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A Plea for a More Progressive Atheism

It has been 12 years since the New Atheism explosion – a renewed conversation regarding atheism, secularism, and the ‘godless’ – commonly associated with the ‘Four Horsemen’: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens. 812 more words


Hidden Animals Prove Young Earth Creationism! The Return of Hammy The Clown!!!

via IFTTT Hammy the Clown finally makes a triumphant return to YouTube here with another episode that proves the bible is real, that science is bad, and that the earth is really really young! 93 more words


De-Colonizing Your Mind

“Belief is something you turn to when you don’t know your authentic self”

What better way to control people than to make them sorry for being human? 395 more words


Martyr of love 

By Rita B, Israel

It was July 30th, 2015. My memories of that day and the event itself are still kind of blurry. 

I remember, I cleaned my messy room and yearned to go to the Big City, there was a big event over there which I longed to attend! 626 more words

Monthly Patron Hangout #1

via IFTTT Tonight I’m hanging out with my patrons for the first monthly Patron hangout, This hangout is open to everyone at the Bronze Level Tier ($5) or more! 51 more words


Wednesday and Thursday we will begin a study of the Renaissance. The Renaissance began in the 14th century in central & northern Italy with Florence being the most important city. 97 more words


It's Not A Mental Health Issue, It's A Gun Issue!

via IFTTT The Trump Administration wants to blame everything from violent videos games to mental health for our nations gun violence epidemic, while at the same time claiming it has nothing to do with the guns. 51 more words