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Happy Birthday Missus Snarky!

via IFTTT Today Is Missus Snarky’s Birthday! So we are going to have a fun birthday stream for her tonight, here on my channel!

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Transhumanism and Posthumanism: Humanities future?

I’m sure when everyone watched Thomas Anderson become Neo and enter The Matrix 20 years ago, they never imagined that existing inside a virtual reality world could be possible, but is it closer to being a reality than we think? 708 more words



I feel a little guilty.

Yesterday, mid-morning, as I exited the home of one of my patients I was grinning.

Yes, happy.

The encounter had been fun, I had laughed through the consultation with him, his wife and their tortoise and I moved-on feeling that I had accomplished something. 348 more words


DEMOPOCALPSE 2020: Delving Into The 2020 Democratic Primary

via IFTTT Join me an my friends as we go through the 2020 Democratic Primary Candidates. There are a bunch of them so we’ll be starting a bit earlier than our normal Tuesday time. 36 more words


Human manifesto

March 13, 2017 (Nairobi):

The question has come up recently as to whether I am still a Christian or not. Well, if being a ‘Christian’ means that I believe that:

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Post #3166: Not perfect

I’m heading out for a four-day meditation retreat tomorrow and I am not ready at all. By that I don’t mean packing my bags, that only takes me a few minutes, it’s just that I’m not really in a kneeling-and-staring-at-the-wall-for-hours frame of mind right now. 466 more words