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A Last Glimpse of Reading

Humanist learning pervaded every kind of study or activity and helped to dissolve the boundaries that the scholastics had erected between fields of knowledge. The famous Renaissance Man founded his many practical and intellectual abilities on a base of humanistic learning. 307 more words

A Shropshire Humanist in South Africa

by Simon Nightingale, Chair, Shropshire Humanists

I have recently returned from a two week holiday in Cape Town where I was visiting my son, Sam, who is also a neurologist and is currently doing research there on HIV in the brain. 613 more words

The Pagan Pulpit - Easter Recess

Happy Sun’s Day


No Service today.  I saw someone taking the day off for Good Friday and said to myself “Great idea – a day off for a holiday”, so I am taking my first Easter off pontificating in probably twenty years.    54 more words


Ecclesiastes 5

Don’t promise, don’t question, don’t dream.

The teacher can’t help but toss out wonderfully memorable, profound observations about most aspects of life as he dismisses them. 704 more words

Strength And Weakness

Revising Revisions—Ontology or Aesthetics

Pastor Mel was quite pleased with himself. He finally figured out a way to word his ontological quest into a way he can accept and shout how he now gets it—this is what it all means. 104 more words


Celebrate life! Rise to the occasion!

For weeks, there have been many devout Christians sacrificing pleasures in honor of Lent.  And many observed yesterday as “Good Friday.” A day when the one for whom they believe was sent to earth to be a personal savior,  was brutalized and killed for humankind’s sins. 787 more words


Enlightenment Now: The case for reason, science, humanism and progress

Steven Pinker’s latest book, Enlightenment Now, deserves high praise and careful attention, in a world where reason and science are being increasingly threatened. Bill Gates called it “ 476 more words

Artificial Intelligence