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The Light, The Dark.

Upon reflection, there’s a beauty about being anonymous, and lost in a city, even though there’s a similar amount of inner crisis that ensues observing people moving so freely and knowingly. 895 more words

A saying from Epicurus

A saying of the philosopher Epicurus has come down to us in Latin:

Non fui,


non sum,

non curo.

Translated, that is:

I did not exist. 11 more words


Evaluating personalization

In my last post, I looked at the way that, in the absence of a clear, shared understanding of what ‘personalization’ means, it has come to be used as a slogan for the promoters of edtech. 1,445 more words


Nemo (Wannahockaloogie)

I have an aquarium of what I perceive to be fairly contented fish.

There are danios, neon tetras, platys, glass catfish and three angel fish. Oh, and two shrimp who scuttle around the bottom, their frenzied arms sifting through silt and debris. 367 more words



Thank you, Wendy for the comment to yesterday’s blog. You mentioned the close-shave in my awakening to the values.

And, you are one hundred per cent correct. 504 more words


How the Secularization of the United States will be Good for Atheists, Secular Humanists, the Christian Church and the Nation; Some Pushback to Tim Massaro

This is an article about why the secularization of the United States is going to be a good for the nation. The beneficiaries of secularization are atheists, secular humanists and non-theists; as well as the Christian church and the nation. 2,913 more words

Evangelical Issues


I dream of a world where people are passionate about spreading love and acceptance.

I live in a world where people are passionate about spreading their perspective and pressing their views upon one another.