirational around here and those topics can get “-iffy.” However, if any readers out there are genuinely interested in such themes of Luddism (formerly known as “Ludditism”), please make us aware. 61 more words


My Take On Religion

I identify as a Laveyan Satanist. However, this is just a fun way of saying “humanism”. Laveyan Satanism is not worshiping the Devil. in fact, were atheistic. 505 more words