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Auckland Festival of Photography: Marco Bischof

Unseen – Werner Bischof

Queens Wharf Fence • 23 May – 21 June

Hours 8pm 27 May | 1 June Freeview CH 200
Where outdoor exhibition 24 hrs/7 days – 89 Quay St, City… 413 more words

Student Essay Contest

The national voices for English and French Humanism in Canada, Humanist Canada and Association humaniste du Québec, respectively, will host another essay contest this year. The theme for the Humanist Canada Essay Contest this year is “Religion and Humanism in Education” in a Canadian context. 273 more words

Letter to Kurt Vonnegut

May 24, 2020

Dear Kurt Vonnegut, 

You have been called “our most distinguished and indispensable grouch.” 

You have been described as “a satirist with a heart, a moralist with a whoopee cushion, a cynic who wants to believe.”  2,707 more words


Placebo – Serotonin, what it is to be a doctor, foray into shamanism and farewell Maisie

Those who know me and have either seen my practice or been on the receiving-end of my doctoring will know that medicines, that is tablets, capsules, pills and potions are not usually my first route to care or treatment. 2,566 more words


Giving the Gift Tolerance

Photo by Sarah Ardin on Unsplash

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.”
― Joseph Fort Newton

This past week has been difficult … emotionally. 194 more words


Our Imaginary Humanist President

Our Imaginary Humanist President

What if our president were a Humanist? (We can dream, can’t we?) The Trump regime’s response to the Covid-19 crisis has been pretty predictable, as well as terrifying, infuriating, and depressing, and would be borderline comical if it weren’t so tragic. 564 more words

Herland, Chapter One, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Perkins Gilman c. 1900

I was not acquainted with the author, Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman, before I read this chapter. I discovered that she had definite ideas about the superiority of women, and argued that humans had the sex roles backward. 177 more words