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Thought Convictions—We Believe

Parroting religious commentaries as a expression of faith is matter of lazy economics—what would you do or think if nobody told you what you believe? “We believe” … 395 more words


TPPP Episode 86 : Life After God

Thanks once again for joining me on the show that your mother warned you about : The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week, I speak to activist, podcast host, humanist chaplain, speaker, and National Organizing Manager for Secular Student Alliance Ryan Bell. 153 more words


Robot Sushi

I was sitting in the car with my son the other day; he has recently given-up meat in an attempt to support the ecosystem.

He was munching through Sushi. 449 more words


The Psychology of Mood Disorders A (Very) Brief Overview

While depression and anxiety aren’t “all in your head”, a fair bit does take place… In your head. Your mind, let’s say. As such, since the field’s infancy, psychologists have been excavating the depths of the human mind for water holding theories on the how and why of mood disorders. 2,404 more words

All Together Now

My article in Quillette: A rebuttal of John Staddon's claim that secular humanism is a religion

Since I’ve now published in Quillette, I guess I’m not only a member of the Intellectual Dark Web, but also an alt-righter and a white supremacist. 507 more words

Why I'm No Longer An Anti-Theist.

Before I get started on this blog I want to say that this is not a blanket statement against anti-theists or anti-theism. I know many good people who use this label and want it to be clear that this article is in no way an attack on them. 735 more words